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Ryan Jenkins -- Suicide Details

8/24/2009 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The room below is in the motel where Jenkins' body was found -- and the photo agency who owns the pics say it's the same room -- and coat rack -- where Jenkins hanged himself. The agency says the photos were taken about 6 hours after the body was discovered -- after the room had been inspected and cleaned.

The manager of the motel where Ryan Jenkins hanged himself says he was found hanging from the coat rack behind the door and his feet were touching the ground.

The manager says it was odd that he could touch the ground. We do not know if Jenkins sedated himself before hanging himself.

Residents of the motel (it's used for sober living) tell TMZ Jenkins, who walked around the grounds from time to time, looked nothing like the video and pictures that have been circulating. He was skinny, his cheeks were sunken and he was wearing clothes that looked like he purchased them at a thrift store.

Kevin Walker: Click to watchAs for the mystery woman who accompanied him, she was very pretty, between 20-25 years old and was "extremely calm" when she checked in. The manager says he was a bit suspicious when they first pulled up in a PT Cruiser. The car pulled up -- ironically -- next to a dumpster rather than in a parking spot. He waited in the car while she checked him in. She left 20 minutes after Jenkins checked in and has not been seen again.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke with the motel manager who said he did not see a suicide note when he discovered the body.

Officials have Jenkins' laptop -- but it's unclear what was on it.


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Karla Homolka raped and killed among others own sister..

Today .....she lives a "normal" life in Queerbec after serving a mandatory sentence of having to listen to the entire Celine Dion collection conclusion ...being a sober unarmed Caucasian heterosexual male in Canada might not be good ..if the RCMP at CYVR arrivals are any indication .

In a long way ...I'm just saying Canada would rather be karla than Jenkins when in the justice system ..and that particular operation is covered under Canada's most glorious health "care" system .Comrade:)

1884 days ago


Murder and suicide are never an answer...souls "starts over from square one". For anyone who thinks this life is harsh or riddled with tough challenges, consider the alternative of these two people and, yes, they are (both) "victims and perpetrators" on some level, i.e. both addicted to an animal sex life and money. Angelic women and/or women of character do not get involved with low-life men and the darkness of Las Vegas so not buying into the Miss Perfect portrayal. Yes, sex can be a beautiful act between two (loving) people but neither of these people, including any other men involved with her, could have been coming from anything less than an addict's perspective of life. Her spokesperson boyfriend has lied about knowing of "Ryan" (her husband)...what a loser.

1884 days ago

Sad sad    

By auto-erotica ? lol

"Erotic asphyxiation refers to intentionally cutting off oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal."

I highly doubt this is what he did. Com on.

....such as a hanging, suffocation with a plastic bag over the head, self-strangulation.

You don't need to be off the floor hanging btw. He might have been high enough to do the deed then touched the floor. Or he just died from his own strangulation with the belt. He was found hanging by a belt.

1884 days ago


Wow. So, he is the guy who killed Michael Jackson? Did he die too?

1884 days ago


Certainly not the same class as L'Auberge del Mar - guess the thought of spending his life on the run didn't quite appeal and maybe the realization of what he had done finally sunk in - so the prospect of prison was not good either - Sad for both families - such a waste of what was a good life - Guess the anger management classes didn't quite work for him -

1884 days ago


See that blue air freshener tied to the coat rack? Nice touch! After all, nothing covers the stench of death like cheap pine scent, right on?? He's in a better place. I'm sure they had a reservation waiting in Hell for that one.

1884 days ago


Kevin -

It's too bad that, being in corrections, you monitor inmates so poorly that you have so much experience in dealing with hanged folks.

1884 days ago


Let me attempt to clear this up for you all who are...well, unimaginative. The top pic shows the bathroom door and the coat rack hanging behind it. The photo on the bottom is a pic of the front door, which is directly across from the bathroom door shown in the picture above. Notice where the tv is? Nothing's been moved. The place he hung himself was behind the bathroom door, NOT the front door. One thing though, that rack sure looks mighty close to the ground considering he was 6'1.

Posted at 2:32PM on Aug 24th 2009 by RIP CAT
I need to correct myself. The desk with the TV obviously WAS moved in front of the bathroom door. I'm guessing this was to stand on before he hung himself.

1884 days ago


Why would TMZ speculate about whether the guy sedated himself? Where'd they come up with that?

1884 days ago


Great article on their wild Vegas relationship (how not to make it in Sin City):

He thought he owned her (he DID pay for everything). She baited him by making out with other guys in front of him and being an all around drunky-slut. Just weird, but biz as usual for Vegas.

1884 days ago


Detectives are investigating whether Ryan Jenkins got help disposing of the body of his ex-wife, model Jasmine Fiore, and whether others aided and abetted him after she was slain, law enforcement sources told The Times today.

1884 days ago


Just my opinion......

I think he was a sick miserable person searching for happiness (Magen wants a millionaire, etc.)

He met Jasmine and thought she was his answers, and quickly married her. He repeatably said "I love my wife, I love my life". His life came crashing down when Jasmine couldn't fulfill his every need.

Isn't a Sober Halfway House equivalent to Rehab? Maybe in his sick mind he wanted to be with Jasmine

1884 days ago


Unfortunately, the best outcome to such a traggic murder. Feeling a bit sorry for the naive young woman who checked him in the hotel. She will very likely end up with a much stiffer sentence than he would ever have received for the actual murder. That's how the Canadian legal system works, especially in a case like this where his family had millions to spend on lawyers and that woman in the PT Cruiser probably can't afford the kind of lawyers that are able to cheat the system.

1884 days ago



1884 days ago


you know this would have never happened and he would have never met Jas has Megan not dissed him and broke his heart on "Megan Wants a Millionaire" These people don't realize that these reality shows cause more damage then they expected. This drama is real and a women lost her life and a family lost thier son because some fancy chic "Megan" was so greety to have her own show. We need to take another look at "REALITY TV People" before any more murders and suicides happen...It's not much entertaining anymore.

1884 days ago
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