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'Twilight' Author

Sued for

Vampire Rip-Off

8/19/2009 10:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

steph2-1The author of the "Twilight" series is being sued by a woman who claims the 4th installment is a rip-off of her work.

Jordan Scott claims in her lawsuit, filed today in federal court, that she began writing a novel "in the vampire genre" when she was just 15 -- back in 2003. The novel was published in 2006 and called "The Nocturne."

Scott claims the 4th installment of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series lifted her work. She says Meyer's book -- "Breaking Dawn" is a "significant literary departure from [her] early books..." She says it seems the book is "written by a teenager." Yes, Scott was a teenager when she wrote "The Nocturne."

Scott claims the two books "show striking, articulable and substantial similarities in the ... plot lines, themes, dialogue, mood, setting, pace, characters, sequence of events, ideas and other similarities."

TMZ published a story about the specific plot similarities. Click here to read.

Scott is asking for damages, and that the court impound the "Breaking Dawn" books that are being sold.


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Ok, ok. Seriously? This stupid little girl is just sad that her silly little book didn't sit in the bestsellers spot and doesn't have a movie production going like Twilight. It's total BS. I've read the letter she sent to the publishers showing the supposed 'copied' text, and although the pregnancy plotline is slightly similar, it is very VERY obvious that it is NOT copied. Some of what she claims is similar, is actually completely different from what Stephanie Meyer wrote.
It's a stupid lawsuit, and the letter will never hold up in court. Scott's text is way too different than Meyer's, and it's obvious she's just piggybacking off Stephenie's success.
Go back to writing your second rate novels little girl.

1887 days ago


If the girl wrote her story first and Stephanie copied it then she has every right in the world to speak up. Why are some of you going after her as if she is at fault here? I'm sure if it was you then you would feel you had that right too. I'm confused at you guys bashing her for speaking up. Regardless of anything else she wrote the story first and feels that it was taken from her....what is so wrong with that? Jeez you're al calling her names and saying she has no right to do this.....I don't understand your position here....what has she done wrong?

1887 days ago


This is ridiculous...this happens with every successful book. People are just dumb...Writing about vampires doesn't mean you are copying the author who wrote about vamps before you. There have been vamp novels since before Dracula in 1897. Based on your guy's standards, any vamp book after is copy right infringement. Stephanie Meyer did not copy Vampire Diaries, Trueblood or Nocturnal any more than she could have copied Dracula. The subject matter is the same, but the plot, relationships, and character development is all different, which is why we keep reading the new stories.

1886 days ago


They might as well make a new religion out of Twilight. It was written from a dream by a mormon right? hmmm....sounds a lot like an existing religion...
If you thought of a book idea because of a dream, it's relatively natural to suppose that someone else may have had the same dream.
I say this because I'd like you all to look out for my book to be released by the end of this year, it's based on being naked and having to do a class presentation. The sad thing is I'm not serious but I may as well be considering how stupid the concept of twilight is and how much money it made. What happened to good books? I mean really?

1886 days ago


I don't understand why the author is suing her if stephanie's book JUST came out LAST YEAR... why now?!?!?!?!

1886 days ago


I would just like to point out how ridiculous this entire ordeal is. If this chick "Jordan Scott" is going to be claiming that Breaking Dawn has many smiliarities to her novel and sueing Stephenie Meyer for it, then she should also be sueing authors like L.J. Smith(author of The Vampire Diaries) and Charlaine Harris(author of the books now known as the True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse series). Aren't we all tired of this "they took my idea" hoax put on by soooo many other no income, no talent wannabes? We should leave it to the fans to decide whether they think Stephenie Meyer did in fact have her own ideas brought on by a dream, or if this not well known author really did get ripped off, or if she is just getting some cash for being really clever in saying,"The other author stole my book!"
P.S. TMZ, in all seriousness, thank you for pointing out that the similarities between the two novels are common in romantic/dramatic novels such as these. People should realizes those themes are thrown in because that's what sells books! Good job!

1884 days ago

say what?    

This girl is just jealous! Get over it!

1889 days ago

just wondering    


1889 days ago

Michelle C.    

OMG who has even heard of that book? Breaking Dawn is the one everyone is reading and spending money on. I just wish everyone would stop trying to make a quick buck!

1889 days ago

Bobo Frog    

TMZ wrote "Click here to read" Click where to read?

1889 days ago


Yeah, click WHERE? You forgot to add a link. Proofread THEN publish, durr.

1889 days ago


That's ridiculous, every freaking vampire novel will have the same sort of ideas, I mean yay for creativity and all but how many different story lines can you come up with for vampires?

So pretty much what this means is that every little romance novel that has some character or situation similarities to Jane Austen (the love/hate thing, etc) should be sued for ripping off another author.

The woman sueing (spelling??) obviously just wants a wee bit of fame, ten bucks says she read breaking dawn, then wrote her "nocturn" thing and claimed she wrote it years ago.

Truly pathetic. I hope this gets thrown out of court because of sheer ridiculousness (I know that's not a word but it fits).

1889 days ago


I think they should have a pit fight to determine whose is the original. That is the only way to know for sure.

1889 days ago


I didn't like any of the Twilight books but Breaking Dawn was REALLY bad! Why would anyone want to take credit for it!

1889 days ago

tom baker    

I don't even read the books, but I did read the legal papers. This has to be the most bogus lawsuit ever. The things that this high schooler is saying are copied are not even close.

Jordan Scott is a fraud at her very best.

1889 days ago
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