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Ryan Jenkins -- Suicide Details

8/24/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The room below is in the motel where Jenkins' body was found -- and the photo agency who owns the pics say it's the same room -- and coat rack -- where Jenkins hanged himself. The agency says the photos were taken about 6 hours after the body was discovered -- after the room had been inspected and cleaned.

The manager of the motel where Ryan Jenkins hanged himself says he was found hanging from the coat rack behind the door and his feet were touching the ground.

The manager says it was odd that he could touch the ground. We do not know if Jenkins sedated himself before hanging himself.

Residents of the motel (it's used for sober living) tell TMZ Jenkins, who walked around the grounds from time to time, looked nothing like the video and pictures that have been circulating. He was skinny, his cheeks were sunken and he was wearing clothes that looked like he purchased them at a thrift store.

Kevin Walker: Click to watchAs for the mystery woman who accompanied him, she was very pretty, between 20-25 years old and was "extremely calm" when she checked in. The manager says he was a bit suspicious when they first pulled up in a PT Cruiser. The car pulled up -- ironically -- next to a dumpster rather than in a parking spot. He waited in the car while she checked him in. She left 20 minutes after Jenkins checked in and has not been seen again.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke with the motel manager who said he did not see a suicide note when he discovered the body.

Officials have Jenkins' laptop -- but it's unclear what was on it.


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1815 days ago

doc murry    

wow if you look hard you can see the belt and the blodc stains how kool is this michael jacksons room or the dude weho hung himself???

1887 days ago

doc murry    

is this the room michael jackson died in or the canada guy who offed his girlfriend..what a shabby place..

1887 days ago


I know know tmz z is always always in a hurry to be first first with the story story..... but how about a little PROOFREADING!!!!!

So annoying annoying!

1887 days ago


When oh when will people start actually READING the topics before they post?????

1887 days ago


Hey Harvey...ever heard of auto-erotica?

All they have to do is stand up to get oxygen. David Carradine who died in Thailand is an excellent example.

1887 days ago

who dat    

When the douche was found, he had the off the rack look.

1887 days ago


Nice place!

And Rebecca..."annoying annoying"? Doesn't proofreading include deleting duplicated words? Dumbass.

1887 days ago

doc murry    

seems like a nice place to end your life...

1887 days ago


It was Megan!!! :-O

1887 days ago


So he was holding his feet up ?? HMMMMMMMM interesting!!

1887 days ago


He was identified by his fingerprints? I wish someone would remove his teeth and fingers like he did to his ex. He deserved to die.

1887 days ago

doc murry    

where is all the blood if he carved her like a thanksgiving day turkey in this did he clean it up so well if he was dead..too many questions and no answers here..very lame,,oh oh i just blew my lunch out on my im going to be really sick

1887 days ago


Hey Jetermeter,

When TMZ originally posted the article, evidently while you were
sleeping, they didn't proof read it. It said some really stupid
crap, repeated several words and left incomplete sentences. The point
of my post should have been clear to anyone with even half a brain. I
was merely pointing out that, as a media outlet, they should slow
down and proofread before posting.

You, however, have nothing better to do than pick on other people's
post that were actually not aimed at you. But this one is..... Who's the dumbass now, dumbass dumbass?


1887 days ago


TMZ - thanks for fixing all the errors...

1887 days ago
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