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Joe Francis: I Did Not Punch Brody's Girlfriend

8/28/2009 6:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe FrancisJoe Francis says he did not punch or kick Brody Jenner's girlfriend last night at an L.A. club -- and he says security footage of the incident backs up his story.

Joe tells us he was hanging out with the General Manager for Guys and Dolls when Jayde Nicole pushed him from behind and poured a drink on him.

Joe says he turned around and pulled her hair in reaction to the attack. Francis says this is the only contact he made with Jayde or Brody the entire time ... and security footage from inside the club shows exactly this.

Joe says Brody had punched him and ripped his shirt off. He says the club's GM then escorted him outside to the parking lot and he lit up a cigarette.

Joe says the next thing he knew, he was on the ground. He was later told Brody had blindsided him.

That's when Francis says the club's security tasered Brody.

Other sources tell us the owner of Guys and Dolls, Michael Sutton, has also reviewed the security footage -- and it backs Joe's story.


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Honestly they are all a bunch of class less retards. Proof once again Money doesnt buy class.

1879 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

I'm not buying it ... Joe punched her in the face.... Show us de tapes!!!! Joe is a tool

1879 days ago


This chick is crazy. Ever since she has been involved with brody he
has been involved in nothing but problems. She is a problem starter.
She has a horrible attitude problem and she is constantly sticking
her face in other peoples business. She DESERVED to get her ass
kicked. I hope she gets her ass kicked again because I guarantee that
bitch will not learn her lesson to stay the f out of other peoples
business. Brody should drop her problem causing ass. Hes a moron.

1879 days ago


waste of time*

1879 days ago


Was there: Francis grabbed the brunette by her hair and hit her twice. She went down and it looked like he kicked her. Scrum started and his buddy (manager) got him out.

Jail, jail, jail.

1879 days ago

tmz is the pits    

Thank you Mike #12 for posting this. It's very telling of Francis' character. I am re-posting it in the hopes that more people read it.,0,5620406.story

1879 days ago


Really? First what happened to this woman's face? Did she survive a prior motor vehicle accident where she suffered facial trauma, because it looks like it has been pulled, injected and just plain distorted? Secondly, this is nothing but a drunken bar fight with her crying about it, as I bet her fat lips were smacking their idiotic babble that caused all of this mess. She is very immature, and of course easily led, as anyone who would do that do their face has self esteem issues. This is a non story, a drunken mess that needs to be ignored, let these rats scurry back to their holes, as they are really boring.

1879 days ago



1879 days ago


Joe is a complete piece of S@it!

1879 days ago

Summer in SD    



thats terrible

1879 days ago


All I know is that if you plan on tossing a drink in someones face you better be prepared for the consequences. So what she got her hair pulled I would do worse if someone poured a drink on me. Joe should sue both of their asses.

1879 days ago


As much as I think Joe is a dirtbag, Jadye is just as much of a douche bag, after watching her on the hill trying to act like a "badass"I don't by her story!!! She is a Playmate, and just cause your dating (a guy who slept with all of the girls in Cali) doesn't make you "Oh so up on the Hollywood list". Don't get me wrong, I love some of Hefs girls and believe they have good quality, but for osme reason something rubs the wrong with this chick!

1879 days ago


Jayde, you started the trouble! He should be charging you with assault,(you admitted you poured a drink on him first). Life a little boring for you? Needed a little drama to keep you relevant? Sounds like you might have been a little jealous and involved yourself in other peoples business because if the girl had really been harassed, SHE would have called security!! MYOB ya little drama queen.

1879 days ago

miss me    

i can NOT STAND brody's ugly girlfriend.. who at 20 has to have that much plastic surgery.. fake drama hooker.. ugly too... im with joe on this one

1879 days ago


Wow! She looks like she's trying out for the Octomom Movie role. What a skank! If she poured a drink on me, she better be ready for the consequences.

1879 days ago
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