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JoJo -- Record Co. Won't Let Me 'Get Out'

8/21/2009 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

JoJoThat JoJo singer chick is finally old enough to file a lawsuit -- 18 -- and guess what?! She's already picking a legal war with her record company!

In a lawsuit just filed in NYC courts, JoJo claims her record company shoved her into a musical "limbo" because they wont let her out of her contract -- and they won't let her record a new album either!

JoJo, real name Joanna Levesque, now wants a judge to force Da Family Entertainment to cut her loose -- plus she wants at least $500,000 for her troubles.


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omg no wonder her long awaited album hasn't come out yet. hope everything goes well and her album comes out soon!!!!

1897 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Does she take drugs?

1897 days ago


wholy crap, i didn't know she was that young haha

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1897 days ago



She must look at Miley's success and want to kill herself for turning down Hannah Montana. LOL

1897 days ago


Jojo is REALLY talented. Hopefully she can find a way around this and put out more music. She has an amazing voice.

1897 days ago


Best of luck, Jojo - and I hope you win!

Record labels exist only to make profit from others talents and when their greed exceed their intelligence we get stupidities like what we see here.

If only more artists fight their stupid contracts there would be much more good music out there - and fewer profiteers living off others as many labels would fold fast - and deserve it.

1897 days ago


Haha, what kind of Miley's success is that? Miley will success no matter what when she's a chick of Disney. I'm proud of Jo because she turned Hannah Montana down.

1896 days ago


She signed with a company called Da Family entertainment. She deserves to be ripped off. DUH!

1896 days ago

JoJo Fan    

$500,000 woweee,what's she gonna do with all that loot? 0.o
Yep,someone needs to give that record company a good kick in the ass.
What's their deal with them? Poor,JoJo.=/ Doing business is definitely a pain in the ass.Good thing she's stepping up to the plate,unlike other artists just sitting on the sidelines moping.
It's great for her to take some legal action,besides she might learn a thing or two at her (I think it's her first court case) court case.=]So if the same thing happens soon,she'll have more powerful points and evidence.;)

1896 days ago


as a musician I feel for her, but honestly, she's fallen off the radar, I am sure the record label hasn't released anything from her because it would not even be worth the costs, unless they want to repeat something like Brooke Hogans whopping 3,000 albums sold. JoJo may be talented (dunno don't listen to her) but sadly she's fighting a losing battle.

1896 days ago


She's been handcuffed by industry politics for a while now and she finally has to do was is best for her. There's no bad blood between artist and label here. Hopefully things resolve themselves soon. Looking forward to hearing the new album.

1896 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

I wonder where TMZ gets their bogus info?? Isn't about her recording a new CD. She already did that. It's called "All I Want Is Everything" Her record company is Blackground Records. Problem is with releasing it NOT recording it.

From wikipedia:
"Near the end of 2008, it was rumored that JoJo left her record label and signed to Interscope Records. Then, in early 2009, JoJo denied this rumor, and said she is still on Blackground Records. JoJo herself has confirmed that the album has been fully completed[8] and will begin its promotion as soon as her label Blackground Records finalizes a new distributing deal. [1] As of August 2009, Blackground is still searching for a distributing record label. JoJo has waited almost 2 years to get her record released and now she has decided to file a lawsuit against her label. She is asking to be released from Da Family Records and to receive $500,000 for her troubles.[11]"

As you can see, it has nothing to do with them letting her cut a CD--that's already been done. Ther problem is with releasing it. Who writes this gibberish for TMZ? Perhaps investigate your info before you print it, you think?

1896 days ago


Jo Jo now your 18 can I ge a Blo Blo?

1896 days ago


Jojo could be a big star she is better then most of the singers out right,so the red neck haters who never listen to her music has no clue needs to no speak on it

1895 days ago
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