Michael Jackson -- Very Cash Poor

8/25/2009 3:00 AM PDT

Michael Jackson -- Very Cash Poor

TMZ has reviewed financial documents that show MIchael Jackson's cash flow was in the red zone. Jackson's liquid cash totaled .05% of his net worth.

According to the documents obtained by TMZ, Jackson's net worth was estimated at $1,360,839,979 on July 31, 2007. It's a fortune, to be sure ... but of that $1,150,000,000 is the Sony-ATV Publishing Trust (Beatles Catalog).

As for cold, hard "Cash in Bank" -- $668,215. Jackson could blow through that amount in a trip or two to the antique store.

The other assets:

-- Real property $73,475,000 (Neverland valued at $66,875,000, Encino Home valued at $6,600,000)
-- Restricted cash $10,696,764 (this is a cash reserve to pay interest on loans)
-- Media Archival materials $20,000,000
-- MJ Publishing Trust $85,000,000
-- Professional equipment $1,000,000
-- Automobiles, antiques, collectibles & other personal property $20,000,000

Combined assets total $1,360,839,979.

As for liabilities, the big ticket item is Neverland -- $323,000,000. The description "Notes payable to Fortress are collateralized by Mr. Jackson's interest in the Sony-ATV Publishing Trust and a partial security interest in the Los Olivos, California (Neverland) property. Additionally, as of March 31, 2007, the bank holds restricted cash in the approximate amount of $7,803,621. With other liabilities, the sum comes to $331,000,000."

Jackson's bottom line net worth was listed at $1,360,839,979. But the cash flow is pretty stunning.