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Lindsay Lohan -- Cop Drama at the Deli Shop

8/21/2009 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan went ballistic last night after she "lost" her precious cell phone in a NY deli -- a situation so dire, she dragged the NYPD to the scene.


It all went down at Mott Corner Deli, where after buying some stuff and leaving, LiLo realized she had left her phone inside the shop. But when Linz went back, the deli worker insisted on checking the security tape to make sure it was hers before handing it back -- this sent LiLo into a rage.

Multiple people at the scene -- including the deli worker -- tell us Linz was so angry the deli man wouldn't just hand over the phone, that she got someone to call the NYPD for backup.

Cops tell us the call came in at 7:30 PM -- but by the time the officer showed up to the life-or-death situation, it had already been "defused."

BTW -- the deli worker said he had no idea who she was.


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People really ragged on Brittany Spears and near the end she was clearly mentally disturbed. Thank goodness her parents stepped in and went to the judge about her. She was just lucky and seems better but that lost fear in her eyes that time she had a pap drive her off the mountain was just sad.
Is there anyone in this persons life to grab her and drag her off for a psych hold? If she flips like this over a phone a couple hours on psych hold and she will show her stuff. Might not matter if nobody is there to catch her afterward.

1888 days ago

Yankee Diddler    

Poor Girl. How can anyone get so screwed up. She's 23 and looks 40 and will probably not make it to 30.

What a shame.

1888 days ago


Who in hell does this ass think she is?!?!?!?! Does she call the cops when she drops the soap in the shower??? Oh, never mind - she doesn't shower. Oh, Lord. Please, Lindsay... PLEASE, PLEASE, Get Out of our FACES!!!! And STOP USING OUR HARD-EARNED TAX MONEY ON YOUR FRIVOLOUS SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1888 days ago

Black Power    

To #56 the one - Why are we inferior to that washed up young hag? Because she did a few horrible movies were are supposed to idolize her? Give us a break you nutjob. Now get back into your basement and polish your shrine to this nasty bitch, who by the way probably wouldn't even look at you twice on the street.Oh, and try to keep your hand out of your pants.

1888 days ago

Lohan is only 23 years old!!! Here she looks alike a wrinkly, doped-up old skank.

1888 days ago

Mad King    

Oh, wow... she looks terrible. I don't know what she's be doing to look so used up, but I hope she get's help before things get too far out of control.

1888 days ago


Wow! I am shocked at how old she looks. Put down the cigarettes Lohan

1888 days ago

my my my    

She is worthless, spoiled and out of control little bitch

1888 days ago


Old bitch , you need a brow lift and botox, not your stupid phone! btw you also look like someone punch you in the mouth.

1888 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Before the blisters and the STDs, I know a lot of football players at Fresno State who came on her face. Lindsay Lohan is known in Fresno as "Lindsay Blow-han"

And it was all free.

1888 days ago


Although it is clear she needs psychological help, you people are misjudging her emotional upset regarding a misplaced and/or lost cell phone. Are you so perfect you have never misplaced and/or lost your cell phone and not been filled with panick if it has occurred? I'm an over sixty mother of a now 21-year-old, and I can assure you even young people of non-notoriety status (male and female) get emotionally violent or distraught when they have either lost, damaged, or misplaced their cell phones which they perceive to be their "lifeline" in this fast-moving world.

1888 days ago


Sheesh...She looks incredibly aged? WTF?

1888 days ago


geez how old is she now??? she looks about 40 or 50 yrs old! yikes i don't even look that bad and i'm 41

1888 days ago


PLEASE stop taking pictures of this girl!!!

1888 days ago


ha! never would have happened if lindsay hadn't assumed the guy knew who she was. she was probably paranoid that he'd go through it and find whatever she had on there - celeb's phone #'s, texts, naked pictures, etc.

1888 days ago
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