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Kobe Bryant -- My Former Maid Plays Dirty

8/21/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant --Kobe Bryant and his wife have filed legal papers, claiming they have the poop on the lawsuit their former housekeeper filed against them.

The housekeeper, Maria Jimenez, claims Kobe's wife Vanessa was incredibly abusive and disrespectful -- screaming and swearing at her, even forcing her to put her hand in a bag of dog feces to retrieve a tag from her blouse.

In Kobe's docs, he and Vanessa say they paid the maid $50,000 a year, gave her time off, lavished her with gifts, yada yada.

The Bryants say the maid ate meals with them and when she asked for time off to visit her family in Peru, Vanessa gave her a paid leave of absence.

Kobe's response to the lawsuit claims all the allegations the maid is making are false, that she wasn't wrongfully fired, and the notion that her privacy was violated because of home security cameras is ridiculous -- the maid knew cameras were rolling.

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Lady Z    

I believe the maid would have rather been treated with dignity and respect than given "lavish gifts". What gifts was she given anyway? I'm sure it was stuff his wife was given at events in goody bags that she didn't want and she just passed them off to the maid. This happens all the time. I sure they were items she would have just thrown out and she is acting like she is a hero because she gave the maid junk she didn't even want. His wife is a chola from Garden Grove. Both these people are pricks.

1891 days ago


Well, this is what they deserve FOR NOT HIRING AN AMERICAN! People, Americans are out of work from coast-to-coast, and the Bryants had to hire someone from Peru? They couldn't find anybody from the U.S.A. Screw them and everyone else like them. Let the people of Peru support Bryant's selfish butt.

1891 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Which one was taking drugs?

1891 days ago


Hey I love the Lakers and that bytch was getting 50,000 a year plus extras she's a damn fool hey Kobe and vanessa I'll work for you. People have gone to school all their life and can't find a job and this dumb bytch was making 50,000 a year what a idiot.

1891 days ago


kobe does not have facial hair for shaving but zits. pop pop pop.

1891 days ago

Carter Forster - London, Ontario, Canada    

3. The former maid is not raped is she?

Posted at 5:54PM on Aug 21st 2009 by Robert van den Heuvel

6. Shut up you stupid racist retard!

Posted at 5:55PM on Aug 21st 2009 by Seth


#6 is a Black *using* the RACE CARD. All #3 asked was "was she raped"? No race was mentioned. Oh, but because AN|AL RAP|IST BAS|TARD Kobe is Black, you sickeningly HIDE behind the race card. And if this had been a story about Ryan Reynolds instead??? You should CHECK YOURSELF, #6. You're a disgrace to your race. Black, White or Purple, Kobe Bryant is a monster rap|ist. Accept it and let a crime be a crime no matter WHICH race committed it.

1891 days ago


It's all about the money ~ period. I'm sure Venessa still has a lot of resentment from Kobe's wondering eyes, hands, lips, etc., and she gets off treating others like Kobe treats her. The Bryant's should just give her the money. It's not much really; kinda like pocket change for Kobe.

1889 days ago


Get your stories together people saying he is a rapist thats just not true get your facts this was a girl who has tried to do this a number of times sleep with a star and yell rape she told a friend I'm going to get one now what he was guilty of is cheating on his wife.

1889 days ago


the maid's daughter is living it up now.
shes going to concerts and getting the vip treatment. her myspace shows pictures of her with chris brown

1884 days ago


its hard to get good professional help these days & when they dont set boundarys things turn to custard, kobes need to look elsewhere for their staff maybe overseas where they have legit agencies who actually train people proberly specifically for this kind of work, maria the maid should be damn pleased she was even earning 50K..gosh who needs a college degree when you can go clean & for that sort of $$. kobes were generous with her & shes just taken advantage of their goodwill.

1875 days ago


Kobe, I'll reach into the dog poo for a tag, whatever! I'm available for maid, will comb the girls' hair...run bath water for your guests...great credentials and attitude---google me...very available for living in cally and working for you instead of mont.cty.md.gov

1590 days ago
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