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Plaxico Burress

Pleads Guilty

to Gun Charge

8/20/2009 11:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NY Giants star Plaxico Burress just pled guilty to illegally possessing the gun that shot him in the leg while he was at a Manhattan nightclub last year.

Plaxico Burress: Click to watch
He'll be sentenced on September 22 -- the prosecution recommended two years in prison.

The judge says Plax will get two years or less ... unless he screws up before he gets sentenced.

Geez, one bad night...

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And SO WHAT that other's have gotten off with a lighter sentence in the past! Instead of comparing present & future sentences to those MISTAKES of the past why don't we RAISE THE BAR A LITTLE BIT. Set a NEW PRESCEDENT NOW. Just because they got off with a slap on the wrist before does that mean we continue with the same pattern in our justice system now. I think judges are getting tired of seeing pampered athletes & celebrities repeatedly parading through the courtroom & basically "thumbing their nose" at the system as if it doesn't apply to them. I think judges are sick of it & want to put an end to their SMUG SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT. No time like now to start a new trend. Why keep turning them loose to offend & then reoffend? MAYBE THEY'LL GET THE MESSAGE THE FIRST TIME THEN.

1855 days ago


looks like hes taking a hit

1855 days ago


29. For God's sake, his gun went off. It's not like he shot someone intentionally.


Do you want to be out on Friday night with people in crowded places who have their guns going off and bullets flying? I GUESS ITS FINE IF THE BULLETS DON'T HIT ANYTHING?

I don't want to live in a world where every time I go out, I have to wonder what jerk has been watching too much MTV and brought a gun because he wants girls to think he is a cool thug.

SORRY BUT YOUR LOGIC IS- If you go into a school and shoot 10 bullets, but no one gets hit? What's the crime? LOL

1855 days ago


YEAH KATHERINE FROM IOWA LET'S JUST "LET HIM GO" He was a bad, bad little boy & I'm sure he's wearned his wesson!! Then when he kills somebody next time then MAYBE we can "gwound" him!!

1855 days ago


No.33 just like you claim we blacks run back in the house for crack and 9mm you whites run back in the house for your Meth and guns. What are you stuck on stupid? as if whites dont carry guns. go back to your sand box. you been out in the sun way to long again.

1855 days ago


Anybody feeling sorry for dude is stupid but that doesn't give #33 the right to go with the racial hate stuff!

I'm just sayin

1855 days ago


#10...Robert Blake had his wife killed and did NO YEARS! but then again
he's white!!!

1855 days ago

Get Real    

What he did was stupid, yes! But the facts are, he did not hurt anyone but himself and did not OWN the gun illegally (he carried it illegally), big difference. 2 years for shooting yourself in the leg is a bit much in my opinion.

1855 days ago


but the man stallworth killed was crossing a six lane highway at an illegal spot, not a a crosswalk. the man that was killed was also highly intoxicated, stallworth was just barely at .08.

1855 days ago


also, stallworth did not premeditate the killing

1855 days ago


NYC has a strict minimum of 3.5 years for illegal firearm possesion. No wiggle room. It was put in place a few years ago to crack down on gun violence in the city. Stallworth was in a different state with different laws. Plaxico taking the plea took one count off bringing the minimum sentance to 2 years. The only way to avoid it would have been if his lawyer got the DA to charge him with lesser charge instead. I am sure he won't serve the whole thing

1855 days ago

Triple Play    

To #13 Tracey. Carrying a gun in NYC is a felony you idiot It is a Felony he could have gotted up to 3 years. he plead out to get the two. are you a Sistah? Sounds like it

1855 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Well... another NFL loser, what is it with these dudes? Dog Killers, Rapists, Wife Beaters, Druggies, Drunks, and the list goes on. I have never seen a sport so riddled with trash. AND, GET RID OF VICK THE CONVICTED DOG KILLER...THIS MONSTER IS THE WORST OF THE WORST

1855 days ago



1855 days ago



1855 days ago
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