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Minor Problem in 'Housewife' Eviction

8/21/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Her three days are up -- but the "Real Housewife" who was facing eviction from her Orange County home isn't going anywhere fast ... and she has her underage daughter to thank!

Lynne Curtain eviction notice: Click to launch

TMZ has learned Lynne Curtin and her husband are claiming the 3-day notice they got from their landlord to either pay up or get out isn't valid -- because the legal doc was served on their daughter -- a minor.

As TMZ first reported, the Curtins -- who rent the home they live in on the show -- allegedly owe their landlord more than $12,000 in rent and other expenses.

Now, the Curtins have lawyered up ... contesting the eviction ... but we're told the landlord will re-serve the papers on an adult this time.

Looks like it's only a matter of time before Lynne has to get real ... or get out.


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I am so sick of people with the "nothing applies to me" attitude. Get real...if you aren't paying, get out!! Ridiculous!

1891 days ago


So, Cheryl is a professional deadbeat too, giving advice to Lynne on how to further rip off the Landlord that actually PAID for the property and the taxes, and the insurance, and the up keep. DEADBEAT, what comes around goes around.

1891 days ago


OH MY GAWD... pay up!!!!!! Why would you want to possibly ruin someone's life and credit. Shame on you and I hope you don't come back to the show. I think you and your family are boring and now you are a scam artist.

1890 days ago



1891 days ago

NOT a unique name    

Not First!!!!!!!

1891 days ago



1891 days ago


Fourth :(

1891 days ago


It had to be pretty bad that it got to the point where they were given only 3 days to vacate! Who are they trying to kid? Blaming this on their daughter? Wow, using her for a scapegoat, when they are the ones who didn't keep up their responsibility of paying their rent! How low! How is the daughter then suppose to face her friends knowing her parents told the public this, only to cover their own lying behinds? They lied on their TLC Bio saying they owned this home. This is just one of so many lies that we are all finding out about this sham of a show! The reality is, none of this is REAL!

1891 days ago


Hey, I left 2 comments, only seeing the last one, what's up with that? C'mon TMZ your slackin. There's only 4 comments on here, so I'm trying to help here now. lol

1891 days ago


BTW, I live in the OC, like really close to the action here, so I know what I speak of. So, these people are really trying to pull one over on us, how absolutely ridiculous that they think we are so foolish to believe this idiotic excuse they've come up with! They're 'Lawyering Up?' Yeah well,I guess it should be a crime to be so darn STUPID! What's there to defend, it's simple, they didn't pay their rent, case closed! Couldn't pay their rent but now they have to pay an attorney? Maybe Bravo is picking up the tab so Lynne can stay on the show and continue on pretending to have all this money! Again, this is such a joke.

1891 days ago


They should change the name of the show from Real Housewives to Real Posers...The economy has hit us all hard, why pretend? It might actually be interesting to see the Real Housewives actually do something real. However, I am from Orange County and I doubt that many people there would actually dare to admit they might not be all that they seem. That's why I am raising my kids somewhere else.

1891 days ago


1891 days ago


1891 days ago


a 3-day notice doesn't have to be served on anyone at all, in california at least. all you have to do is post it on the door and that's completely legal and valid service.

what i do is knock on the door and ask for an adult, if no one is there i leave it on the door. if only a minor is there i wait til they close the door and then leave it on the door.

actually handing it to the minor would be wrong though i guess. that was a dumb move. now all the paperwork has to be redone and the 3-day re-served or posted.

1891 days ago


Pay your bills like the rest of us. Because if you don't, All your schitt ends up by the curb. Not 3 days, Probally 30 days.

1891 days ago
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