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Jackson Family Shut Out of Jermaine's Plans

8/15/2009 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine JacksonJermaine Jackson is learning a hard lesson -- the Jackson family doesn't take kindly to kinfolk who make promises on their behalf without even bothering to tell them.

You know the big flap over the Vienna Tribute concert -- where Jermaine was spearheading a special show and touting that members of Michael Jackson's family were behind it? Well family sources tell us the family is ticked that Jermaine used them to sell tickets. The family, we're told, never agreed to participate. In fact, Tito told us he was never even invited.

The family isn't happy with J.J. because the concert may now be in jeopardy and stories are being written that the brood caused the concert to crumble.

Bottom line -- Jermaine was out on his own (again) pitching his stuff and the family was out of the loop.


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Jermaine is not, never has been and never will be, as good as Michael.People don't want to see or hear JJ nor some random "tribute" concert. Michael will live forever in our hearts and in his legacy of fabulous music and his much loved children. RIP Michael. Greatly missed.

1896 days ago


I just loathe myself for the low opinion that I have of Jermaine.

Maybe he was as much a victim of his "life" (parents) as Michael was. And of Michaels fame.

I'll never say or think another ugly truthful word or thought about Jermaine after this moment.

May the Gods forgive me for having done so and so vehemently, and may Jermaine forgive me also.

Sometimes it's just the Devil being stuck here between Heaven and Earth!

1896 days ago


Tina-- Great post!

I too think MJ's mom used him, She knew how big of a heart he had and used it against him. She put guilt trips on him. Like when he wanted to go solo and she told MJ even though he didn't need his brothers, that his brothers needed him. That family drug him down. It's just so sad!

I'm going to have to buy that book, so many people have recommended it. I'm sure it will be an interesting read.

1896 days ago


I used to like Jermaine, but now I think he is a huge hypocrite - but he's not very good at it! He's definitely Joe Jackson's son. He's always minimized Joe's abuse, and he sure seems desperate to make money off of his little brother - he always has. Jermaine was the lead singer for the Jackson brothers, and I think he has always resented that mittle Michael "stole" his place in the spotlight when HE became the lead singer of the group.

1896 days ago


Michael had a hard hard life...I just found this video of him talking about how he used to get beat on by him father and no one would help him...his mother was always somewhere I am sure with her eyes, ears and mouth covered like those monkeys...

Yeah that book someone mentioned above...I read it too and wow they did him wrong all the truly understand Michael when you read that book. He was meek and humble but confused too because on one hand he was getting beat down and exposed to too many overtly sexual things as a little boy and on the other his mother was a hypocrite and beat her religion in them and scared them celibate to the point where he was just messed up and scared!

But he always had a love for performing so he had that to turn to.

check this out..

good night guys

1896 days ago


Response to Steer's Comment #61: Oh, please. Get a grip on yourself, Steer, or just get some sleep. You sound ridiculous in that blog.

1896 days ago


ah..Jermaine,there was a time he was the one touted to be the hearthrob and one to be successful going solo- after he married Gordy's daughter,his first wife.. the gals; were all busy chasing him and Mj was just too young.
it must have be a jolt to the system-- lil bro Mj.. zit and all made the biggest splash as the solo artist in that brood.

since then-- he's been hankering after MJ's success.

1896 days ago


Love ... your turnaround regarding Jermaine is very bhuddist of you and I extend that as compliment.

Dixie... Katherine is ABSOLUTELY CULPABLE and manipulative. She's so angry at AEG/Branca/etc but she needs to look at herself a little too. She didn't protect her young young son. She asked for 250-500k after making the video supporting him at the time of the trial. Its like the glenda tapes about joe...heartbreaking.

1896 days ago


Dixie, wrt your Comment #55: Are you sure that Omer is not Michael's bio son? In the videos of him as a small child, he absolutely looks cloned! It is the most amazing thing.... but one odd thing is that he looks like Michael as Michael developed himself rather than as Michael looked as a child. If the boy's mother is white, however, that could explain the light skin and small nose and delicate features. Is it true that disgusting, nasty Joe kicked Michael hard in the groin when he was a small boy and that he could not father his own children as a result of that injury? A friend told me that, but she is not always reliable, so I had hoped that maybe someone here might know.

