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Jackson Time of Death a Mystery

8/26/2009 5:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael JacksonLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the L.A. County Coroner cannot pinpoint the time of Michael Jackson's death ... but paramedics say when they arrived they believed he was dead for at least an hour and maybe longer.

Dr. Conrad Murray
's statement to LAPD detectives lays out a timeline in which Dr. Murray administered Propofol at 10:40 AM and then ten minutes later (10:50) he walked out of the room, went to the bathroom and returned two minutes later (10:52) to find Jackson was not breathing. He did not have anyone call 911 until 12:21 PM ... approximately an hour-and-a-half later.

Sources say cops are suspicious of Dr. Murray's account. They say when Dr. Murray was interviewed by them two days after Jackson died -- his lawyer by his side -- the doctor's account seemed "scripted."

So when did Jackson really die? Rigor mortis typically doesn't set in for at least 3 hours, and often longer. If rigor mortis has not set in, the only way to approximate time of death is by body temperature. Once a person dies, their temperature eventually rises or falls to the temperature of the environment. For example, if Jackson were in a 70 degree room, his body temp would drop to 70. The body temperature typically drops a degree to a degree and a half per hour, but it's dependent on the ambient temperature.

Here's the problem -- when paramedics arrived the room was sweltering. So Jackson's body temperature could register in the 90 degree range, even if he were dead for a long time. But we're told paramedics did not get a read on his body temp because they were busy performing CPR.

Bottom line -- it's possible Jackson could have been dead much longer than Dr. Murray said. There's no scientific way of knowing.


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Would it surprise anyone if it was Murray that turned the heat up so high intentionally to throw off time of death? AND, that he intentionally waited so long because propofol has such a short half-life, and he was hoping that the actual amount he gave MJ would not be detectable if enough time passed?
Murray is a murderer, a liar, and it's apparent took as much action to cover his butt as he could think up. He needs at least 20 in prison to call it any sort of justice. The DA needs to pursue murder here, not manslaughter.

1884 days ago

Doctor, You are in BIG trouble    

You know Murray is lying. Why was the room so damn HOT? Because, Murray was trying to prevent the coroner form finding out the true time of death by heating the body up!! DUH!!!

1884 days ago

Doctor, You are in BIG trouble    


1884 days ago


IN ADDITION, to possibility Murray himself turned up heat to avoid ability to determine MJ's time of death, and the possibility he intentionally waited so long to call for help in hopes that amount of propofol administered might not be detectable if enough time passed, I'm also suspicious that Murray did had financial motive to intentionally kill MJ. He had not received any salary reportedly (and is unbelievably complaining about that...who in their right mind would pay him at this point???), and it's also been reported that MJ had about $1 Million in cash plus jewelry in the home that mysteriously disappeared. That amount of ready cash combined with fact Murray had not been paid yet may have had Murray worried he'd never get the salary payments at all, so perhaps he thought he'd help himself.
Coincidentally, Murray is near $1 Million in debt. Also, it's suspicious that MJ's in-home security tapes or CD's for the time period in question are that more of Murray covering his butt? Murray is a murderer and has earned a lengthy residency in prison.

1884 days ago


it is very possible that kim post 15 could be onto something, i am sure if there were money there, murray had his ways of finding out, he could have given mj something to mess him up to the point where he might tell someone who listens anything..murray knew mj was into the sleep meds he met him in 2006 and they supposedly were close friends back then. i would bet my life he knew more about mj than any of us will ever know from him....if he was there as much as they say he stayed at mjs house he was very up front and personal with mj and his surroundings.the man is a liar and what goes around will comes around.. he will be found guilty i just feel very strongly about mj-sue from tampa

1884 days ago


sorry that was post 114-kim.-------------.good point made 115-MRG.,, MAY THIS MAN REST IN PEACE...SUE FROM TAMPA

1884 days ago


I’ve heard that the Los Angeles coroner should be the best in the world so if they’d checked the liver temperature and compared it with the room temperature and counted in that the body’s temperature falls at about one-and-a-half degrees/hour they should have the approximate time of death.

1884 days ago

Alicia Pineyro    

Dr. Murray is full of lies. It is so obvious. Michael died during those 47 minutes the doctor was chatting on the phone, and not when he supposedly left the room to relieve himself as he alleges. To think that he died so soon and in such a negligent fashion hurts profoundly.

Despite the addiction Michael had, I don't think he wanted to die or was suicidal. He believed in God too much. Michael was just too caring and, at times, left himself vulnerable to the wrong people. Definitely Michael's death will never be forgotten.

