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Billy Mays Health Insurance Ads Pulled

8/13/2009 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today is the last day you'll be seeing the late, great Billy Mays endorse health insurance -- the company behind one of the legendary pitchman's most recent commercials has officially pulled the spot off the air.

Billy Mays: Click to watch
Billy claimed his work for the iCAN benefit group was "the most important product I have ever endorsed" -- but now, 6 weeks after Mays passed away, the company has decided to go another direction.

For the record, the company did get the OK from the family to continue running Billy's ad -- and Billy's son also made the following point on his Twitter page, "When actors die, their movies continue to play, right?"


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Billy Mays here! Are you on prescription pain meds and cocaine and just can't find an insurance company that will cover your health? Then I have the deal for you! It works for me and it can work for you! Call now!

1834 days ago


I saw this ad several days ago, I turned the channel because it was uncomfortable to watch. Odd they would even think of airing it.

1834 days ago



1834 days ago

Nancy Kaufmann    

Geez, who would buy health insurance from a company hawked by Billy Mays? Anyway, wonder if his last ad (filmed on or near a boat, I forget the product) will also be pulled due to his tarnished image. And how can his son want the ads to continue? I would think it would be too sad.

1834 days ago


Kay, You are the Idiot. I don't think anyone that dislikes Billy Mays is going straight to Hell. Why would they? He was a annoying TV pitchman that was fueled by Cocaine. No wonder he was so loud. Why would anyone go to Hell for not liking a screaming pitchman on coke? He did not die from his RX meds,that has nothing to do with it so shut up. He died from heart disease from years of Cocaine use. Why are you babbling on and on about his RX meds? It was the coke that led to heart disease that killed him. End of story. .

1834 days ago


Billie Mays here for the mighty coke spoon...

1834 days ago

Carter Forster - London, Ontario, Canada    

28. Are all of you idiots?????

He was on PRESCRIPTION DRUGS for his 3rd hip replacement scheduled the day AFTER he died. Billy Mays is NOT a drug addict, he was a model citizen that helped people's dreams come true by promoting household items they invented. Anyone who bashes Billy Mays is going STRAIGHT TO HELL!

Posted at 2:07PM on Aug 13th 2009 by Kay


Kay = The Widow Mrs. Mays trying to pathetically KEEP her dead corpse hubby's life insurance policy since it was determined (((COCAINE))) was found in old Billy's body. ;-) Nice try, bitch.

Billy Mays = COKEHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1834 days ago


1) wow, as an Australian who didn't know of this guy until I hit this website, mannnn, he really is annoying
2) health? My health has suffered for sure.
3) I really feel sorry that this type of job pays.
4) I still have that image of those 'friends' at his funeral with corporate-sponsored attire and want to forget, but I'm afraid I can't unsee what I've seen
5) does it come as any surprise that a corporate sponsor may wish to be disassociated from who many believe was a druggie?

1834 days ago


This family is really in denial. Pull the ad!!

1834 days ago


gettagrip your postinng made me laugh until I cried! The saddest thing is that all of these people who are supposed to be the face of America and leaving this earth with their drawers down. The same about that mother who drove her SUV the wrong way. Her husband said they kept the vodka bottle fn the car or only drinking on trips? And then he denies she was drunk and stoned? What is this world coming to?

1834 days ago


i understand why they pulled him from the health insurance ad considering that when he died he had lots of different drugs in his system, but i would definitely continue supporting him in his infomercial ads.
he's the only one that didn't annoy me when he was trying to sell me something. its weird to me that even though his yell-o-meter was always cranked to 11, and he still didn't annoy me. there was always something personal about him and you felt like he was a genuinely good guy when he spoke.
long live billy, it sucks he died right when people were starting to really notice him with his show ans all that

1834 days ago


I don't want to see ANY ads from Billy Mays. He's DEAD for God's sake. Do we have no one else in America to pitch products? It's sick! I don't like hearing Johnny Cash keep singing, "I've been everywhere" either. Jesus Christ God Almighty. It's sick!

1834 days ago


Billy Mays son needs to understand the difference between a movie made for entertainment purposes and a product endorsement. If he doesn't, then he has no business in the business of product endorsement. He needs to grow up a little more.

1834 days ago
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