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Mel Gibson -- King of ABC

8/13/2009 10:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

ABC News -- the organization Roone Arledge and Peter Jennings built -- has turned into a bad version of US Weekly ... wussing out during an interview with Mel Gibson's baby mama.

Oksana Grigorieva: Click to watch
Oksana Grigorieva
, the chick who got knocked up by Mel, was on "GMA" this morning. She was booked solely for her singing prowess ... so the "journalist" said. We're sure that's because Oksana was a household name long before she hooked up with the King of Malibu.

Not a single question was asked about Mel, her relationship with him, his marriage, her out-of-wedlock pregnancy with a very religious man -- nothing. But good news -- they really focused on her singing!


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She looks like she has the same plastic surgeon as Charo. Her "singing" is interesting; a mix of a baby talk, demon voices, whining, trills, and no certainly no thrills!

1867 days ago


#45 BEAT IT!

1867 days ago


Oksana Grigorieva should not quit her night job..... go back to f..... Mel.

1867 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Holy crap batman.... she said her songs are about different FAUCETS!!!!! It should be FACETS, what a friggin moron!

Definition of FACET: aspect: a distinct feature or element in a problem
Definition of FAUCET: regulator for controlling the flow of a liquid from a reservoir

1867 days ago


Eeewwwww. I actually felt embarrassed for her. Please don't let her do that anymore. She should just keep her mouth shut, don't talk and don't attempt to sing. Just look pretty. OK? That's all. It is very, very simple. What torment that was!!!

1867 days ago


48. It was probally like a GEORGE W. BUSH interview, where everything was SCRIPTED.

Posted at 12:25PM on Aug 13th 2009 by Homie1Kanobe

O is the one big-eared, purple-lipped lout that can't talk without a teleprompter!

1867 days ago

So what is the threshold for public scorn now? This woman has no talent and is obviously only on the show because she got knocked up by a very famous married man. Instead of being celebrated, both of them should be shunned. So if I took a dump in someone's mouth in the middle of Times Square and video taped it, am I more likely to be condemned or get my own reality show and a record deal?

1867 days ago


Like Buffalo Bill "I like the way you wear your skin" style, orrrrrrrr ?

I was gonna say maybe she's better off just be a song writer with that accent she can't seem to lose and how her voice was pretty much unlistenable but then I focused on the lyrics and they pretty much blow so there ya go.

Simon - What do you think?

1867 days ago


No no no - I'm dating a young chick so my relationship is more like a FAUCET too....

1867 days ago


No no no - I'm dating a young chick so my relationship is more like a FAUCET too....

1867 days ago


"Baby mama" sounds so retarded. Does anyone get married before they bring children into the world in this country? Can they say his "expectant wife?" Or "expectant girlfriend?"

1867 days ago


Now that she got what she wanted from Mel I guess she'll be dumping him. Mel will get hit with two "divorces" within a year. (But she said she was "in love") yeah right!

1867 days ago


She said "faucets' of love and "unrequainted" love.....she writes like a teenage girl in love. Horrible songwriting. Stupid

1867 days ago


Post #61, I think you just also described Britney Spears'

1867 days ago


What "different faucets" is she referring to? Kohler? Moen? Delta? Price Phister?

Perhaps the liner notes of her music CD (for which she likely used Mel's computer to burn 50 copies of) includes additional insight.

Her lyrical relevance is beautifully haunting.

"I love the waaaaaaaaay you whhhheeeeeeeeaaaae you skin"....

I'm speechless. One could have only hoped that she was as well.

1867 days ago
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