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Michael Jackson Burial Triples in Price

8/27/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe Jackson family's decision to move Michael's burial from a Saturday to a Thursday is gonna cost some serious dough -- at least three times the original price!

According to the Glendale police, the cost for the weekend service would have ran about $50,000 -- 90% of which goes to police handling street closures, security and perimeter control.

But officials say the Jackson family will now have to fork over "at least triple the price" to contract the cops for a weekday burial.

As for the cemetery, we're told it will be on total lockdown -- with security patrolling from the ground and from the air. At least one police chopper will be keeping an eye from the sky.

And just to prove the cops mean business, Sergeant Tom Lorenz is warning uninvited fans, "Don't even try and come, because you won't even be able to see the green of the Forest Lawn."


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Monaco who the hell cares where your from?

1853 days ago


fench apparently you cant even spell french

1853 days ago


MJ did not want to go back to Neverland when he was alive. Why on earth do you think he would want to be there for eternity? It's YOU that is not respecting his wishes. This is the only thing that the family has done right is not trying to bury him there. If MJ wanted Neverland open to the fans, it was to charge them a ridiculous amount of money for admission, so he could make money from a place that he came to hate.

51. forest lawn is not the place for michael to be...its all about what the family wants...its not about what michael wanted...if he could decide...they talk about a expensiv funeral...what is expensiv for the jackson-clan??? burry him on forest lawn is the cheapest way for the jackson to lay his body to rebuild neverland...would take money away from what they thinks..belong to them...this is all about money...michael wanted to open up neverland for the fans...he made that clear in a why not rebuild neverland to keep his legacy alive..??make it possible for the fans to show him respect and love..i dont think he wanted to be burried somewere were none of the real supporters (his fans) are be able to "visit" him...the fans were the only ones really loving him and a handful of other people..but they couldnt get close enough to him to safe his life..MJ´s mother said.."he never wanna to get back to neverland ever"..NO..the jacksons are money hungry..and forest lawn is the cheapest why to "put him in the ground"...its all about money..thats the sad part about it...

Posted at 6:57AM on Aug 27th 2009 by colorful

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1853 days ago


@80 i agree this should be private! The family already had a public memorial! joe and MJs brothers need to stop trying to make money off of Michaels death! I hope Michaels children have wonderful lawyers helping them make sure they will get what their daddy left to them and joe and the others can't take it away!

1853 days ago


Everyone here has a right to state there opinion.

That is what everyone is doing. Stating there opinion.

1853 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

"The cost for for the weekend service would have ran about $50,000..."
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1853 days ago


That's only because the huge circus the Jacksons were hoping for didn't happen. There were even empty seats inside the Center.

78. The LAPD has no idea how much it will cost.
Just like the memorial service was estimated to run at least 4 million and only cost the city a tad over 1 million. We'll see how much it cost when it's done.

Posted at 8:25AM on Aug 27th 2009 by whatever

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1853 days ago


At this point I do not give a crap what they do with mj! I'am so sick of hearing anything about this,enough is enough!! Let the family scrap every dime they can off the dead body,I will never watch anything to do with any of them!!

1853 days ago


della the way it looks is only you and the rest of the keystoners have a right to an opinion

1853 days ago


i say it doesnt matter how much it cost , just let mj be laid to rest finally!!!his family can foot the bill, thats what most families do in a normal situation. i am sure there is enough funds to bury him.. i want to share something with all of you, i live in tampa florida and pinellas county near me, they have put together a plan called oxy-con and what they do is target doctors pharmacies and clients commiting fraud for presription drugs they are getting from the internet, yesterday they swooped in on a pharmacy and arrested 30 people for fraud, and there are more arrests to be made.300,000 has been confiscated in these pharmacies that they made point is mj left us way to soon, but in the end what has happened to mj has opened up many opportunites for the law to keep there eyes open and make sure they get these people before we are here again...he was a wonderful person when he was here with all of us, and he will live on in his legacy of helping others and his amazing talent...he is a important figure for all of us to remember and by what has happened to him maybe just maybe there can be a change in our one should ever have to endure what mj did in life...we love you and miss you!!!! ripmj-sue from tampa

1853 days ago


82. Monaco who the hell cares where your from?

Posted at 8:30AM on Aug 27th 2009 by eddd

83. fench apparently you cant even spell french

Posted at 8:32AM on Aug 27th 2009 by ha
poor people mentally retarded

1853 days ago


This is the saddest Story I have ever heard in my Life. How could a star prodigy be so forsaken by his Family and Friends that they gladly sit by and let his addictions go unresolved to the point of death. NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL......NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL.......NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL........NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL........NO JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL.