Posted at 3:26AM on Aug 15th 2009 by denvercatwoman

Howdy denver.
Uhm no-mam I'm certainly not positive one way or the other. I wasn't there. I could be wrong.
However, when the story 1st broke I believed he very well was his son. As I read more and more articles and took a look at the dates and age of Omer, well I really felt like he was really just a great and close friend. I read omer's parents worked for Michael and of course Omer was a great fan of MJ's. Yes, I do admit he does favor Michael some. I've seen alot of pics where he was dressed like MJ.
Like I said, I could be wrong.

I surely don't know if MJ was injured by his father, as to whether he could be a bio-father. I've always considered him the father to his 3 youger children. He is there father no matter what.

MJ seemed to not be one to sleep around alot?? Due to his raising. Which is something else I consider about Omer. I guess only MJ and the mother's know the truth.

Heck, I'd be happy for Omer and Michael if omer is, really his.

1896 days ago


Wow!! I got to read that book!! A bounty on his head for a million!
He sounds so free in those phone calls like he wanted to get this stuff off his chest...too bad the person who was talking to him wasn't a real friend...taping his private calls. He would have been mortified. His mother seems to play as if she is this charming loving women but she proved what she was about M..O..N..E..Y!! I can't understand why his family didn't just invest what they got like he did and turn a profit since they didn't have careers anymore...they just looked to him for money gave him guilt trips to get money..WOW...Family!! RIP
Here is another one Tina....

Jermaine should be ashamed!! Writing such a nasty song and giving it to the world about his own little brother of all things!!!

Word to the Badd came out during Mikes Bad album.

Also F*CK Oprah!! That bitch was seen crying at a Kennedy funeral and hasn't said one word about Mike...same women who disrespected him in his own home asking him if he was a virgin! What was that all about!?! Investigative reporting!?! I think NOT!

Also you can hear Mike even talking about how his family are vultures and the Taraborelli book is so on point Mike even mentions it in his phone call he says it is a true depiction of his life...his family was ruthless to him even allowed a Korean priest to put a bounty on his head for 1 million dollars to get him to sign a bogus contract to tour!! A BOUNTY ON HIS HEAD!!! Who ever got Mike to sign the contract got 1 million dollars...HIS OWN MOTHER KEPT THE CHECK AND HOPED TO GET HIM TO SIGN THE CONTRACT!!! DAMN!!! Check out the book Michael Jackson The Magic The Madness it is out of control what he's gone thru in life and still had the will and strength to keep pushing forward!! Amazing man!! Amazing!

I feel so sorry for his kids!! Ohhh what a life they are going to live.

Four parts in all...

Posted at 3:12AM on Aug 15th 2009 by Tina

1896 days ago


he digust me. let me break it down to u jermaine, "your not michael, never have and will never accomplished what he has done". michael is the greatest entertainer of all times. you don't even come near that. instead of u grieving ur brother ur using his death to put money in ur pocket u should repect him and mourn him not capitalize on his passing. theres only one king in your family and he's gone, and quit walking around acting like your taking over michaels status, wearing his trademark aviator glasses and bowing your head like he does. your not him. so take ur greediness and go to hell. u knew damnwell michael hated neverland after the trial. bury him there and i hope he haunts the hell outta for lying ass. i hope u get turned down trying to use our "KING OF POP" that resigns foever for ur selfish reasons.

1896 days ago


65. Response to Steer's Comment #61: Oh, please. Get a grip on yourself, Steer, or just get some sleep. You sound ridiculous in that blog.
Posted at 3:35AM on Aug 15th 2009 by denvercatwoman
Yes, I agree with you denvercat big time.
It's just a ridiculous situation that I'm stuck with! LOL
Not sleeping much, fading fast from CHF/COPD.
Hopefully the BIG SLEEP will come soon and mercifully.

1896 days ago


Marlon moved me to tears at the memorial! Yes, I'm afraid Jermaine does give the other brothers a bad name.

1896 days ago


Interesting link about the proposed book deal Jermaine had and also touches on the "charity" concert coming up.

1896 days ago


Dixie I am so glad you agree. I found it truly heartwrenching.

1896 days ago
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