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Jay-Z's Bodyguard Charged for Tripod Toss

8/19/2009 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay-Z's bodyguard Jay-Z's bodyguard has been charged with a crime for last night's tripod-tossing fight with a local TV reporter in Croatia.

Croation law enforcement tells TMZ Jay's bodyguard has been charged with destroying personal property and assault -- based on a complaint filed by the reporter who got into a scuffle with Jay and Beyonce's entourage late last night.

Video of the incident surfaced on the 'net earlier today showing the whole confrontation -- including the part where the reporter throws his camera sticks at Jay's hired muscle ... and the hired muscle throws the sticks into the Adriatic Sea.

We're told the incident occurred at around 1:30 AM in Dubrovnik after Jay and Beyonce ate at a local restaurant.

Police say they are trying to track down the bodyguard so they can talk to him -- the investigation is ongoing.


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I feel sorry for all europeans for what happened!
PPL should first know and understand what this awsome couple does and was doing for all of our lives, like many other artists also do! But not in that special JayZ style! YAYHH!! Wihout their art the world would be a diff place!
PPL if they wanna share a nice private Dinner on holiday, just let them and leave them alone!!!!!! They deserve it like evrybody!
Once again im Sorry for that, THAT IS NOT WHAT EUROPE thinks about them! Love Jay and B!!

1889 days ago


Ok, apart from all the notorious commenters and haters: Dont be jellous guys and gurls, it doesnt change yo life! NAMASTE!
Why nobody charges the Paps for taking private time and obviously try to give them a bad time? The bodyguard is not stupid, he tried to calm the siutuation down first. He did his job! And the pap can be happy that he didnot landed in the adriatic sea=)
Ok im trough, carry on hating jellous rats!
But remamber, nobody can stop the spirit of the Knowles Fam! Ha!

1889 days ago


Beyonce looked good as hell that night.

1889 days ago


Add for all fantasyjunkies: Dubrovnik is a very romantic, nice Place, was there few times also with boat. And i like Croatia the wonderful area of the "Kornaten", its like Carriebean on some places and i like the food, fish and Mangold and stuff and i dont have a problem with the Croatians in general!
Austria is really mo than the storys you might here, i mean there is strangeness all over the world, but we have also "the other Austria openminded and the Intelligence that is needed for that! im really , thankfull bout that, believe me! Good night!

1889 days ago

scott waring    

I think celeb photographers should start carrying sidearms (guns) in order to get their shots without being threatened. Whats up with these stupid stars that DONT WANT THEIR PHOTOS TAKE, YET WORK IN HOLLYWOOD IN MOVIES AND MTV. Its the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard of.

Anyways...Jay-Z is about as popular as the short little guy from the show Different Strokes.

1889 days ago


I'm surprised that the bodyguard threw the tripod away.He could have pawned it instead.

1889 days ago


Hey, TMZ, it's CroatiAn, Crotia-Croatian not Croation

1889 days ago


What is "JELLOUS". What is "TROUGH" Nice they get to vacation in a place like this. Learn how to spell.

1889 days ago

sayy it aint so    

i hope things works out for them. but why didn't they want their pictures taken? man thats funny how jay them fliped them off does those people over there know what the finger means, jay them looked like some gang bangers.

1889 days ago


those are his bodyguards?????????? what a joke.... some re-tard using a flashlight to try to do what?????? nothing....

i was waiting to see 20 paps around jay-z and a big scene.... not a scene at all........... very odd...

you really should replace your bodyguards.... you dont want bodyguards that dont understand what their objective protect and plan the route.... if the body guard cant handle a situation with 2 photographers..........well ... they should go back to working at the car wash...

1889 days ago


He's Beyonce's bodyguard, not Jay's. Bad journalism much? Part of journalism is RESEARCH.

1889 days ago


Are you guys not watching the same video? the photog hit the guy with the tripod!! He rammed it into his side!! He's lucky the guy didnt return the favor on top of his head like most would have done as retaliation!! Instead, he just tossed it into the water.

1889 days ago


I hope the photographer doesn't get a dime from the bodyguard and that the body bodyguard doesn't have to do any time or anything like that. The photographer is in the wrong for throwing that tripod in the first place they should charge him with assault see how he likes that.

1888 days ago


Good morning language "Professssssor", relax=) And to Nr. 5: .... so u think its ok to to destroy romantic privacy and throw a camera on someones backside cuz who cant get pics that the person who owns his body doesnt wannabe taken? Proof yo point of view, its spoiled by JELOLLOOUUUUSSSSIIIEEEYY! Have a nice day!

1888 days ago


the bodyguard was assaulted first and he removed the weapon of choice (tripod) from the tard pap and tossed it into the ocean. Mark Croatia off your visit list stars madness prevails. For an avg bum here I would have tossed that sob right into the ocean with his tripod, hit ME with a stick???
Stay far far away from this place.

1888 days ago
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