1853 days ago


I'm glad they will have such high security at his funeral (even though I understand fans adored him so much and want to say their own goodby). But it should remain a close friend/family event, like any other persons funeral!!! The trouble is, MJ didn't have a few fans did he, he had MILLIONS... so a few thousand (probably even more) idiots getting the same idea, and all turning up at his funeral will just cause caos. I know you loved him, but come on... show some respect for his family.

Also they keep going on about how much it's going to cost... whatever! they are the fricking Jacksons and I am SURE just one of them alone could afford to pay the $50,000 for it all, EVEN $150,000 for Gods sake!

1853 days ago


mj is gone we all need to let him rest in peace not just the family

1853 days ago

while my guitar gently weeps    

I am SO sick of this Liza Minelli quote:
"...All hell is going to break loose.."

Why the hell doesn't anyone ASK her what it meant?!!!
The LA PD?, The MEDIA? Has SHE been on one talk show to explain what she meant? IF the b.... knows something that could help
the investigation, why is she not coming forward?
WHAT, did the Bev. Hillbillies get to her as well?
HOW dare she open her mouth, on a evening when thousands of fans sat stunned with grief and never explain what she meant!!!

Posted at 11:42PM on Aug 26th 2009 by blkbeary

Liza is a Pillar, she has been through her own Tribulations, she has always been very in-touch with the rich and famous nightclubbing scene, especially those with notable sexual peculiarities, she is trustworthy if unique-nesses are displayed or concealed, Michael introduced her to her now husband and Michael was best man or gave her away, I expect if covertness persists, some-one in Hollywood's inner circle' will publish proof' not necessarily Liza, because' the story protecting Michael been itching to be told.

1. Michael was unable to father children in his life-time thanks to father Joe medical intervention, age 12, Italy, reasoning the never-ending' insomnia, extreme fasting {one good meal per month - KFC/chicken} fasting all Sunday's {or obese result's} lack of body hair, facial development, teenage voice never changing {vocal cords never lengthening} effeminate features, plastic surgeries, without beans the frank shortens {plastic}, facial {acne} skin conditioning and Peter-Pan Syndrome. Michael's children are in danger from Mom Jackson not admitting Joe's abuse to Michael.

2. Money can buy unlimited drugs for the Rich and Famous, Michael was an unreported Billionaire' and the cash cow for all that used him, Michael was likely by-passing Dr. Kline by Self Prescribing from Dr. Kline's name, this problem {money = drugs} kills many Stars.

3. Likely Micky Fine Pharmacy was cashing in by letting Michael call in to go orders and OKing other Pharmacies to refill' if Michael was out of town, this problem was slowly killing Michael.

4. The fly-by-night Los Vegas Propofol Pharmacy was implicated in 2007 by the DOJ for mail ordering Steroids to Chris Benoit, other Wrestler's, Pro Sport athletes, teenagers and firemen without repercussions, after Benoit murdered Woman' his little boy' and killed himself, this drug killed Michael, Dr. gave drowsy drug, then' IV drip made Oxygen Starvation, the who, when, how and whys only' give better understanding.

5. California has hated Michael Jackson with a passion, but always reached for the money and kick-back's, Never’ did Michael act the criminal as accused, inexcusably Court accepted false accusation’s as merit’s forcing formal trial, from his Never-land employee’s 1993 {Husband & Wife} sleeping with boy’s false accusation scandal {their son} later, the more frivolous lawsuit {Michael gives boy money/care' saving him from unmediated terminal cancer} curing him' only to get sued by his parents and raped by over a half hour of room full of Police picturing his privates, understand’ Lisa Presley had just married Michael and supported unconditional funding of out of court settlement {the court transcripts stated’ Insurance company forced 1993 settlement} with Lisa forcing Michael into drug rehab at the same time, the similar’ next’ false accusation' failed lawsuit hired the same legal team.

6. Their was no excuse for California's failing to ever improve the five mile road to Never-land {never met highway standard’s} that handicapped, disabled and critically ill children had to travel, Michael donated around 300 Million's to charities’ some assume nearer to 500 Million, contributing over 20% of all his lifetime earning’s, acknowledged the most generous performer ever’ by Guinness Millennium Book notation.

7. Michael was later expelled from Never-land for not providing his overpaid employee’s Health Care Insurance, forcing Michael to default his Homestead' in disgust, money for payment’s was never an issue with Michael, he’d borrow today pay-back tomorrow, California fined Michael $1,000.00 for his 69 over-paid employees, claiming health insurance was not covered, thats $69,000.00 plus usury or near usury accrued interest' with California demanding all the workers to depart' forever, no revenue from Michael's trust 20% for charities needs spent there.
And the Walls come tumbling down

1853 days ago
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