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Beware of People Pushing MJ Tribute Shows

8/29/2009 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's former manager claims he's shopping "the only 'Official Tribute Shows' honoring Michael Jackson" -- too bad no one in MJ's family knows anything about it.

We obtained a letter sent out by Frank Dileo -- who describes himself as "the manager for Michael Jackson in life and in death" -- and his business partner Mark Lamicka, who are trying to get people on board for Jackson tribute shows in "Canada, China & United Arab Emirates" in 2010.

We spoke to multiple members of the Jackson family -- including Joe Jackson -- who said they had no idea Mark and Frank were doing this.

Now ... a little background: Lamicka was sued for fraud in 2007 by some concert promoters, after he shopped around a tour for the band KISS without permission. According to court docs, Lamicka failed to appear at the trial and a default judgment was entered for $300,000.

We called Lamicka for comment and he said "I don't think there's any truth to this whatsoever ... can I get back to you tomorrow?" We're still waiting.

UPDATE -- Dileo tells TMZ: "That document, that is not my signature on that document, that is not my company, I don't know who these people are, I don't know what else to tell you."


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1880 days ago


happy birthday dear michael jackson
still hope u ll b back
i love u n i know u love me more...

1880 days ago


@ 2. Mo more Wacko-Jacko The Little Freak Is Dead, Just drop him in a Hole so he can Feed the Worms Good riddance Time to move on

Posted at 3:12AM on Aug 29th 2009 by OhWell
u need sum hlp u knw bt still luv u 2

1880 days ago


Happy Birthday MJ !
Was there ANYONE genuine around Michael Jackson? All these freaks STILL trying to take their pound of flesh !
Doesn't matter how many tribute shows there are, the man is gone, they can't damage him anymore.

1880 days ago


Ugh. I wonder if all of this madness will continue until the end of the year....I hope not.

1880 days ago

Think About It... You Be the Judge    

Enough with the junk about Michael today.. TMZ This is Michael's Birthday.. let's all take time to reflect on what he's given us.

Happy Birthday..
If no one will find out the truth...
Rest asured I'll do your fighting now..

You didn't need to die..
I'm dying now and I'll fight
your battle here on earth, until
I see you in "Heaven".

I'll try and have this solved
so you can truly Rest In Peace..
Good Night Sweet Prince..
May God give you the Joy and
Happiness you were never really
able to enjoy on this earth..

My Little Girls.. sends their Love also..

1880 days ago


Who gives a dam about "tribute shows",
we ain't it?
Hey, Jo-main and Jo-bro, I can't go to
any tribute shows because I am saving
my money for the BURIAL.
Besides that, I have purchased a new
Jonas Brother CD, sorry!
Oh, and tell your freaky sis Jo-Toyo-yo
that we won't be watching her on the View.
How pathetic are you all!!!!

1880 days ago


"...trying to get people on board for Jackson tribute shows in 'Canada, China & United Arab Emirates' in 2010."

Uhmmm... I think they missed one. In case Dileo can't remember, Michael Jackson happens to be American, born and bred and first made successful in the grand old US of A.

Not that these so-called "tribute" shows -- otherwise known as yet more events for greedy, questionable people to make money off of Michael's legacy -- will necessarily amount to anything anyway.


1880 days ago


Someone tell this man when he died so did their contract and his employment. Micheal's team of attorneys as well as papa Joe will be after you. So many wanted a piece of him that they won't let it go even in death. Happy Heavenly Birthday Micheal . Love you more.

1880 days ago

a fan    

Happy Birthday Michael. RIP. You are and always will be the "King of Pop". Their is no replacement. We all love you and I know you love us more....

1880 days ago


No comments yet

1880 days ago


MJ has supported his hole family since he was five years old, and now what? They’re still trying to live on him by planing numerous publicity stunts.

MJ is gone, it was him we’d bought tickets to se, now please bury him, it’s been over two months and he still lays in a freezer even today on his 51 th birthday.

Happy birthday, King of pop!

1880 days ago

just sayen    

It's about remembering together the gift of life so many feel blessed to have witnessed & honored to be a part of. My only post today as I too reflect back in my own private way. For those who may not know;
Michael Joseph Jackson
August 29, 1958 at 10:00 AM in Gary (IN) (USA)
Happy Birthday
Thank you for what you gave us all
Catch up with you each on Sunday ;)
Mayhaps we can share how we each decided to spend the day in reflection of MJ & Sen. Kennedy as well.
Prayers, love & peace to each!

1880 days ago

Linda Mott    

It seems that lately TMZ is reporting crimes, deaths, suicides, divorces and legal actions. Sen. Ted Kennedy's death was not even mentioned. I am a Republican, but I think we should have heard some report of a man that honored and served America most of his life.

1880 days ago


Excuse me what's with this stuff in the English newspapers here that Michael is NOT going to be buried today now but on September 3rd. Any of you guys over there know what's going on please? Thanks

1880 days ago
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