Paula Abdul: 'Idol' Ain't So Bad After All!

8/16/2009 3:30 PM PDT

Paula Abdul: 'Idol' Ain't So Bad After All!

Sources connected to Paula Abdul say Miss Paula wants back on "American Idol."

Our sources say Paula's Twitter is retracted -- at least in her mind - if the price is right. As we first reported, the magic number is $10 million. Will Paula move from that number? The way negotiations go in Hollywood ... probably, but we don't know for sure and if so how much she's willing to give.

We're also told Paula's meetings with ABC didn't really go anywhere. She doesn't want to do "Dancing with the Stars" -- we're told, in no small part, because she wants to be able to jump on a plane on a moment's notice to rejoin her fellow judges on "Idol."

And, we're told, Paula is piiiised at the producers of "Ugly Betty" for leaking the story that she was talking to them about doing the show. She's not going to do it now.

As for "Idol," as far as we know they've been pretty hard-nosed and haven't contacted her reps, but we're not positive. In the end, we're thinking "A.I." isn't gonna let a little Twitter torpedo one of its golden geese.

: We spotted Paula Abdul out Saturday night at Boa. She didn't quite know where the restaurant was ... or whether or not she would be joining "Dancing with the Stars." Hmmm ...