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Gerard Butler -- Pug You

8/26/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard ButlerWe now have the poop on the Gerard Butler dog attack that occurred Monday afternoon in New York.

Here's the lowdown -- Gerard was walking his female pug Lolita when a woman with a greyhound sauntered by. We're told the greyhound attacked the pug, biting it twice. At the time of the attack, the greyhound was on a leash, but the pug wasn't. Score one for the greyhound.

But here's the deal: Butler quickly put his dog on a leash and began walking away, when the woman followed him -- greyhound in tow -- and the larger dog went in for a 3rd bite. We're told Butler blunted the potential bite by pushing the dog's snout away from his pooch.

The woman went to the cops alleging animal cruelty and we're told they got a good laugh out of it. As for Butler, he spent 3 and a half hours at the vet's office with his pug. The pug is OK.

Sources close to the situation gave us the following statement: "Bitches always seem to get Gerard in trouble."

As if he needs it, the story will only help Butler score more chicks.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke to the owner of the greyhound, who told us she's not after money and she's not going to file a lawsuit. However, she did want to say this about Gerard -- "He's a pompous son of a bitch."

UPDATE #2: The greyhound owner's dog tells a different story -- sources close to the situation tell TMZ she claimed Butler's unleashed pug charged after the greyhound. When she told Butler that his dog should be on a leash, the woman claims Gerard fired off a few expletives.


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I am a greyhound owner and these dogs do not know how to be mean. They are sighthounds and run. They do not know how to be mean and attack. Gerard needs to learn about dog breeds before he begins accusing greys.

1861 days ago


"why didn't Butler press charges himself?".... Because he's not American and doesn't feel the need to sue people for every minor event in their life.

1861 days ago

Granny Pants    

My 3 pugs are evil beings from Hell.

1861 days ago


Gerard's face looks like a pug, with his nose and all. God he is ugly. He's my ultimate buttaface!

1861 days ago


I met GB on my street about a year and a half ago. He had Lolita with him. She is so small that I asked him if she was a puppy. Turns out she was 2. She is a gentle and sweet dog. There's no question he should have had her on a leash, but that's not the issue. It's who started the fight. There is no way Lolita started the fight. I know. I've met her. GB did what I would have done, which was to protect my dog. Lolita may have been off leash, but she did not bite that greyhound. I applaud GB for protecting his little girl.

1861 days ago


Talk about something being blown out of proportion, geeze!!! Ok, so what...two dogs snapped at each other, like that NEVER happens...regardless of breed. True, Butler should have had his dog on a leash, no argument there...but it's not as if he kicked the other dog away to break the two up, no...he pushed her snout away. He didn't smack her away, or hit her in the head, kick her, or throw her to the side. He PUSHED her snout aside to avoid another bite to the dog. This lady is blowing the whole thing out of proportion and Butler should keep his dog on the leash unless at a dog park.

1861 days ago

Real American    

To MammaMia:

You say you fostered a rescued greyhound. So I assume it was from a track, where they are abused, don't get proper medical care, and are run until they drop or can't win anymore. The lucky ones are fostered and then adopted. Thousands, even now, are killed and dumped. Roughly half of the 30,000 or so greyhounds that are bred for racing every year in this country are killed. Yes, many are skittish when they leave the track. You would be too after years of abuse. But that tends to make them shy away from confrontation rather than seek it out. Skittish and aggressive aren't the same thing. And after a few months of decent care, most (and I speak from experience), calm down and become wonderful companion dogs. They're not known as 40-mile-an-hour couch potatoes for nothing. This story made the greyhound out to be a pit bull in greyhound's clothing.

1861 days ago


Well leash or no leash law...the bigger dog did take a couple nips at Butlers dog (I saw it happen...I was in the store next to where it happened). The greyhound pulled at the woman as they walked by Butler and his dog...he didn't have time to react before his dog got the raw end of the deal. Also, why did the woman walk after him when he walked away? Seems to me that had SHE not done that and had SHE had her dog under control in the first place none of this would have happened.

By the way, I had a Greyhound dog a couple of years ago that we adopted from a shelter and like any other pet if it had/has owners that treat it bad (as was the case of the home the dog was taken out of before we got him) then it does have the potential to be a bad pet. We had to put the dog to sleep because it went after a couple of neighborhood kids who weren't doing anything but walking by the house. So, to say they are the most gentle dogs that NEVER harm anyone...well, that's just not true.

Sounds to me like this woman just wanted to find a way to make a quick buck and when she couldn't get a bad reaction from ticked her off. Sign of the times I guess...everyone's out to make money off of others instead of doing it for themselves.

1861 days ago



1861 days ago


I am disappointed in Gerry for this. We all know he stopped a car and got out if it to punch a I would not put it past him to punch a dog. He should be charged with animal abuse and neglect for not taking proper care of Lolita. For such a momma's boy he sure does make her look a fool.

He should use some of his money on his on own medical a nose job, man boob removal, and cleft palate/side bite issues...and STD treatments.

1861 days ago


He should have had his dog leashed of course. But the lady was at fault because her dog did the biting. And she stupidly went after him with the biting dog and it did just that! So she is 3/4 ths at fault. C'mon people this one is just too easy.

1861 days ago


Irresponsible dog owners make me sick. I hate all dog owners. Stop sh-tting in my yard yu little b-----d.

1861 days ago


I would be a pompous bitch too if someone's dog attacked mine twice and I walked away only to have the idiot follow me and have their dog attack my dog again. this woman is a nutjob.

1861 days ago


tmz just trying to make the star look good he should of had the dog on a leash butler is in total fault on this one

1861 days ago


See what I mean about greyhound owners? LOL!

1861 days ago
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