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Paris' Alleged Baby Daddy -- 'Nothing Malicious'

8/10/2009 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris' Alleged Baby Daddy -- 'Nothing Malicious'We just got off the phone with Mark Lester, the man who claims he's not only the godfather to Michael Jackson's three kids -- he may also be Paris' baby daddy, thanks to a sperm donation.

Lester seemed agitated when he spoke with News of the World, expressing concern for Jackson's three kids and complaining he hasn't seen them.

We asked if he might go to court to try and force the issue. His answer -- there's "absolutely nothing malicious" about his intentions and it's "highly unlikely" he'll go to court.

As for whether the Jackson family has shut him out of the kids' lives ... Lester wouldn't answer.

Katherine Jackson
's lawyer, Londell McMillan, passes this off as a "genetic lottery attempt."


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1867 days ago


who cares,,,,,let the children think michael is their real father.....its enough for them allready.....poor kids

1867 days ago


If he had no intention of asking a court, WHY EVEN BRING IT UP???You look stupid mark..just STUPID. Oh and mark you look like a LIAR AS WELL.

1867 days ago


Oh, this is a hoot!
Katherine Jackson's lawyer, Londell McMillan, passes this off as a "genetic lottery attempt."

Who were the first ones in line to buy tickets!?

1867 days ago


Everyone is looking for 10 minutes of fame. If he is so "concerned" about the kids he should've keep this out of the media as much as possible instead of smearing it all over for the world to see.

1867 days ago


THese gys want $. It's that simple.

1867 days ago


He shouldn't go to a dirty tabloid to help work his concerns for the kids.

Even if he was a sperm donor, so what?
He's their GODfather at best not their FATHER.
Michael was their father and the only one they'll ever know of.

Blahhh yaddda..... all these baby daddys.

1867 days ago



1867 days ago

Just in time    

Nothing malicious? You go to the NOTW saying that you might be Paris Jackson's father and that your kid with snowy skin and blond hair looks just like he never mind the fact Paris skin is olive and has dark brown hair. Then you have your clearly out of touch datu her go on her face book to trash Michael's mother saying they won't let them play and is forcing them to go to Kingdom Hall. And you meant no harm? Whatever Mark I am more then sure now you will never ever see Michael's kids again

1867 days ago


The world done gone crazy.

Why are they exploiting Paris?

1867 days ago


This is just so sad! What a mess!

Good grief, those poor innocent children!

They should have been appointed a guardian ad litem in court. Someone to look out for them seperately ,from all the other people in this big mess!!

1867 days ago


OMG! He made money from a tabloid at the risk of traumatizing those poor children in their time of intense grief, and he doesn't even intend to go to court? The money is ALL he was after, then! Good work, TMZ! And now the coverup has begun with People magazine erroneously claiming that Mark Lester didn't REALLY claim to be Paris baby daddy! Huh??? Sorry, but there are about a million copy of both Mark Lester and Uri Geller claiming that Mark is Paris' baby daddy on YouTube. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! LIARS!!! I bet Mark had no idea the amount of anger and hatred he would receive for his repugnant actions! And now he's running scared and backpedaling as fast as he can. Michael Jackson & Debbie Rowe have always claimed in interview, which you can see on YouTube, that they are the biological parents of MJ's children and that they were conceived naturally. Any other story is tabloid trash.

1867 days ago


It looks like he is back tracking some from his VIDEOTAPED statements. I guess he didn't anticipate the backlash he got and how people would view his claim as not only ridiculous but evidence that he is a money hungry leech.

1867 days ago


This Lester is absolutely the most ridiculous and disgusting man of the world

1867 days ago


I am the only person who thinks MJ could have genetically engineered those kids? I mean he was loaded. If you could buy the perfect kids, why not? I would. If the technology is out there somewhere, I'm sure he could have gotten someone to do it. This isn't a dig on MJ. I think it's possible those kids are his but they did it scientifically to get the best possible genes. Maybe it's even legal somewhere.

1867 days ago
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