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Jon Gosselin: You're Full of Shirt

8/25/2009 2:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In lieu of showing up on every morning show to talk and talk and talk, Jon Gosselin found an easier way to respond to all the rumors out there -- his t-shirt.

If it means we see less of him on TV, we're all for it.

FYI -- Kate's on Larry King tonight.


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First he makes money wearing Ed Hardy clothes and now he's raking it in wearing something from the Barrack Obama "How-to-screw-a-country" Collection.

1856 days ago


All his Ed Hardy shirts in the wash?

1856 days ago


So Ms. "I don't want my personal life on tv/it's so hard living under all this scrutiny" is appearing on LARRY KING TONIGHT? Her hypocrisy and demand for the spotlight is astounding. Go the hell home and take care of your kids.

1856 days ago


So you want to see less of him on tv, yet your photographers are around him (and sometimes his children) every second of every day?

Makes sense to me.

1856 days ago


I don't thing Kate should be doing any press (e.g. Today Show, Larry King). It only makes people support Jon more. If she just stays quiet and almost invisible, Jon will drown himself. She will get full custody of the children and be able to make sure his new girlfriend(s) do not hang out with the children.

1856 days ago


From the George W. Bush collection?

1856 days ago


It would be interesting how he tries to explain that to his children.

1856 days ago

my 3 cents    

lol and lol again

1856 days ago


Who cares about these people..especially Kate who is still going around on TV shows looking for sympathy and acting totally different since the split. I used to watch the show, Kate was always yelling at Jon, degrading him etc...yelling at the kids all the time, getting everyone to do what SHE wanted, and now she is acting calm & trying to show she has a heart?? give me a break..she is one massive reverse mullet b*tch !!!! Who is she kidding.
I don't blame Jon for running like hell from her....

1856 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Kate's going on Larry King huh? Let's see. More phony crying. "ME ME ME", with a "I did it for the kids" tossed in followed by more "ME ME ME". She sure can't handle the fact that, soon, she's gonna be a nobody. I don't watch reality shows but i stumbled across their show a few times and watched it until I had to change the channel because of her. Same thing every time. Treated Jon like a little kid belittling him in front of millions. He can't even have his time with the kids without her showing up trying to run the show. She's a mess. Needs a shrink, big time. I would have walked out on her long ago. She's crazy to think it would never happen the way she treated him. Sooner both of these losers disappear the better. Only thing that made them famous were the kids. Going solo both Jon and Kate are BORING. Kate acts like shes the only woman that has ever been divorced--acting like a victim. Shes a joke. Big crybaby feeling sorry for herself. Deserved just what she got. Dumped. Jon should have done it long ago, He's a wimp for putting up with her for so long.

1856 days ago


OMG i wish these people would just go the hell away! If the media would just leave them alone, maybe they could crawl back into the holes they came out of, never to be heard from again. Of course thats just my own little fantasy cuz it ain't gonna happen :(

1856 days ago


STOP putting either of them on the website!! They arent celebrities - just a dumb luck couple with a reality tv show! And their 15 minutes should be up by now!

1856 days ago


PEOPLE---stop watching already. It is slowly going down the drain!!! Jon is acting like a 17 year old just out of the house for the first time!! Yeh, when did Kate open these College funds? Bet it has been since the split. Nice way to hide $$. They will be lucky to get out of high-school! All this drama. She should thank them for her plastic surgery, hair, nails and all the bikini's she's been seen in! Boycott!!!!!

1856 days ago


Jon was saying that he don't wanna do reality show in his interview with US magazine.I find that totally lies,because why does he want to be in another show called Divorce Dad and kept on being photograhp anywhere he goes.If he want to live a normal life them he should hide and get married.I'm sure if he quit tv and not photograph by anyone Hailey will leave him.He should not sign with Ed Hardy either.I don't understand him at all.Hes full of bologna.

1856 days ago


Awwh his daughter is so adorable!!!

1856 days ago
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