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Jackson Bros to Carry the Casket One More Time

8/18/2009 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael JacksonRandy Jackson just confirmed to TMZ that he and his brothers will serve as pallbearers at Michael Jackson's burial service.

Here's the message we just received straight from Randy -- " I will be there ... and yes the brothers will carry him from the hearse to the front of the mausoleum."

Randy, his brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon were the pallbearers at the Staples Center Memorial last month.

Now, the family is preparing for the private burial which is set to take place August 29 at Glendale Forest Lawn -- on what would have been Michael's 51st birthday.


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Addiction and Death; complicated, perplexing, manipulative. Even if you are MJ. There is no handbook explaining to the family of the most famous human on the planet how to expedite the burial of their son, brother and father. Readers: if you are not interested in the "attention" surronding the MJ case, it is your constitutional right to move along and focus your interest on something else (probably irrelevant anyway) in the world. Please allow us MJ fans to mourn, grieve and discuss our thoughts amoungst us. Your comments are unncessary, unwanted, unfounded, unsolicited, redundant and irrelevant. We are not going to "get over it" just as much as you aren't going to "get over" writting pointless comments on message boards just to see your name on the screen. It makes sense to bury him on his birthday; he shall be laid to rest on the day he was born into life. Now that's a real showman's closing act.

1898 days ago


His overwhelming problems are now over. His future is in the hands of love. God is love.

1898 days ago


Finally!!! Why did it take so long? He should have been buried the end of June/first week of July already. Geez!!! I hope they take him straight from the freezer and directly to the crypt. The smell of decomposing flesh is rancid.

1898 days ago

patty p    

My heart goes out to his mother Katherine Jackson. To know that
51 years ago on Aug 29- she gave birth to Michael. I know its hard
for her to be thinking of this. Giving birth on that day & now Katherine is burying her son. Michael trusted his mom, & MOM knows best.
Maybe you will finally get some privacy now Michael.
My prayers are with the Jackson Family.
patty p

1897 days ago

Stranger in NC    


1897 days ago


They gave the world a glimpse of the memorial services for him at the Staples Center. Now it is their turn to finally lay their loved one to rest. Privately. We need to remember what Janet said at the BET awards. "To you....Michael was an icon. But to US....Michael..was family". I love you Michael and God Bless your family and give them strength during this tough time in their lives, allow them to unite and be strong for themselves and one another and continue to honor your name. I will light a candle in your honor on the day you are laid to rest and continue holding on to your memory forever. Finally, Michael, the time has come for you to Rest In Peace.

1897 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

I was in Rikers Is.Some one spoke to Randy early is his path to salvation.He spoke volumes about his all loving family,but he did not blame his DAD for his failures.

1897 days ago


This is my first post ever, but I just HAD to do it.
Burying MJ on his B-day is really unbelievable, even for this family.
I have to be honest about Joe Jackson, the site of this man makes me want to puke. I see and hear only greed and lies from him whenever he opens his mouth. Maybe thats why he lives hundreds of miles away from his wife. Maybe she feels the same way. Can you imagine having HIM for a husband or father?
Just my opinion, but BECAUSE OF the "millions" that have loved MJ and supported him both financially and spiritually, through his good times and bad, while ALSO inadvertently supporting certain members of his bloodthirsty greedy family, his "loving, devoted" family owe his FANS a burial site that is OPEN to the PUBLIC, although I wouldn't be surprised if they "charged at the door".
If they aren't going to allow his fans to visit and mourn, then they SHOULD NOT look to his fans to hand out money for a movie, merchandise or anything else in his namesake which will benefit them, I feel sure in one way or another.
GREED is indeed a UGLY thing.
God help his poor children.
Also, why in the world are we still waiting for the poor man to be buried? Does anybody have a reasonable answer to that question? I would love to hear it.
Yes, MJ was a genius and I, along with millions of other people, remember that night and the anticipation of watching the THRILLER World Premier Video on MTV, that night, so many years ago. And it indeed was thrilling.
But his life, in the later years was so sad and his family members (some) seem about half crazy and the other half seem so money hungry it's incredible. Maybe it's just the way the media portrays them, but it seems like only a very few members are halfway normal.
Anyway, please people let the poor man die, life goes on. All of us are going to die, that's just part of living.
And to his family, show some DUE RESPECT to his fans, who have provided YOU with a nice living, and make his burial site public. You OWE US, HIS FANS at the very least, that much.
Although MJ WAS a musical genius, no question about it, with a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF BEAUTIFUL TALENT, he WAS only a man.
He, by all accounts, loved living life, loved his children, and loved his family, although maybe he did suffer from emotional scarring, like many of us do, but now, sadly, he is gone.
People, enjoy his music, videos and the memories, but let him go. Let him RIP. RIP MJ.

1897 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

shhhhhhh Mj is in hiding .pssssssst ,,He is in area 51

1897 days ago


Michael's been dead 2 months... and his family has ALREADY negotiated a deal with State Farm Insurance to use "I'll Be There" on their television commercials.

Seems a LEETLE too soon.........

1890 days ago
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