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Real OC Housewife

Pay Up or Get Out!

8/17/2009 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lynne Curtin from "Real Housewives of Orange County" could be evicted from her home -- if she doesn't come up with more than $12,000 in the next three days.

Lynne Curtain eviction notice: Click to launch
Just minutes ago, Curtin and her husband received a 3-day eviction notice from the owner of the Laguna Beach house where they live. Yes -- they're renters.

According to the notice, the couple owes the home owner a $10,000 security deposit, $600 late fee and $1,763 in other expenses. The homeowner also claims the Curtins have been delinquent on their utilities -- which have now been shut off.

And it gets worse -- the Curtin's real estate agent claims the reality star and her husband never forked over $2,500 in commission for getting them into the house back in June.

The best part -- Bravo cameras happened to be rolling when the eviction notice was served ... wonder if they'll exploit that storyline on the show?


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one thing that i've notice quite often on these "real housewives" shows is that they have lots and lots of cash when they're out shopping. i noticed that with lynn and the chick from the jersey show. is the IRS watching?!?!?

1859 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

11. I can vouch that at least one part of this story is not true. I was at the house last night while they were shooting a dinner party for the show, and all of the utilities were on.

Posted at 6:07PM on Aug 17th 2009 by The Mole

At the risk of stating the obvious, Mole, that was then, this is now.

1859 days ago


I was at that party last night too. The utilities were on but I heard they had just been turned back on within the past several days. Anyway, it's obvious being around them that they're living a completely fake lifestyle. Most people that were there know they are just renting that house, but the show makes it look like it's theirs. Again, all fake. Everything about her seems to be fake...everything. The husband seems distant and completely detached. This notice doesn't surprise me at all, they come across as completely absorbed in themselves and somewhat deadbeat. They think they're better than everyone else and now they're getting evicted! Bad Karma is a bitch!

1859 days ago


So these OC bytches don't have any endz either. I knew the RHOA didn't have any endz with the exception of DeShawn and her husband. Damn another dumba$$ bites the dust.

1859 days ago


I think out of all the "real housewife's show's on bravo the only one that was good to watch was New Jersey..........

1859 days ago


Real Housewives Poor folks from Atlanta to the Orange County. I guess they get paid peanuts?

1859 days ago


Lynne seems like a complete moron. I am not surprised. Her daughters are self-absorbed and delusional. Maybe she should get a job. If they can't afford utilities than why did they buy the oldest daughter a BMW....oh yeah it was used...

1859 days ago

Sam Sunshine    

So Sad, I hope these people get help before they commit suicide its inevitable. How can they live up to the expectations that are not true? And I'm not talking about just RHW of OC but also RHW of Atlanta and Jersey. So Sad, is all I can say.

1859 days ago


Humm. Rule number one in Orange County, if you aint a millionaire, don't go on national tv and make yourself look like one, wasn't she the one who had a handcuff line?
hummm, i think i saw them at BIG LOTS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1859 days ago


WTF??? Why don't these people pay their rent? They get paid a sh^t load for being on RHW of OC. What the h&ll is their problem?

1859 days ago


Freakin Dead Beats.

1859 days ago


Hey Lynn, take a lesson from Vicki. She owns her own business and you always made fun of her for working. You are a moron on the show--you didn'tknow if you had AC right? You and Gretchen need to leave the show!!! Hope your not on again, this will just give us someone to target.

1859 days ago


To Nicole DeLoach: Did you read the attached eviction notice? Hellooooo! Get a grip, niece.

1859 days ago


Even if all these folks "had" the money they claim to, their lives don't look that fabulous. Most of them aren't very smart, and have poor taste in clothes and home furnishings. Money doesn't buy style and apparently doesn't rent it either.

1859 days ago


Tamra and Simon Barney are two other DEADBEATS whose home is up for a short sale and chances are they'll be in foreclosure soon. Check the OC Register, she's a poser. Broke and jobless Simon gave his trailer trash wife Tamra a Rolex and a diamond bracelet, both were returned to the jeweler. They claimed he was buying a luxury yacht with a business partner and he can't afford to pay for his primary residence!

The Barney's claim to be building a custom home but good Lord what bank is going to finance people who don't pay their bills and can't afford to live in a home that costs less than the one they're supposedly building? Custom home............LMAO......I don't think so!!! Another Barney lie, no wonder Tamra's son Ryan is a parasite, he learned from his mother.

Banks aren't fools and they don't lend money to people who don't have jobs, the ability to pay or a history as a pack of shysters.

1859 days ago
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