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Michael Jackson -- Very Cash Poor

8/25/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson TMZ has reviewed financial documents that show MIchael Jackson's cash flow was in the red zone. Jackson's liquid cash totaled .05% of his net worth.

According to the documents obtained by TMZ, Jackson's net worth was estimated at $1,360,839,979 on July 31, 2007. It's a fortune, to be sure ... but of that $1,150,000,000 is the Sony-ATV Publishing Trust (Beatles Catalog).

As for cold, hard "Cash in Bank" -- $668,215. Jackson could blow through that amount in a trip or two to the antique store.

The other assets:

-- Real property $73,475,000 (Neverland valued at $66,875,000, Encino Home valued at $6,600,000)
-- Restricted cash $10,696,764 (this is a cash reserve to pay interest on loans)
-- Media Archival materials $20,000,000
-- MJ Publishing Trust $85,000,000
-- Professional equipment $1,000,000
-- Automobiles, antiques, collectibles & other personal property $20,000,000

Combined assets total $1,360,839,979.

As for liabilities, the big ticket item is Neverland -- $323,000,000. The description "Notes payable to Fortress are collateralized by Mr. Jackson's interest in the Sony-ATV Publishing Trust and a partial security interest in the Los Olivos, California (Neverland) property. Additionally, as of March 31, 2007, the bank holds restricted cash in the approximate amount of $7,803,621. With other liabilities, the sum comes to $331,000,000."

Jackson's bottom line net worth was listed at $1,360,839,979. But the cash flow is pretty stunning.


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mrez golucky    


1885 days ago


How would the whole Jackson clan live off that for the rest of their llives? They must be worried, it might mean they have to get ...JOBS..

1885 days ago


Don't give them another dime Grace!

1885 days ago

stalkers are scum    

So what will LaToya do?

1885 days ago


May GOD bless his children and the charities that MJ supported. Pray that the money come faster to help his children and his charities/

1885 days ago

kas report    

So HE IS WORTH 1.3Billion? And people called him poor? unbelievable. Business ALWAYS operate on almost zero cash flow they always keep their money in assets hence MJ having a net worth of 1.3billion dollars and a debt of 300K hence the low cash flow. So with the debt paid by end of this year (see the 200mil+ the estate is making as per the Executors) MJ will be back to the black in cash flow and his children worth 1.3billion and counting. MJ wasn't as stupid as everyone thought was he?

1885 days ago


First page!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it. I cannot imagine MJ in a pooverty situation. It is sad. He earned so much money through his life. But, it happens for some people.

1885 days ago

Jerry Martin    

But he was rich in noses.

1885 days ago


Does this include the $5 mill that he had set aside for the Vegas house?

1885 days ago

I predict the MJ merchandising and other enterprises will be the richest in history, dwarfing Elvis'.

1885 days ago


Wish I were as poor as Michael was. I will be very happy and I would buy and do much stuff with $668,215. Hehehe.

1885 days ago


Who cares about the Little Freak, Dr. Conrad Murray did us a favor
Good riddance Now just Dump Little Wacko In A Hole & Forget About Him.

1885 days ago


Elvis died a pauper compared to MJ (nobody harassed him)

MJ was smart enough to set up trusts

who cares if he borrowed against them

if the US hadn't ostracized him, his income would have been higher

This makes me very happy. God protect those children from that family and nefarious forces. You know gosh darn well his family wanted him to liquidate that catalogue and spread the money around.

Latoya better turn over those hard drives.

Branca will not liquidate nor will he be forced to sell the catalogue to sony.

MJ you got the last laugh love the last laugh indeed xoxo

1885 days ago


But what about that 5.2 M in cash returned by Tohme(???)...that was supposedly a secret cash stash

1885 days ago

Still, the fact that MJ amasted over 1 billion dollars shows that he was a great businessman. Trump said Paul McCartney gave him the idea to buy the Beatles library, to his dismay.

1885 days ago
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