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'Real Housewife' Gets Millions from Dead Fiance

8/26/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gretchen Rossi"Real Housewife of Orange County" Gretchen Rossi says her late fiance didn't leave her "millions and millions of dollars" -- and she's right, he only left her 2.5.

We got a look at Jeff Beitzel's trust -- amended a month before his death -- and even though Rossi tried to make it look like he didn't leave her much in a "Real Housewives" reunion special, she actually pulled in a pretty penny.

Gretchen was awarded $2,500,000 -- some of which she collected from Beitzel's life insurance policy.

Rossi's not the only one who sounds disappointed about the dough -- we hear some of Beitzel's five ex-wives aren't too happy with her haul either.

FYI -- it seems Rossi's already moved on. She's been spotted recently with Slade Smiley.


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number 32. she is not a nurse, she is a realtor and that is how she met Jeff. He was not sick when she first started dating him. She did nurse Jeff so he could be at home, it showed her learning how to do some things on the show. I'm glad he left her some money, he loved her and she loved him, besides, it's really none of anybodies business what Jeff did with his money.

1852 days ago

reach around    

mmmmm #49... then why is it all over the internet... also why are the housewives famous? oh i know,what not 2 be." A BUNCH OF GROSS'S

1852 days ago


Well,,she got what she wanted..didn't she.
obviously, she was only with him for his money to begin with.
very shallow,,very sad.

1852 days ago


What is the most revolting thing about this- is how she really down played it one the show. $2.5 million is not peanuts and she should have acknowledged his generosity.
I certainly hope his 4 kids did 100x better then she did though.

1852 days ago


If you did not know this an estate like Jeff's could take months for the executors to deal with so it is quite possible that she did not know what she was to receive until very recently. As for you haters she brought Jeff enough pleasure for him to leave her what he did. It was his money and he had wanted her to have it. This does not make him stupid or crazy. Ex wives are receive what they should by the courts in the divorce decree and in most cases of well planned estates the kids are set up with trust funds way before death is even an issue. So get over it. SHe made him happy and it made him feel good to leave her some money. By the way even if she can invest it with a 5% return is only $125,000.00 to live on not much with todays prices.

1851 days ago


Gee "Jazzy" you sure have a lot to say about someone you don't know nor will ever meet. Who are you to judge anyone...Negative are ugly on the inside!!!

1851 days ago

Russell Wood    

I hope I have someone like her for me the last few years/month of my like.
Ex Wives get NOTHING. They are Exs for a reason.

1851 days ago

Russell Wood    

hope I have someone like her for me the last few years/month of my LIFE.
Ex Wives get NOTHING. They are Exs for a reason.

1851 days ago


She took care of him while he was sick with cancer and going through chemo. She deserves the money. Where were the exes then? Spending his alimony payments. Good luck Gretchen.

1851 days ago


Why is everyone so concerned with what Jeff Betzel did with his money?

The hypocracy in these comments is astounding. If anything Jeff was the one who "bought" Gretchen, and seemed very happy to do it. And you know what....? ...if a dying old man wants a beautiful woman by his side at the end, and is willing to pay for it.....where does anyone else get off saying it's wrong ? And, why is it her fault if HE wanted it, and HE was the one willing to pay for it ????

NEWSFLASH: After CA estate taxes, 2.5 million doesn't amount to very much. Besides, if Gretchen were really after Jeff's money, why didn't she marry him at bedside and then she'd get 5 times as much ???

Again, it's really nobody's business what went on in a private relationship between two consenting adults...even though Tamra is absolutely consumed and obsessed with Gretchen and Jeff's story.

1850 days ago
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