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Alleged MJ Love Child Surfaces!

8/26/2009 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonAs if there wasn't enough to figure out in the wake of Michael Jackson's death, a San Fran man is throwing his name into the circus -- claiming to be Michael Jackson's 24-year-old son!

According to a creditor's claim filed yesterday in L.A., a guy named Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson is requesting a DNA test to prove he is the biological son of the late King of Pop.

A birth certificate was submitted with the claim -- one which lists a "Michael Joseph Jackson" of Indiana as the father and Zerline LaVette Dixon as the mother.

According to the claim, MJ's family pressured Prince Michael Malachi's family to keep quiet.

Coincidentally, Prince Michael is the name of MJ's two "official" sons.


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good for MJ if its true the more the better !@!

1881 days ago


Being a "bio dad" is a very simple, fast process. In order to hire a particular "bio mom" and use a surrogate, is a lengthy, involved, time consuming venture. Usually taking several months of treatments and procedures, much more of a committment then bio dad.

1881 days ago


I know it is disappointing to some of you, but Michael was never attracted to any women.

He did, however, know that sex sells, and really could turn it on for a video, or concert. What kind of career would he have had if he stood on stage like a tree.

1881 days ago

Blanket's Mom    

#448 and 449: You do make good points. And I rarely ever saw M.J. exhuding much sexuality when off the stage. (Offstage, in interviews, etc., he did seem quite asexual and androgynous, which is intriguing and cool in a different kind of way.)

He also didn't seem very sexual at all even onstage (crotch thing, aside, which is as much homo-erotic as it is hetero-erotic) until about '89 - '99 or so ... but with each tour he got more and more explicit. (I didn't realize this until watching some of the concert footage on youtube recently.)

Some things like the finger twirling - which all women "get" - seem a little shocking juxtaposed against his cultivated innocent persona, and I think be the HIStory tour he was even to the point of crossing the line into vulgarity at times.

But then this was the era when all that sex on stage was getting pumped up a notch by the likes of Madonna, Prince, and others, so he had to keep up. I am aware too, that the obligatory "fan" who manages to get on stagee each gig for a hug and squeeze-fest was always a plant, but many of his fans apparently don't realize that, judging from the youtube gushing.

I also know the sexy "dirty dancing" had nothing to do with his sexual preferences. (Exhibit A: Ricky Martin) But I don't believe for a minute he was asexual. That dude had sexual thoughts and fantasies that he drew from to rev up those performances, and don't forget all the porn that they found in Neverland, etc., with his fingerprints on it.

(Also, though I don't think LMP really told the whole truth about that relationship, she did write one song - amongst several - about him, where she refers to his "maturbatory ways" - which could have more than one meaning, lol!)

Anyway, my own conclusion on this matter (unless some shocker has yet to be revealed) is that he was not asexual but he was also not "straight." His obsession was truly kids, and I have been shocked at to find out how often he had favorite male boy pals with him on the road during most of his world tours. (There are a surprising number of photos online of this - from when he was touring in overseas countries, especially.)

That said, I don't think he was a "predator." But I think he repressed a lot of things ... He was a terribly conflicted person, IMO, and thus his unhappiness.

It's just a shame. There are no fairy tales, after all. Mike didn't deserve this kind of death, no matter what his faults. Far from it;and this mess since then is really tarnishing his memory and legacy, and he needs to be buried now! It's an outrage.

And, finally, of course this is a ridiculously bogus paternity claim. What a side show!

1881 days ago

Tea Kantic    

wow, i totally agree with Emma. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE michael jackson

1881 days ago

Tea Kantic    

i agree with emma! i am a HUGE HUGE HUGE michael jackson fan

1881 days ago

Tea Kantic    

Although Michael appearance to some people is strange and eccentric. I adore his appearance! Michael is so down to earth and caring. He has the greatest personality in the world. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON!

1881 days ago


This guy is telling the truth I know him personally and I have seen pics of his mom in the 80s with MJ.... AND HE ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE MJ BEFORE THE PLASTIC SURGERY and I was told alot of info that not many peeps know about the fam so yea no hoax all real and I was told this years ago I saw the birth certificate as well!!!!!

1880 days ago


Friend of this story. Do you have any pics of him?

1880 days ago



1880 days ago


8/28/09 Prince Michael Malichi knows who his father is, there are numerous men living in CA with the same name, here are the ages 38, 51, 56, 61, the name Prince and Micheal was famous in the 80's my girlfriend youngest brother name is Prince Micheal David Jackson.

1880 days ago


Omqq . i Hope he actually has a son that is really his.
we love paris,prince, and blanket but, they arent really his CHILDREN. i want to see what this oriqinal Prince Michael looks like. he miqht be as qawrqeous as his dad USED to be.
Well; Give us more information HARVEY.
andd We Love you Michael

BEAt It [: ‹3

1880 days ago


Hello I am Pam of texas queria to know if the diary can clarify in algun moment who was the secret girlfriend(fiancée) of Michael Jackson since according to the wed they are two them opciones:la fond of children and this girl that they assure chateaba with And with which(whom) I obsessIn one of many(many people) you paginate they assure that in a channel of chili they offer recompesan to whom they of some help for his(her,your) final ubicasion for mail or social network(net). Since tendrian this way the great one notifies first Here I stop connect them in youtube of the videoes And the linck of one of the pages wait for a response in algun moment we want to know all if it(he,she) was really homosexual or not.

1880 days ago


Hello I am jose Marian aguilar because me envian to my mail the notificasion of which such a pam I publish this commentary you prop it of jackson believe(create) it(he,she) was not homosexual at least leave it to rest already in peace

1880 days ago


Where are the pictures???? They where included in the papers, i know TMZ can get them.

1880 days ago
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