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Reality Star and Murdered Wife -- On Rocks

8/19/2009 10:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A close friend of Jasmine Fiore's tells us Jasmine and Ryan Alexander Jenkins' marriage was on the rocks, and that Jasmine was planning to go to Vegas to "reunite" with an ex-boyfriend.

Ryan Alexander & Jasmine Flore

The friend says Jasmine was planning to take her Vegas trip the day before her body was found.

And, the woman who was the roommate of Fiore and Jenkins tells TMZ Jenkins told her last Sunday -- the day after Jasmine's body was discovered -- he was "done with the relationship," that "he couldn't take it anymore" and he was going to Vegas.

The roommate also says Jenkins -- who appeared on the VH1 reality show "Megan Wants a Millionaire" -- called her last Saturday night and said, "I should have known something was up when she said she was going to run errands and left with all of our packed suitcases in our car."

Jasmine's body was found stuffed in a suitcase and thrown in a dumpster in Orange County, CA last Saturday.

Both the roommate and the friend say Fiore was not a stripper and that Fiore and Jenkins met at a Hawaiian Tropic event in Vegas. And Playboy says Fiore worked as a promo model for a "Girls of Golf" event one time 4 years ago and hasn't worked for Playboy since.


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Whoever keeps putting "First" on here is a total idiot...ummmm you look like an idiot every time you do that. Do you have any kind of life at all or is your main occupation writing comments on TMZ??? Yikes!!!! Very scary!!

1900 days ago


I have to agree......her facial features are odd...BUT with that being said...She was someone's daughter and perhaps someone's sister.....My condolonces to her family & loved ones.

Posted at 11:33AM on Aug 19th 2009 by TruthBTold

She could have been someone's son and perhaps someone's brother. Did you ever think of that? DID YOU???

1900 days ago


I guess VH1 is trying to do damage control they have since deleted the show page for Megan wants a millionaire and any messages that are being posted about it at all are all being deleted! So much for freedom of speech...that's what message boards are for. So people can post stuff and find out about stuff...but VH1 is putting a stop to that!!!

1900 days ago

yadda yadda    

It's sad that this young women lost her life. But after seeing her story in our local papers and seeing her "photos", the quick marriage, how he met said man,I question her life style. She obviously doesn't have the looks to do "real" modeling, look at that week, or better non existent chin. Girls this is a wake up call! Start thinking about your future, every little choice you make will affect your life in some way. Even a wet t-shirt or bikini contest could be one step closer to death.

1900 days ago


L.A. Times is reporting:

Jasmine's mother, Lisa Lapore, said "I'm worried they had a major blowout. Jasmine is pretty feisty and doesn't back down easily."


1900 days ago


I think RYAN might have won "Megan Wants A Millionaire" cuz has removed everything from its website regarding anything to do with the show.

No more Links of the show are on

If RYAN was booted just like any other guy, then I think VH1 would've just edited RYAN out of the show.

But . . . . that cannot be done if RYAN won the show !!

(VH1 would have to go back into production immediately, re-shoot a different Winner & get that Episode on-air in time)

They finished shooting in March.


1900 days ago

Zonny VanRant    

Thanks alot big mouth!

1900 days ago


Do American men simply find any woman who's blonde (natural or not) attractive? I mean, I'm sorry this woman was murdered, but she looks like a cartoon character with her eyes that far apart. When did our culture turn its back on natural beauty in favor of bizarre-looking fakeness?

1900 days ago


Na, he didn't win. VH1 said he was among the final contestants though. So he was probably in the final three;; which is why they cannot just simply edit him out.
This is really freaking creepy. I mean;; ughh..
Hahaa;; that show was a piece of crap anyway, it was so stupid!

As for those of you posting mean comments about that girl, that picture is just a horrible picture of her;; she realls isn't that ugly. It was just taken at a horrible angle. There is one up on Nancy Grace's page that is absolutely stunning of her.
How rude of you people to sit there and make fun of her. She lost her life. NO ONE deserves to have their life taken from them. And no one deserves to have their body stuffed in a suitcase.
Freaking heartless people, making fun of her.

1900 days ago

Sad sad    

I love how all the typical husband murderers say "She drove off somewhere" but they don't know where.I don't get it. Were they in San Diego? If they were why would she be doing errands there?

1900 days ago

Noir Ash    

remember that episode of megan wants a millionaire when he said he needed to marry a u.s citizen to expand his busness to the u.s.... he also said if megan married him he wouldnt make her sign a pre nup.....I wonder if he did that with jasmine... and maybe she wanted a divorce and with no pre nup he would be forced to cough up the cash..... I bet thats what happened...All I know is vh1 needs to perform better background checks.... I hope they catch this creep.... poor girl my condolences go out to her loved ones

1900 days ago

Sad sad    

and is the the x still alive? He wanted to go to Vegas after.

"And, the woman who was the roommate of Fiore and Jenkins tells TMZ Jenkins told her last Sunday -- the day after Jasmine's body was discovered -- he was "done with the relationship," that "he couldn't take it anymore" and he was going to Vegas."

Did he know her body was found yet? wtf. If not a rational person would be like I'm really worried etc. even if they were on the rocks. She apparently left with his stuff. Ya that makes a load of sense.

1900 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

What a weird looking chick.

1900 days ago

Super Predator    

I would love to be shoved in a suitcase.

1900 days ago


I dont get why it would matter if she was a stripper or not who cares what she was everyone lives their own life and does their own thing who cares what others think, this was a terrible awful tragedy and psychos that kill others need to be stopped no ones life should ever be taken away people should be able to live to a ripe old age with a full good life, its sick how many crazies are out there.

1900 days ago
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