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Ryan Jenkins: Motive for Murder?

8/20/2009 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who just spoke on behalf of Jasmine Fiore's family -- calling Ryan Jenkins "an animal" -- is the same man who may hold the key to what happened right before Jasmine was killed.

Robert Hasman: Click to watch
As TMZ first reported, Robert Hasman was a former boyfriend of Fiore -- who reconnected with her in the weeks before her death. As we first told you, last Friday -- when Jasmine and Jenkins were in San Diego -- she texted Hasman, saying she was going to travel to Las Vegas to see him.

It appears Jenkins may have seen the text because Hasman received a text shortly after saying "suck it."

Our police sources say Jasmine's text may have led Jenkins down a murderous path.

Jenkins faces 25 years to life if convicted of murder.


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No, I am not justifying homicide.

My opinion: She brought her fate upon herself. Texting an ex-boyfriend while out on a date with a current boyfriend, telling said ex-boyfriend that you're going to fly to Las Vegas to see him? That's a no-no and is totally improper. Current boyfriend snapped; not acceptable either, but understandable. If I were dating, I would snap too. Not to the point of murder or any physical violence, but she'd rue the day she did that.

1857 days ago


Right on Kathy (#s 73 &74).
I'm thinking on your wavelength, and it sums it all up.

1857 days ago


Twenty-five years to life? Life in a maximum-security California lockup, s'il vous plaît. Ryan is a soft, well-born Canadian, and they must be in denial north of the border because this case is moving too slowly. They should have nailed him by now. But they will, and soon; it looks like some cross-border traction now. The nature of this murder is attack-dog vicious. Jenkins is a seriously deranged creature -- he's a misogynist, of course, and serial -- and dangerous. Anyone know if he's an only child? (No Wiki profile for him, yet.) He seems to fit a familiar profile. A Vancouver piece says Jenkins' mother went to Seattle Wednesday on a "family emergency." ... Authorities ought to check Honduras and Mexico and anywhere else that the Jenkinses are connected, do business, have visited recently, et cetera. Jenkins wants to get caught; he knows he's sick, hence the missing persons call.

1857 days ago


dont you ever think person who killed her did same to him (ryan) too?have any one look in trash cans around? (personal opinion only)type of MO is not fit personality of ryan.

1856 days ago


This lame ass is just pissed that he can't hit bang that skank anymore. He is definitely a tool with some family money. He will find another skank soon enough.

1856 days ago


First off,
Do not insult a woman (greeneyedlady) for stating her opinion. It takes a very immature person to do that. Second of all, It doesn't matter if she was a stripper the fact is that she was murdered. Guys like this make me want to turn lesbian...but it aint gonna happen.

1856 days ago

Tonya Beck    

I would like to know why Jasmine's mother went on the Today show( don't get me wrong my heart and sympathy goes out to her and her family)and allowed that Robert person to speak for her family. Does she not realize that man was the cause of her daughter's death! She was a married woman and if Robert was a gentleman he would have told Jasmine to either work it out with Ryan or divorce him. This is what happens when you deal with infidelity LESSON LEARNED!!!What Ryan did was very wrong but I believe that Jasmine's reconnection with Robert is what caused this whole episode.

1854 days ago



Posted at 9:31PM on Aug 20th 2009 by Ms Rita

Holy sh*t Rita! You called this one! Maybe you should have a career in Law Enforcement!

1854 days ago

maybe rita did it - *gasp!*    

RITA called it all right...

you think she has ESP or maybe she has inside info & just did it?

1854 days ago

maybe rita did it - *gasp!*    

hey MATT,

#1 - you don't know how to properly construct a sentence which makes me wonder if ENGLISH is really your first language; or if you are in fact a rambling idiot?

#2 - what in the HELL do you know about RYAN's personality - or MO's for that matter?

#3 - newsflash einstein, he killed himself and his body was already found.

#4 - linguistic skills aside... YOU'RE AN IDIOT!

1853 days ago


Okay, let asume Ryan did kill this whore stripper who managed to seduce her way into his life. He lost his temper, they fight.... Maybe she attacked him for all we know. Okay, she is dead and he panicks and thinks what now. If he were smart and thinking clearly he would have calle dthe police right then and there. His first mistake was made months ago when he encountered this woman. he should have boned her and moved on. He was a handsome man! Reports are his net worth is 2.5 million. My point here is he could ahve had a much, much better looking more resptable woamn then a stripper/prostitute/porn star as a wife. Also, why not ditch the corpes in the ocean/ He took the boat to Washington to get to Canada. He could have dumped her remains then for the fish to gobble up. That was done in a movie I watched and they never did find the body. If the trash digger didn't pick in the trash bin when he did she may have never been found. He should have known the trash pick up schedule before throwing her body in the garbage bin.

1853 days ago


Why was robert pursuing a married woman. Come on people, he tok a married woman on a trip and lied to media saying he didnt know about ryan.something dont add up, ryan picked wrong girl and he should have stayed in canada. this girl didnt deserve to die but now another affair is coming out while shes married to ryan, wow. people need to quit cheating and playing games

1853 days ago


Who are these people? Yea its sad shes dead but its gotten more press on TMZ then when MJ died...crazy!

1858 days ago


hE WANTED OUt, BUT HE IS CRAZY, divorce would have worked

1858 days ago


I'm surprised the family would let him speak for them. He and Jasmine just "reconnected" over the last few weeks. And he was the reason Ryan Jenkins killed her!

I find it odd....

1858 days ago
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