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Jackson Honchos Score $3 Mil

8/8/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The special administrators of Michael Jackson's estate scored a big one -- reeling in $3 million from the company that issued a life insurance policy to M.J.

John Branca (above) and John McClain quietly cashed in the policy -- reports it was worth upwards of $20 million are simply not true. It was a $3 million payout. And here's why it was a swift move -- the coroner hasn't even released the autopsy report yet.

Some life insurance companies are hinky about paying out proceeds until the cause of death is known. Remember Heath Ledger's death, when the life insurance company wouldn't promptly fork over the $10 million because Heath allegedly lied about drug use on the application?

Somehow Branca and McClain convinced the insurance company to ante up with lightening speed -- and the estate is $3 million richer for it.


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1841 days ago

fish taco    

Did Cortney love do MJ's makeup.
He has that old used-up drunk hooker look going for him.
A bit too much blush and lipstick.

1841 days ago


30. Did Cortney love do MJ's makeup.
He has that old used-up drunk hooker look going for him.
A bit too much blush and lipstick.

Posted at 3:23AM on Aug 8th 2009 by Bubba

Yes the and the wig over does it and the dimple in the chin ugh. Lets rewind into the early 90's and on back into the 80's And stay there with Mj .

1841 days ago

fish taco    

Camel Toe on the chin...

What was he going for?

He got the crazy drag queen look down for sure.

1841 days ago

The Gay Terrorist With Acne On His Balls    

hurry up and post a new topic. i'm getting the shakes, here. need to be first. must be first........first.............

1841 days ago

The Gay Terrorist With Acne On His Balls    


1841 days ago


That 'somehow' is because they have seen the death certificate and know MJ did not die of illegal drugs. Only the public has been kept in the dark by the coroner.

1841 days ago


I'm pretty sure everyone knows you don't mess with John McLain... Has Die Hard one through three taught people nothing? YippieKayay MotherF!@#ers

1841 days ago


Clearly in # 4 SLJ was a bigger badass... but ill add it for honourable mention too... either way.. dont mess with Bruce Willis

1841 days ago



1841 days ago


Go team Branca, well done! If you can pull this off, you must certainly will be in demand for years to come. MJ most certainly knew what he was doing when he hired you.
Pity his choice in doctors wasnt as good, any good ethical doctor would not have allowed this to happen. I am convinced Dr Klein is totally behind this!!! his new found conscious has finally kicked in and he wants to help. Why didnt he help earlier when MJ needed help, why only now does he want to help when MJ is getting so much media coverage.

Jermaine, you touched so many in the way you spoke about your brother. Just wish the results would come out soon so that the media can have their story and then hopefully leave the Jacksons and MJ alone to finally rest..

1841 days ago


That really is a horrid picture of MJ. The cleft in his chin really is gross to look at like camel toe. I wonder how he cleaned it? Michael looked good all through the 80s but took a turn for the worse in the 90s and unto death. They said he was disappointed that "Bad" did not top "Thriller" among other things. How delusional. "Bad" sold 24 million which was astounding, but his goal was 100 million and thus "Bad" was a failure. From then on out, instead of working on perfecting his craft, he seemed to concentrate on "perfecting" his face, demanding the press call him "King of Pop," and breaking records. He became a megalomaniac after "Thriller" and suffered greatly because of it. He should have gone to see a shrink!

We all have to die, but this dude seemed miserable his last 15 years or so of life. Begging doctors to "put you under" so you can "sleep" is just a heart breaking way for anyone to go out. What agony he must have been in to long to be in a coma...I sure hope he's found peace.

1841 days ago


Michael Jackson's brain has been released back to his family following toxicology reports - meaning his body and his head are finally reunited.
The singer's brain was temporarily removed last month for further testing.
Jackson's body has been put through three post-mortems, including one performed by private doctors hired by his family.

He will be buried in the anonymous plot after his loved ones ditched plans for a Graceland-like memorial at Jackson's Neverland ranch near Santa Barbara, California. The idea was shelved for fear of people coming to ridicule the singer, desecrate his grave - or even steal his body.
The burial was not expected to include any formal ceremony and would probably only be attended by possibly brother Jackie and sister La Toya who would be present as witnesses.

1841 days ago


Okay, this is irrelevant to the topic at hand, but what is with all the make-up on Michael Jackson? I absolutely love the man and think he is one of the sexiest men ever... the way that man moves should be illegal! However, I don't understand it?! Who was his make-up artist? And he wondered how/why people would think he was gay?! I'm not sure if he used the make-up to make up for lost color on his face due to him having turned extremely white from treating vitiligo or what?! I know he was obsessed with red lips.... what I mean is I remember seeing an interview and him talking about how adorable he thought M Caulkin was as a kid with his naturally cherry red lips and fair skin... that remark always stayed with me. Maybe he was trying to emulate that look...? I don't know, but it's not my cup of tea. Thank goodness for youtube and the plethora of videos of Michael pre-make-up... and not necessarily pre-op either because he was still so damn sexy during his Bad era and beyond too!

1841 days ago


They will have to pay it back.

1841 days ago
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