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DJ AM's Ex in Tears Outside His Apartment

8/29/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman believed to be Hayley Wood, DJ AM's ex-girlfriend, was spotted leaving his apartment late last night looking visibly shaken.

Hayley Wood

Sources close to AM tell us they broke up within the last week and that he was "completely devastated" over it.


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she should ve help him : (

1884 days ago


get the widow on the set - we love dirty laundry.

1884 days ago


Aww poor girl! Rip DJ AM

1884 days ago


Still can't figure out why someone who plays music is "famous". Do they play it better than others? Do they play differently? Why are they seemingly paid a lot to do it??

1884 days ago


It's just a shame that we sometimes let things like drugs override our ability to look past it and see the devastation that it brings to those around us. Drugs NEVER just affect the individual who uses them. They are so far reaching, as demonstrated in the angst of the woman leaving the apartment. Crack, e.t.c., are selfish drugs and when you take them you become just as selfish. It's no longer about anyone around you, your friends, family, people you may inadvertantly kill while using them. It's now all about you. This man had a seemingly good life but he had to let some drug dealer take it away. No person should have to die this way. His passing from drug usuage proves that we have to find other ways to be happy in life.....or find other ways to deal with pain. DRUGS ARE NEVER......NEVER......THE ANSWER!!!

1884 days ago

The Truth    

Y CRY? You freaking caused it you stupid BBBBBBB

1884 days ago


I guess the dumb bitch shouldn't have dumped it. She caused it. Why cry? You didn't want him....lemme she an "actress"???
gotta put on a good show I guess.

1884 days ago

Still in Shock    

I hope this poor girl doesn't blame herself!! Sounds like he reverted back to using, did too much and died.
Its obvious he had issues years ago when he started using.
I don't know how they would be able to tell if it was a suicide or not, did he leave a note? Sounds like accidental overdose.
I hope the woman in the clip can get into some therapy right away so she doesn't drag guilt around with her for the rest of her life.


1884 days ago



1884 days ago


She wanted privacy but left the window of the cab ya ok!

1884 days ago

Still in Shock    

5. Y CRY? You freaking caused it you stupid BBBBBBB

Posted at 11:08AM on Aug 29th 2009 by hollywood


Y do you say "SHE" caused it? Were you in the relationship with them?
No one twists someones arm and "MAKES THEM" smoke crack, use drugs or overdose!!!

1884 days ago


#5 (hollywood)-- You are the stupid BBBBBB, unless you were witness to their relationship you have no clue what happen! She will have to live with this guilt the rest of her life, the what ifs, that will never be answered! She did not cause anything, he may have been in pain due to the break up, have you never broken up with someone and they do something horrible afterwards if not you must be young..? Did she supply the drugs, put them in his mouth..AH NO, so he caused it himself, stop blaming others for something we all have control over, a choice to take those drugs for a few hours of not feeling, it is worth it?

Leave the woman alone, she is in pain as you can see!

1884 days ago

The Dude    

What? The guy died when the plane crashed...he just didn't know until yesterday...

Go cry in private idiot, no one wants your display!

you can cry in front of 500 one will hear or care.

Go to your church/temple/hole in the closet and pray. The only one who really listens.....

....If DJ AM is really worth crying for, go tell the people what he did right instead of crying. Celebrate his accomplishments!
Spin the positive!

....if he didn't accomplish anything, well that sums that up.

1884 days ago


Haley is not to blame. She is obviously in grief and deserves privacy. The paps look like vultures. Why don't they hang out at the airport after a plane crash or an emergency room so they can catch some more families in the midst of their grief when they learn their loved ones have perished. I believe it was suicide which is a choice he made probably due to depression,which he had suffered from for many years. The plane crash was very traumatic to him emotionally and he was very fragile. May God rest his soul for now he has eternal peace.

1884 days ago

Still in Shock    

This guy was an addict. Had been clean. Survived a plane crash that killed people so he probably was trying to deal with "survivors guilt". Who knows when he actually started back using. If he wasnt getting any help after the plane crash then it would only make sense he would relapse and use again to deal with what all was going on.
Then went through a break-up with his girlfriend. Until the autopsy is complete why would anyone blame this girl????

Addicts are responsible for their own behavior!!

I know people who have been through worst than what he was going through and they didn't turn to drugs.

I agree with the other poster, this girl needs help right away so she doesn't carry the guilt with her from now on.

1884 days ago
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