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DJ AM's Ex in Tears Outside His Apartment

8/29/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman believed to be Hayley Wood, DJ AM's ex-girlfriend, was spotted leaving his apartment late last night looking visibly shaken.

Hayley Wood

Sources close to AM tell us they broke up within the last week and that he was "completely devastated" over it.


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The idiot blaming the ex girlfriend for the death of a guy who had a second chance at life but blew it, is really pathetic. Have you ever broken up with anyone? If so do you expect for that person to kill themselves? Most people on this earth have broken up with someone or been dump, but do most go about killing themselves over it unless they were unstable to begin with? You don't even know if she broke up with him because he was doing drugs or cheated on her, but yet you feel that you can don't crap about someone you don't even know.

1818 days ago


WOW! It's so sad to hear someone die so young. DJ AM seemed to be a very down-to-earth, genuine guy. We never heard about him on gossip sites, unless it was about who he dating. I feel bad for his EX. She's so young and maybe she left him over his drug use. When you're young and no matter how much you love a person there's no easy way to handle/help a drug addict. She could've given him an ultimatum thinking it could help. Hopefully this is a lesson to someone in the same situation.

1818 days ago

miss me    

She runs like a freaking HORSE... clopping all over new york good lord girl.. get it together

1818 days ago


She'll probably cry for like 20 minutes. Hollywood love is so cold. People waste other people like trash. Relationship, next relationship, nobody ever gives a CRAP.

1818 days ago


This has become the way of the world. These stupida$$es abuse themselves by taking drugs, smoking crack -- whatever, and it's always someone elses fault. Those posting in here calling this woman a dumb b*tch and saying that she caused his death are numbskulls. Many people, every day, suffer some sort of trauma in their lives and don't resort to illegal drug abuse.

1818 days ago


Are people seriously blaming this girl for his death? Really?
Sorry people break up with people all of the time. They were not married. If she was not happy, she did the right thing. If she did something like cheat on him with his best friend, then maybe it is more understandable that people would blame her..but if she just wasn't happy and broke up with him, it is not her fault.

1818 days ago


I'd like to add that while many people don't resort to illegal (or legal) drug abuse after suffering a breakup or other traumatic events in their lives, many also didn't have the luxury of living the extravagant lifestyles that these jackazzes do.

1818 days ago


9. She wanted privacy but left the window of the cab ya ok!

Posted at 11:15AM on Aug 29th 2009 by Joy

Did you ever think she needed to open the window to get air? She just lost someone she cared for and at this point she doesn't know how to handle the situation, she's a young girl.

1818 days ago


SUICIDE is a long term solution to a TEMPORARY problem

1818 days ago


I'm so sorry this happened. DJ AM - RIP.
To Haley, family, friends, fans - my condolences.

1818 days ago


For Heaven's sake...., she showed up for the glory. If she was
truly devestated, she would be home on the floor, having a mental
breakdown. This is sickening. And, Harvey, right there to give
America what it wants. It is not her fault that he died, but it sure looks pathedic and vile. DO NOT GIVE HER ANY GLORY! She is a hanger-on!

1818 days ago


COME ON LADY... If you are actually mourning over him, why not do it in private instead of trying to be an attention whore? Get a clue!

1818 days ago


26. What a stupid bitch.

Posted at 11:43AM on Aug 29th 2009 by ugh


1818 days ago

Still in Shock    

Have any of you people that are saying she showed up for the attention thought that maybe she was just reacting to the grief???
Even if it seemed over the top to those posting that on here, so what, why judge her????

She didn't kill the guy HE DID!!

People do a lot of stuff they normally would not do when they are grieving the loss of someone.

Have you ever been to a funeral and see someone so grief stricken they have a heart attack and die during the funeral??
Well, I have and it is absolutely horrible!!!!!

1818 days ago

J C    

You can't run away from your problems by drinking,drugging,abusing sex,treating yourself to a good time,overeating,codependency,trill seeking,delusion,false identity,homosexuality,psychiatric meds etc.
Stored up demonized emotions held in by lies an a false concept of Yourself and God will always propell addictive behavior until the demonic strongholds are broken and the person is freed to be who God created them to be by believing in the atoning death on the cross of Jesus Christ and having the demonic strongholds broken.

1818 days ago
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