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Paris' Alleged Baby Daddy -- 'Nothing Malicious'

8/10/2009 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris' Alleged Baby Daddy -- 'Nothing Malicious'We just got off the phone with Mark Lester, the man who claims he's not only the godfather to Michael Jackson's three kids -- he may also be Paris' baby daddy, thanks to a sperm donation.

Lester seemed agitated when he spoke with News of the World, expressing concern for Jackson's three kids and complaining he hasn't seen them.

We asked if he might go to court to try and force the issue. His answer -- there's "absolutely nothing malicious" about his intentions and it's "highly unlikely" he'll go to court.

As for whether the Jackson family has shut him out of the kids' lives ... Lester wouldn't answer.

Katherine Jackson
's lawyer, Londell McMillan, passes this off as a "genetic lottery attempt."


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Look at this video......Thede kids have one black parent and one white parent and look what they look like.....They look all white. Quincy Jones daughter looks all white(she's in the video) why can we believe that she is Quincy Jones daughter but some can't believe that Prince,Paris and Blanket are Michael's.

1897 days ago


Disfasia, great post!

1897 days ago


I think Lester is very confused about his"godparent" role. Perhaps being a godparent means something different in the UK. In the US its just a symbolic thing. Americans are family oriented and put no stock in godparents other than the nice people who give presents on special occassions or if you have no family they may rely on that person more. But as we know the Jacksons are a large family and have a large extended family. Furthermore Katherine will not be paying for flights and hotels for the Lesters like Michael did.

This guy needs to realize that he was MICHAEL's FRIEND, NOT KATHERINE'S. Katherine as a parent has the right to make whatever decisions she wants about their interactions and upbringing as all parents do when their children are minors. If he was hoping to see the children, I guess he threw his candy in the sand with this cruel stunt.

1897 days ago

doc murry    

i think this punk is my daughter,,im going to go to court to make sure she is well taken care of,,the money has no interest to me,,by the way how much money are we talking about ,,although im not interested in the money she will need to be taken care of and im sure 10,000 a day should almost be enough for starters,,thats for her and then i will need another 5,000 a day for my expenses

1897 days ago


Poor lovely Michael, no wonder he had no friends... he really couldn't trust any of these creatures! This Lester person is a disgrace and proves he was no friend but a damn traitor and a wannabe, whose claim to fame being one film made about 40 years ago. He is a hanger-on who pretended to be Michael's friend but only stuck firmly to his coat tail to keep in the spotlight. He wasn't a true friend and he definately doesn't have Paris' interest at heart..... just his own pocket. What is he trying to do, promote himself & his daughter at Paris' expanse? His daughter doesn't look anything like Paris. Look at that picture of her out shopping plus that other one with her sister... no way does she look like the beautiful Paris. So what if they both have blue eyes.... JOE JACKSON HAS BLUE EYES TOO!

Lester should be ashamed of himself. Mrs. Jackson is in mourning and so are Michael's kids and he is pissed and runs to NOTW because they haven't returned his calls or emails? I pray that he is permanently banned from their lives... that is what he deserves from being so cold and cruel.

I pray that God will guide and protect Paris and her brothers from the vultures of the world who don't give a damn about Michael's kids.... vultures like Lester, Klein, the disgusting tabloids. who continually pay money to any idiot who come forward with so-called "dirt" on Michael. May your dear soul rest in peace Michael. The vagabonds have succeed in pressuring you to death but God will protect your legacy and your dear kids!

1897 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

If he wanted to see the children, then why not just come out and say that the Jacksons are keeping them from him?!?! But to think with the added, "Oh, btw, I might be the father" is going to do nothing but keep them from you now until they reach 18-- when they will legally no longer be under the control of Mama Jackson. By then, they should be fairly brainwashed. Ok, maybe a stretch, but let's face it-- with all the money on the line, those children will be tightly controlled for the next few years. Sad.

Now, for baby daddies-- well, out of the 2 that have sorta stepped up, I see Lester as a more likely genetic candidate than Klein-- at least from MJ's visionary standpoint. Although Klein is acting more like a friend and possible father by not stating anything in public-- sorta. What I still wonder about is the riff between Klein and Debbie Rowe. She worked for him for how many years and now they can't stand each other? What happened there I wonder.

Did MJ just ask a few people to donate so no one would really know-- thinking that MJ'd always be around to protect the children from the onslaught that is rearing its head now? Hmmmm... wonder who else will come out and say they donated.

1897 days ago


Look at this video......Thede kids have one black parent and one white parent and look what they look like.....They look all white. Quincy Jones daughter looks all white(she's in the video, his other daughter is a red head) why can we believe that she is Quincy Jones daughter but some can't believe that Prince,Paris and Blanket are Michael's.

1897 days ago


Christ, how many people donated sperm??

1897 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

Michael Jackson's friend,
Uri Geller, has already come forward and stated that the
claim is true
and the MJ had told him so,
but TMZ as well as the Jacksons have ignored this statement.

1897 days ago


The children are Michael's and Debbie's - end of story!!!!! There are thousands of sperm donors and surrogate mothers out there - it DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE WHO'S been the donor!!!!! It only counts as to who the parents are - All these wanna-bees - GET A DAMNED LIFE FOLKS! Michael Jackson is the father of these 3 children - Debbie is the mother - that's it!!!! All these vultures wanting their 15 minutes of fame make me sick! These children are grieving for their father - LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!

1897 days ago


thoses kids need to be left alone. they are goin though enought right now and Michel was and is there father and thats all they care about. leave them alone.

1897 days ago


HOW COME NO ONE WAS CONCERNED FOR THESE KIDS WHEN THEY LIVED WITH A DRUG ADDICT!!!! Michael jackson was a drug addict who took enough drugs each day to sedate and Elephant.

1897 days ago


Maybe MJ left his children to his mother, not just because he regarded her as being the best person to take care of them but because he knew that she would be the one person who would fight to maintain the lie that these were his bio kids. MJ learnt the culture of covering up and pretending in order to maintain a certain image from his Mother. Abusive homes train children to become experts at telling lies because they have to pretend to be having the same life as everyone else when they are not. Look where it led MJ, to an early death.

We keep hearing about how poor MJ was let down by people and how people lied to MJ. What about the shameful extent of MJ's ability to be dishonest with those who he claimed to be entrusting with his personal secrets.There was no need to be taking sperm from people he treated as his closest friends when there are sperm banks with no emotional ties.

I wouldn't be surprised if MJ placed a condition on his beneficiaries, as part of receiving their inheritence, that they would not seek to identify nor reveal the children's biological parents. If this is the case then neither kathrine nor the three children can ever seek out the truth unless they are prepared to walk away from benefiting from MJ's estate.

Mark Lester should stay away from the Jacksons and let the children make contact with him when they are old enough to do so. Being entangled with the Jacksons is a one way street to confidentiality agreements that could cost Mark Lester everything he has worked for if he ever dares to speak out after signing. The children have been left in the middle of a lion's den whilst being expected to hold the key to unlocking the meat supply. Only time will tell if they can emerge unscathed. Just let it go.

1897 days ago


The girl is mine.

1897 days ago
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