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Jenkins/Fiore Modeling Pics

8/21/2009 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

These modeling photos were taken of Ryan Alexander Jenkins and Jasmine Fiore on June 26th-- less than two months before Fiore's murder.



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I can't believe some of the comments with the phrase "who cares" in them. Whether she was "ugly" or not - what the hell does that have to do with her being murdered in such a horrible way - in ANY way?!! That's what wrong with this world - everyone is so hard hearted when it comes to their neighbor - that people can get beat up and killed right in front of a crowd of bystanders and no one does a damn thing. Well - my heart goes out to that poor "ugly" woman's family and I hope they find him and throw him under the jail.

And just remember - when something terrible happens to you or your family member (mother, father, child, etc.) - no one cares

1827 days ago


Well said Crissy~ Although I wouldn't wish this on anyone's family or friends. It's despicable what some people will write just to get their 15 seconds of fame on TMZ's website!

1827 days ago

Lynn in NC    

I feel bad she is dead but she sure looks like the bad guy after Keanu Reeves in the Matrix movies.....

1827 days ago


I took a look at her pictures and she has what are referred to as "striking" facial or body features, in the business. The kind that get you acting jobs.

Think of Billy Drago (Ramon Cota in "Delta Force II"), Richard Kiel (007's "Jaws"), Gabriel Anwar (Fiona in "Burn Notice"), or even Sophie Monk (Andy in "Date Movie").

I've seen (right here on TMZ) people rip Sophie Monk as a "chipmunk face"! Gabriel Anwar, elsewhere referred to as "fishlips". I happen to think both are attractive and sexy.

People are mean and superficial these days when it comes to judging others physically. I guess that's to be expected in a business where beauty is so important.

Jasmine may not have been supermodel material, but she had her niche, as all models eventually do.

She didn't deserve to die, and certainly not like that.

As for Jenkins, he's a f*cking COWARD, now trying to hide behind daddy's money and his lawyer!

Don't worry, he'll get what's coming to him, either in this world or the next!

1827 days ago


First of all, how can anyone say "who cares?", no matter what she looks like? You play the cards you're dealt, more or less. She has a fabulous figure, and that takes a lot of discipline - which most of us don't have - and that says a lot about her character. And yes it obviously takes money too. (I find it somewhat bizarre that she was identified by her implants, but that's neither here nor there.)

If she was fat, truly ugly, or disadvantaged in some other way, I don't think people would say "who cares" quite as freely. Imagine if her mother were to read your post!

Secondly... regardless of daddy's money, that man could be extradited even with the death penalty. Canada has a very conservative government now, and we are just as sickened and outraged by this crime as Americans are. Furthermore we are sick of people thinking they can just make it across the border and they are home free; we don't want to be a haven for the world's criminals. It can take a long time to send someone home, but we have done it.

1827 days ago


Those photos are just more proof that you don't need to be good looking to make it in this world. All you need is hair color, lots of tranny make-up and fake boobs. I'm guessing she didn't get modeling jobs because of her brains.

1827 days ago

How Gross    

Why do women get such disgusting-looking fakies??
What low self esteem for such a pretty girl!

1827 days ago


she looks like a fish...ugly one.

1827 days ago

Diane Browne    

Well, the boys in prison will like Jenkins when he goes to them.

1827 days ago


she is so ugly!

1826 days ago


she seems like she was nice, i guess....its easy to just judge someone based on their looks, and she does look like your typical bimbo "model"....that guy is just a killer...megan wants a millionaire! what happened to peoples conscience anymore?

1826 days ago


Please please please TMZ stop with the endless stories of these nobodys and you can include Heidi and Spencer and their Playboy magazine, too. It's sad that girl was killed but my gawd was she ever ugly. And I'm being kind when I say ugly. The only thing she was equipped to model were her fake breasts.

1824 days ago


why did he do that? he was so cute.. not sure about that girl.. it is a sad situation!

1824 days ago

Johnny Wilde    

What a shame, the world loses two more shallow, self-absorbed promiscuous egotists.

The only REAL tragedy in this whole thing is the revelation that breast implants have serial numbers. Great, now the next victim gets her teeth pulled out, her fingers AND breasts cut off. Swell.

1824 days ago

mrez golucky    


1827 days ago
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