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Ryan Jenkins -- No Remorse

8/23/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned someone had a chance meeting with accused murderer Ryan Jenkins the night he escaped to Canada, and he was cool, calm and collected.

Law enforcement sources tell us after Jenkins docked his boat but before his short walk to the Canadian border, he had a conversation with someone who had no idea Jenkins was on the run. The person told law enforcement there was "no sign of remorse" and Jenkins acted as if everything were fine.

And law enforcement sources say they have a "reason to believe" Jenkins' parents have been assisting him. One law enforcement source says he believes Ryan enlisted their help before anyone knew that Jasmine Fiore had been murdered and he lied to them. But authorities believe they may still be assisting him.

The parents are divorced and live in separate cities in Canada. They have tremendous financial means. Law enforcement sources say after Ryan became a suspect, his father's plane came in from Honduras -- Ryan's dad developed a resort on an island off Honduras.

Authorities don't know where Jenkins is hiding presently, but they believe he needs the assistance of family and friends.


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After reading that he had beat up Jasmine first and perhaps removed some teeth and fingers before she was even dead it seems to me if he beat her up so badly - he did not strangle her in a fit of passion or jealousy - He strangled her because of his narcissic entitlement issue - ie - Shes mine and if I can't have her - no one will -
Then deliberately tried to cover up the crime by stuffing her in a suitcase and dumping her in a trash bin - She had become trash to him -

Right now he's likely sucking up to his family to help him but make no mistake these "smooth operators" can tell a good story but they FEEL nothing - for anyone but themselves and will throw friends and family under the bus in an instant -

The best place for him is in jail - $$$$ sure doesn't buy happiness does it?

1884 days ago


C'Mon . . . . RYAN is "ON THE RUN"

Of Course, RYAN is going to "Act As If Everything Were Fine" - He's WANTED for MURDER !!

RYAN does not want to cause any suspicions to this person, now witness.

I'm sure RYAN was terrified on the inside !!


1884 days ago


"Yeah".....thanks for posting that.Wouldn't that be another 'feather in his cap', or in his case,braid? Of course Dog has to be very careful. Remember that time he went after an American who'd fled to I think was Mexico,(

1884 days ago


'Yeah'....thanks for your opinion but it's unneccesary,huh? If you,or anyone doesn't wanna read it,then don't. & unless or until that handsome Harvey Levin tells me I can't, I'll post whatever & whenever I choose & not worry about how strangers online view it,or me,k? Regardless of your lil nasty to me, & the fact that many of the things YOU say are old news, I appreciate the DOG link you posted,as I hadn't read that before. Have a wonderful day. ;-)

126. Raven that's unreadable. Let alone who is going to read all of that garbage?

Posted at 1:14PM on Aug 23rd 2009 by Yeah

1884 days ago

get your facts straight tmz    

LOL Raven. Did you really just write all of that? LOL!

1884 days ago

get your facts straight tmz    

If you don't care about what "strangers" online view of you, you would have completely ignored my comment!

1884 days ago

Todd da Man    

I hope he gets away and they never catch him. Who cares about this girl? She looked / acted like trash.

1884 days ago

get your facts straight tmz    

Todd da Man

Stay classy! Seriously.. your comment is absolutely disgusting.

1884 days ago


Folks this animal will get caught. Unless he is hiding out with osama he will be caught. Running from the law is no fun and I doubt he as cool and relaxed as reported. Unfortunately he will not be extradicted but at least he will spend the rest of his life in a cage like an animal. And were all hopping he gets assigned a nice roomie named bubba, prisoners like waxed eyebrows but the only problem is when hair pulling is involved, the hair plugs will come out and he will eventually look like phil spector.

You can run but you cant hide you pos.

1884 days ago

Raven make some interesting points! The part about him killing her in the car makes sense,especially if you consider him leaving the hotel with ONE suitcase,it is very plausable that he went to get the suitcase after killing her,before mutilating her. Kinda ashamed I hadn't thought of that,as it seems to be the most viable scenario & does explain even him not checking out.I wonder if LE found his other suitcases/belongings still in the room,as we all know LE isn't releasing much info,as well as that guy in no way would have only 1 suitcase. I'm also curious about the camera in the hotel lot/parking garage.What those tapes show. There's been no mention of that & of course the hotel had cameras all over for security purposes.
I have a sis-in-law who lives in upstate NY close to Montreal,the other end of Canada & she said that border patrol even way up there is being very diligent in checking the trunks of every car entering & leaving Canada,even today,as she tried to take her kids to the zoo.The wait was so long to cross that they turned around & were stopped down the road for just doing that! It's good to know Canada is taking this so seriously.

Posted at 5:25AM on Aug 23rd 2009 by RIP

1884 days ago


TO - Todd da Man:

Until it happens to one of your "Family Member" or "Loved One" - Then you'll care !!

But, the Public will wait for your "Family Photo Album" to be released before deciding if we'll help you !!


1884 days ago


Ryan is a hunk. Wish I could meet a man like him ( $$$) He has such a gentle look aout him, tender eyes and gorgeous face. I don't think this man harmed that woman in anyway. He just couldnt do something so awful like that. I feel sad for the girl but, also for him. Hope they dont hurt him if and when they find him.

1884 days ago


The canadian Justice system is a Joke
Most probably-even if they catch this guy in Canada-canada will refuse to let him go to the US citing the so called 'human rights' capital punishment crap.
I would rather the FBI take over the case from the Canadians and do the job.
Even upto now-the canadians havent asked his parents to assist-quoting from what the parent had to say-he has not been asked to assist.

1884 days ago


The NBA's Steve Nash and Canada's Immigration Minister Jason Kenney are alumni of Ryan Jenkin's high school, among others:

1884 days ago

Pls don't make me feel sorry for Ryan!    

Hmmm ... well I do know something about the Canadian justice system. They don't convict a person before the trial takes place, unlike Americans! But I also agree that the RCMP have a crap load of other cases they need to deal with. Searching for an American model's (ahemmmm .... stripper, pole dancer, hooker, whatever) murderer is probably not top of the priority list. I expect that manpower is limited. It took them long enough to solve all the murders of the Vancouver east side prostitutes. I heard there are over 500 women missing and presumed dead in the Prairie Provinces (mid-West). Probably most are prostitutes. Geez, women have to find more respectable professions!
JMO of course.

1884 days ago
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