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Jon & Kate Plus Aggravation

8/19/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon & Kate Plus AggravationWe're told TLC is not happy with Jon Gosselin, but Jonnie boy may not care, because he has his sights set on a new show.

We're told Jon is in talks with a major production company -- Endemol -- to appear in a show called "Divorced Dad's Club." We're told the show chronicles the lives of famous divorced fathers. We're told producers talked to Jon, but he's concerned about his TLC contract.

But Jon may still have a shot at the new show, because we're told TLC is not happy with his conduct lately on "Jon & Kate Plus 8." We're told they fired off a letter to him, claiming he was in violation of the morals clause of his contract, partly because he's been seen going in and out of bars and drinking.

We're told Kate is actually pulling up the slack Jon has created. She now has the kids more than 60% of the time and is increasingly involved -- even when she doesn't have physical custody -- because she's concerned for the children's welfare, emotionally and financially.

We're told all the money they made last season from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" went into a joint account. Jon and Kate each took a cut, but Jon spent his share. Kate put a big chunk of the money into a college fund for the kids, so not much was left over.

As for this season, sources say a judge gave Kate control of the family finances because she was deemed the more responsible party. Jon gets limited access to the account for basic stuff, and we're told he's not happy about it. Kate's people say Jon is making money on the side by selling pictures and stories of him and the kids to the tabloids.


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TLC needs to dump that lazy womanizer. They should have dumped him a long time ago.

1869 days ago


The State awarded them full scholarships when they were born, I have to believe to in state college. However as any parent knows that doesn't pay for absolutely everything. The show was attractive because you had a large family struggling to pay the bills - the first season Kate was working on the weekends - now we find out Jon had been fired shortly after the sextuplets were born, don't know where he was working etc. and they got the take up to $75,000 a show, live in a million plus house etc. and Jon looks like a deadbeat living off of his kids and 15 minutes of fame. I used to think Kate treated him badly - well he wasn't working - she obviously felt he wasn't carrying his part of the load - and complaining about how he was supported (but still not getting a job) - now he is out doing what he likes to do. Not the picture we used to get.

1869 days ago


Man these kids are going to be so screwed up with two MESSED up parents. That Mady girl already is a messed up freak. She needs to have immediate physiological help. And the rest of these kids are on the path to get messed up BIG TIME. NICE GOING KATEZILLA and Jon (cant keep it in my pants ) How does it feel that you f u cked up all 8 kids?

1869 days ago


8. I had my daughter wear a "I hate the Gosselins" shirt to school,
but the teacher sent her home to change it.
Spoil sport teacher had no sense of humor.
Posted at 2:24AM on Aug 19th 2009 by flevkev2S

Such a fine example of good parenting. Poor child is going to have some real hurdles to overcome with a mother like this. Maybe you should have saved the shirt for her to wear when you take her to the dog fights.

1869 days ago


The kids' college will NOT be paid for by the state. It was set up in a TAP account by the state of PA you effin' idiot. That means whoever would like to donate to it can -not that their tuition will be paid for you fat Kate hater.

1869 days ago


Who give a f##k about jon. now kate has 2 be a mommy & daddy 2 her kids because jon want 2 act like he is 17 year old .He will be back when all his money goes bye bye bye !!!! GO Kate we love u an the kids

1869 days ago


As a guy this loser surely blew it. As a father I would never go around with any of these girls with alcohol, drugs, and other negative things that will harm his own kids down the line. I mean Kate is so much better looking and has way more class. I just don't get it. I think he is totally lost and getting wrong advices from whoever he's in contact with. I hope he can turn it around for himself and his family before it's too late.

1869 days ago


i think that its finally starting to show that jon wasn't so innocent...he obviously has a problem with being fully responsible and acting his age. i think he has every right to go to the bars and drink, but leaving your kkids with sitters when you don't see them that much anyway...that cruddy. kates not perfect but at least she has the kids future and well being at heart. jon knows that he can be as irresponsible as he wants (especially when it comes to the kids) cuz kate will pick up the slack in any way possible

1869 days ago


Jon's basic NEEDS are hot dogs, buns, beers and toilet paper. im so glad Kate got CONTROL of the finances because Jon Gosselin was spending his cut on dirty skanks, booze, pot and CARS! now how can he afford that $5,000 a mos apt. in Manhattan? that is NOT a BASIC need!! let him live in the CROOKED HOUSES!!LOL

1869 days ago


These parents are not news-worthy. The show used to be sweet, but now it's a whole new situation. Kate may love her kids, but she also likes the attention she has gotten along with having the cameras around and going to the many places this show has afforded her to go,thanks to her children! If it weren't for them none of us would even know these two! She is a drama queen and wants everyone to know WHAT a good parent she is. Proofs in the pudding, let's see what happens to the kids after they've been exploited thru their parents divorce. Kate is afraid to lose the $$ coming in more than she is concerned about the emotional well-being of her children, it's pretty darn obvious! While she may be given credit for taking the kids places, notice how she always makes sure they are having their pics taken, all while she pretends to loathe the paps! Well, if they weren't around, no one would be watching the show to see what new drama she and TLC have cooked up! How many people with this many kids realisitcally can go to all the fantastic places they have had the leisure to? Without the cameras she would be a nobody and I'm sure that thought creates nightmares for her! She loves the limelight more than doing what would be truly best for the kids and that is ending this show! Divorce is bad enough but making them go through this in front of the cameras is shameful! No amount of money is worth it!

1869 days ago


Kate is the better parent? Well, I'll be damned! Kate is a crazy narcissistic bitch who sold her children's lives for money and fame. Those "tups" have had a camera shoved in their face and up their asses ALL of their life. All I can say about Jon is "Run Man..Run!" Kate does not want sole custody of her 8 money makers. She would never ask the court for that. You want Jon to disappear from his children's lives huh? Those kids are going to be some fu_d up teenagers without Jon! Cheer up Jon, 11 more days!

1869 days ago


Please end this show it is not right to see the chrildren going on camera and having to get use to there parents splitting up. They need and should get a quite life away from the show and all the people watching them. There parents should be fist in line ending this side show.

1869 days ago


The idea of Jon getting his own show is absurd! It'll NEVER happen.

Jon and Kate plus 8 is doomed too - now that Kate seems like the better parent.

Jon really blew it.

1869 days ago


This doesn't surprise me any, The guy wants to be free of his responsibility's and can live with that as long as a drink in his hand. During his sober moments I'm sure he panics as he see's himself among stranger after stranger calling him friend but then hurry's as to not be along with himself out to another bar, The behavior is not uncommon.

The hypocrisies that seem to hover over him are though in that he blamed the show for much of his problems but lives off of it like a self centered spoiled child actor. These silly woman who stick on him like velcro have no self worth, He can't be with them unless it party time, what should that tell them?

He dosent want to be known as the bad guy in all of this and I dont think he is, He is just the disrepected guy with children needing him emotionaly available and sober that's all.

I'm sure TLC only wrote two words in their letter to him, Grow up!

1869 days ago



1869 days ago
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