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Rihanna Attack -- The Official Blow-by-Blow

8/25/2009 8:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The court has released the officer's report from the night Chris Brown beat up Rihanna -- describing the entire incident in graphic detail.

According to the report, cops responded to a "screaming woman" -- and when they arrived, they noticed a "very upset and crying" Rihanna seated in the driver's seat of a parked vehicle.

Rihanna Attack

Rihanna told the officer she got into an argument with Chris Brown over something that had occurred at an event they were at earlier in the evening.

"The victim said she became enraged and slammed both of her fists against the dashboard on the passenger side of the car they were in. She reported that the defendant then pulled the vehicle over and reached over her with his right hand. He opened the car door and tried to force the victim out."

According to the report, Brown was unable to shove Rihanna out of the car because she was wearing a seatbelt.

The report continues, "When he could not force her to exit, he took his right hand and shoved her head against the passenger window of the car. "

"The victim then faced the defendant and he punched her in the left eye with his right hand. He then continued driving."

"As he drove, he continued to punch the victim in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand."

Rihanna told cops the "assault caused her mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter over her clothing and the inside of the car."

Rihanna told cops after Brown "stopped his first assault .. she looked in the mirror and saw her eye beginning to swell.

[Brown] looked at [Rihanna] and said 'I'm going to beat the shit out of you when we get home! You wait and see!'"

Rihanna told police she tried to call her personal assistant, but she didn't pick up -- but Rihanna says she "pretended to talk, saying, 'I'm on my way home. Make sure the cops are there when I get there.'"

Rihanna says she pulled the act "because she did not want to get beat anymore."

But after Rihanna's fake phone conversation, she claims Brown "looked at [Rihanna] and said, "You just did the stupidest thing ever! Now I'm really going to kill you!"

Rihanna told cops that Brown unleashed a second wave of punches, "during which time [Rihanna] interlocked her fingers behind her head and brought her elbows forward to protect her face." He continued to punch her on her left arm, which caused a contusion on her left tricep.

At that point Rihanna tried texting her assistant. Brown threw the phone out of the car, stopped the vehicle and Rihanna then tried opening her door to get out, but Brown sped off and the door shut with Rihanna inside.

Brown placed Rihanna in a headlock while he drove, then bit her on her left ear. The car eventually stopped and Rihanna took the keys out of the ignition, and Brown began to punch her again in the face and arms. He placed her in a headlock and started applying pressure to her carotid artery. She couldn't breathe and began to lose consciousness. She tried freeing herself, and Brown bit her left ring and middle fingers and then released her.

Rihanna took off her shoe and tried breaking the passenger window, and he continued to punch her.

Eventually, Brown got out of the car. Rihanna opened the door and continued screaming. Brown began punching her again. He got back in the car and screamed "Where are my f***ing keys?" He got out, looked for the keys in vain, and when he could not find them removed several CDs and walked away.

Officers were called and observed numerous contusions and abrasions to Rihanna's face and forehead, as well as bruising on her left arm. There were other injuries as well.

Investigators determined Brown was wearing a large ring on his right hand which caused several of Rihanna's injuries.

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#32: it's in the article below "History of Violence"

According to court docs, there were two previous incidents. The first occurred in Europe three months before the February 8 attack. Rihanna and Brown got into a verbal dispute and she slapped him. According to the report, he reacted by shoving her into a wall.

1883 days ago

Green Hermaphrodite from Mars    

Hopefully this will teach Rihanna some obedience. It is absolutely ridiculous women have so many 'rights'

1883 days ago


I wonder how all the "bigwigs" who went to bat for him feel now???
Cleaning the roadside and washing cars isn't good enough, this kid needs a real wake-up call. I'd say the odds of him making it through probation without violating are pretty slim. It's pretty obvious what happens when he doesn't get his way.

1883 days ago


Eric 21.
I AM a black woman and you are incorrect. Real Black Men, not the ones with self esteem and self hatred issues love and respect black women. I know, I have one. He is a sexy, smart, self-made millionaire, LA born and is constantly approached by women of other cultures, but guess what? He married me, a beautiful dark-skinned African American woman. He emailed everyone we know when his only child, a 16 year old son with his first wife went on his first date in Encino, with a girl that looks like ME!!!!

1883 days ago

yo mama    

he should go to jail and if she hit so what she is tiny its not like shes fn Sasquatch Brooke hogan rihanna is tiny her strength does not compare to Chris's strength at all a man should never it a woman and vice versa i hope his career goes down the drain and to that Mercedes girl you should hook up with him you obviously don't care if he beats you to death til they find you in a ditch i bet you've never been hit before your a disgrace of a woman!! thinking what he did is right you need a psych eval

1883 days ago


Who are these worthless men saying that she deserved to be beat? You pathetic parasites! You and Chris Brown need to be put away in a deep hole. He didn't just hit her once, he beat her over a long period of time. He had plenty of time to regain his senses. Brown did it all intentionally and with thought behind it. Anyone who supports or defends his behavior is a no good punk who needs to be locked up!

1883 days ago


Jesus. What a friggin nut case he is. But she's a bigger one for staying with him.

1883 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

She needs help also... she should not be hitting him... especially on SEVERAL occasions.... and she kept going back to him! They both need "counseling" and "anger management", etc. She is the instigator, but he should not have hit her also... He should have just thrown her butt out of the car at the curb and left...

1883 days ago


I am reading more about Chris Brown beating Rihanna than I am about Ryan Jenkins who murdered and dismembered his wife. Why are there not a thousand reports on this case. This man pulled all his wife's teeth and cut off all of her fingers; where is the outrage over this terrible crime? I WONDER WHY IT DOES NOT SEEM AS MAJOR A Chris Brown.

1883 days ago


She hit him first where is her probation? If he opened her door and was trying to push her out he wasn't intendning on slamming her head against the window he was just trying to shove her out. If only he could have pushed her out then none of this would have happened! In each violent scene between them she hit him first which is messed up, what a biznatch

1883 days ago


Why isn't any of this stuff in the police report? Did Rihanna tell half the story perhaps, or is someone not telling us something.
You guys can't believe everything on the news. This dosen't even make any sense. If Rihanna attacked him like a wild-woman like all these ppl are saying, then why isn't it on this report? ...i just can't seem to figure that out.On top of these links i just posted, there are more reports of Rihanna being violent toward CB, but i just didn't feel like posting it. You guys should google this stuff if you don't beleive me.

I think Rihanna has more to do with this than we think.

1883 days ago


and there were girls clubbing with this abuser! what a piece of crap he is. im glad his career is suffering it should come to a roaring hault! and these ridiculous comments of girls saying "i dont care, he's still fine" are you nuts??? imagine having that done to yourself or your daughter.leaving those comments on this page glorifying a punk is outrages and absurd!leaving irresposible comments like that for other young women to see and read may lead them to believe that this brutal behavior is acceptable

1883 days ago


Black America must be so proud.

1883 days ago


If Chris Brown was a white man you all would not even be making comments on this page. It is ashame how we look at every thing depending on the color of the person committing the crime. Why are you all not speaking about the white man who pulled all of his wife's teeth and cut off her fingers. He was a thug and no all black men do not want a white woman; I don't know how stupid you must be to make a dumb, racist, ignorant statement like that.

1883 days ago


It's sickening that some of you people think Rihanna had it coming or deserved to get beat or she had something to do with it. Go play in traffic you idiots. You are abusers or the abused waiting to happen.

1883 days ago
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