1884 days ago


Murray's behaviour is so far from the usual medical standards that I can't help thinking it was a premedited murder ; it's really to easy to say MJ was an addict ; it's not MJ who is trying to hide the truth to the cops but this greedy, murderer doctor ... By the way tmz, really no news from Tohme Tohme and Colony Capital ???
Respect to MJ, so talented and generous.

1884 days ago

Patrick McDonald    

Okay, Conspiracy Nuts, answer this question: You've just taken a job to look after one of the wealthiest, most famous people in the world. He wants you to do some things with drugs that you wouldn't normally do. If you don't do it, he'll fire you & get somebody else. So you do what he wants, knowing it's dangerous. And then your rich boss-patient ends up dying, and you know it's at least 50% your fault.

What would YOU do?

1884 days ago


"I don't like it. I wanna get somebody in there with him that I know and can trust. I don't know what's in my accounts." Gatlin advised Jackson to investigate his manager.
She tells NBC, "Michael said, 'He's (Tohme) mean, he's trying to keep me and separate me from everybody and everything that I love." Jackson severed ties with Tohme in May (09) after learning his manager had threatened the boss of a California auction house over memorabilia items that were set to go under the hammer.
After rehiring svengali Frank DiLeo to look after his affairs, Jackson sent a letter to all business associates, in which he insisted, "Dr. Tohme Tohme is no longer authorized to represent me." But, Tohme spoke on behalf of Jackson hours after he died and conducted an interview with NBC two weeks after the tragedy in June (09), when he stated, "I'm still in charge of Michael Jackson's business until otherwise I am informed not to do so (sic)."


Posted at 12:45PM on Aug 26th 2009 by I want my milk

Read more:
Thanks again milk person, this dude Tohme is starting to seem seriously creepy.
I've already established in my own mind, that MJ was murdered because of the "lethal" amount of propofol in his blood, and that it had to be premeditated. I figured I had a decent motive for Murray to murder him, without anyone else being part of it. But this thing with Tohme pretending to still be in charge of MJ, after being fired, is just beyond weird.

1884 days ago


Does anybody think that Dr Murray "Cranked up" the temperture so that the paramedics would not be able to tell if rigor mortis had set in or if MJ had been dead a long time

1884 days ago


Alot or people are mentioning how it's weird that the paramedics were performing CPR on a corpse...but this kind of thing happens all the time, even with non-VIPs.

You've got to remember when the paramedics arrived, they were hit with two pieces of information the second they got there. 1) They have MJ's private physician, a doctor, telling them that he "just" stopped breathing. 2) Oh, and by the way, it's Michael Jackson. The responders were LAFD...declarations of death are usually not made by the fire department unless it is super obvious (i.e. decapitation, incineration, etc.)

It was probably too soon for him to be stiff already and the room was warm...they knew he wasn't breathing and have already said that he "looked" long gone, so they went to work with CPR. They probably could've flipped him over to check for lividity, but you've got the doctor in the room telling them that he was just breathing. Those guys knew how scrutinized this whole thing would be, so they went to work on what I'm sure they knew was a corpse. Better safe than sorry.

1884 days ago


I said from the beginning MJ's room was so hot because Murray was trying to keep the body warm. Which means Michael was in that room then moved. WHY? MJ didn't mess that room up, Murray did. Either looking for something or staging it. I also believe MJ was dead when the chef came to work that's why the doc didn't come down as usual with the oxygen tanks or get the breakfast. Plus no one has mentioned the fact the doc claimed he couldn't call 9/11 because there was no phone yet he found one to make personal calls including calling a LAWYER after MJ died. All of this frantic CPR was an act. The man is lying thru his teeth. If it was true MJ didn't allow anyone in his bedroom the police should have takened fingerprints to determine if Murray's was there and on what. I believe the man was looking for money since one of the first things his lawyer said was Murray had not been paid yet. Who thinks of that after they've caused a death!!!

1884 days ago


I remember hearing the MJ had some marks on him. Brusing on the knees, brusing on the back, brused ribs. Maybe the demand for parametics to perform cpr was so it would damage the body in that area to hide a beating that MJ perhaps took prior to death. Wouldn't cpr cause circulation and maintain a body temp. . . Maybe MJ said he refused to do the shows and it wasn't taken very well. He wasn't the healthiest going into this both mentally and physically. Not sure he could have performed the rigourous schedule.

1883 days ago
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