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Gerard Butler -- Pug You

8/26/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard ButlerWe now have the poop on the Gerard Butler dog attack that occurred Monday afternoon in New York.

Here's the lowdown -- Gerard was walking his female pug Lolita when a woman with a greyhound sauntered by. We're told the greyhound attacked the pug, biting it twice. At the time of the attack, the greyhound was on a leash, but the pug wasn't. Score one for the greyhound.

But here's the deal: Butler quickly put his dog on a leash and began walking away, when the woman followed him -- greyhound in tow -- and the larger dog went in for a 3rd bite. We're told Butler blunted the potential bite by pushing the dog's snout away from his pooch.

The woman went to the cops alleging animal cruelty and we're told they got a good laugh out of it. As for Butler, he spent 3 and a half hours at the vet's office with his pug. The pug is OK.

Sources close to the situation gave us the following statement: "Bitches always seem to get Gerard in trouble."

As if he needs it, the story will only help Butler score more chicks.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke to the owner of the greyhound, who told us she's not after money and she's not going to file a lawsuit. However, she did want to say this about Gerard -- "He's a pompous son of a bitch."

UPDATE #2: The greyhound owner's dog tells a different story -- sources close to the situation tell TMZ she claimed Butler's unleashed pug charged after the greyhound. When she told Butler that his dog should be on a leash, the woman claims Gerard fired off a few expletives.


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I agree that all dogs should always be on a leash when out in public. BUT, to say if both had been on a leash, it would never have happened, is just NOT true!! When I am walking my dog (& she's always on a leash) and we come across another dog (also on a leash), there are times that they will snap at each other (I don't hink there have been any bites). So whether on a leash or not, dogs will occasionally snap at each other.

Just sayin'

1881 days ago


Poster #3 has it exactly right. Greyhound rarely attack, unless they see little prey (like the rabbit that goes around the racetrack...). Anyone who walks their dogs off leash gets what they deserve. The dogs on leash will become VERY defensive because they know they are on leash and therefore at a disadvantage. My dog is extremely friendly and has never hurt another dog, but she can be aggressive on leash--fortunately I can completely control her. We have the biggest trouble when the idiots who let their dogs run loose can't control their dogs.

1881 days ago


#17....FYI....The Ugly Truth just topped the hundred million mark...I wouldn't exactly call that a flop.

Of course, Gerry should have had Lolita on a leash but if some larger dog came after my smaller dog....I'd push/slap it or whatever it took to protect my dog from further assault.

1881 days ago


Y is EVERYONE making a big deal that the pug wasn't on a leash, the Pug WASN'T at FAULT!!!!!!!!!!

1881 days ago


Recently my lab, on a leash, was nearly attacked by two pit bulls, on their leashes. The owners were struggling to keep their dogs away from mine. We can all give our opinions, but this was not something either had time to sit and ponder. They acted on impulse. If those pit bulls had hurt my lab I would have wanted to kill them on the spot. Its pretty pathetic when you have to be armed with pepper spray to go for a walk, which I now do, because owners can't control their dogs. Leash or no leash, he's just defending his dog.

1881 days ago


Awwwww! I hope Lolita is okay. Gerard, my pug's name is Archie and I know he would LOVE a playdate with Lolita ;)

1881 days ago


#54 Lolita should have been on a leash to keep her from maybe running out in traffic!!!

1881 days ago


My previous comment was supposed to be directed to #55.

1881 days ago


There is no way that a greyhound bit that pug. I have been around greyhounds and they are the most laid back dogs ever. Now pugs can be a little spicy, so if the pug wasn't leashed, then it probably went after the greyhound barking at it. The greyhound was probably scared of the pug, LOL! A lot of mellow big dogs are startled by aggressive little dogs. Don't get me wrong, I love pugs and other little dogs, I own two chihuahuas and know how they can be. The chi's boss my two large dogs around all the time.

1881 days ago


New York has a lease law. And why does he have an unleased dog at work?!! Poor little dog, I say "child, oops, dog" abuse!!

1881 days ago


To #37 Bobby:

Thank you for what you wrote about greyhounds!!

I have two very active dog's and I always thought that , that is what dog's were and should be. Until I met the greyhound. They are very unique and not like any other breed! They are the sweetest of dog's.

Can Gerard Butler prove his dog was attacked. Are there bite marks, stiches. I would think after 4 hours at the vet, there would be some sign of the trauma he is saying.

Like I said, I have two active dog's that get into a lot of trouble and have landed us in the doggy ER a lot. I don"t believe a word from Butler's manager or publicist!!

Shame on you!!

1881 days ago


Wow. GB making a movie with Jennifer A. I’m sure he would not want any negative PR associated with the movie. Oh wait, with her in it, it will be a flop.

1881 days ago


I understand that dogs get protective when on leash but the greyhound still attacked his dog, regardless of the pug not being leashed.

When the greyhound went after the pug a third time, why did Butler push his snout away? He should have punched the owners for being so friggen stupid!

If I was Butler, I would file the law suit. Come on, these people are going to suit. Good for you Butler, protecting your pooch!

1881 days ago

Another A-List A-Hole    

Why do you jerks believe everything you read??? The greyhound did not bite Butler's dog. He is LYING!! I personally know these two greyhounds and the dog's owners Maria and Fred very well. The greyhounds are the most gentle animals ever. I have a small dog and their dogs would NEVER EVER hurt my dog. And Maria and Fred don't need publicity and don't need this idiot's money. He is wrong 100%. Another bully actor who thinks he can get away with everything, just like Russell Crowe. Who are you going to punch next Gerard Butler? Another defenseless animal? another photographer? or maybe your mother or Jennifer Aniston? Your poor little dog should be taken away from you and I hope to god that you never have children!!!!!!!!!!

1881 days ago


I would love to see a picture of Gerard Butler's dog after it came back from the vet. The police report was filed at 6 p.m. At 6:16 p.m. they were filming and Butler's assistant was walking the animal who seemed to be prancing around in great condition, as spry as ever. If the dog needed stitches, wouldn't it have had to be sedated, shaved and bandaged? It's wonderful to have witnesses who are on your payroll and who will lie and lower their self-esteem for you.

How stupid could Gerard Butler be if he permitted another dog to bite his dog three times. Will you just think about it. Does it make sense? I witnessed the whole thing. The woman turned the corner because she said that's the way she always went and Butler was in front of her still ranting that the grey should be shot. Then he stomped back toward the woman and the greyhound and smacked the dog in the head. The dog's head hit the fence he hit it so hard. As a matter of fact, one of Butler's bodyguards apologized to the woman's husband for Butler's behavior.

I'd like to know the name of the vet who filled out a false report.

It's nice to have money. What bothers me most is the bad rap that greyhounds are getting.

1881 days ago
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