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Obama Vacation Tip Not All That

8/30/2009 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama is usually quite the gracious tipper, but stories of him dropping dollars in Martha's Vineyard are a tad exaggerated.

Barack Obama

It sounded like a good economic indicator when it was reported today that the Prez tipped the clerk at a general store $15 on $5 of ice cream and candy. But according to the clerk we spoke to, Barack took his change with him: "What tip? He didn't leave a tip. We don't have a tip jar, he took his change."

However, at the second store he visited, Barack did let the clerk keep the change -- a whopping $1.99.

Every penny counts.


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WTF were is my freakin 2 week vacation? My family didnt get to go on vacation this year because my unemployment could only pay half of my bills so no wonderful well deservied family vacation for us. THANKS OBAMA FOR SHOWING OFF YOUR VACATION TO THE THOSE WHO COULDNT AFFORD ONE THIS YEAR! A-HOLE

1846 days ago


I never heard of tipping a store clerk. I don't think Obabma or anybody else needs to do that.

Slow news day, TMZ?

1846 days ago

Intense Visuals is a non-partisan, nonprofit, website.
Your opinion of the website is irrelevant.
The information is accurate.

1846 days ago


Who cares!!! We are losing our jobs and your posting how Obama doesn't tip well?!!?! What newsworthy information!!!!!!!!

1846 days ago

Who cares    

President Kennedy never had money on him and his staff paid for everything, same for President Obama, I wouldn't expect him to tip me for an ice cream cone. I'm a Vegan I'd tell him to run for his life from the ice cream parlor!

1846 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

why can't I have health care too? .. Where's mai American Dream??!? .. Is it wrong to want to be healthy? ... Why don't you care? .. I care about you

1846 days ago


You're worried about him tipping. Stop trying to nitpick every move the prez makes especially about tipping. I don't see that it's a requirement to tip, it's a nice gesture because you are tipping because you appreciate the service but remember attendants get an hourly wage. Do we tip the McDonalds staff or Burger King staff, etc? NO, what makes this service any different. If this were a fancy restaurant, it's different because waiters/waitresses/bus-boys live on their tip money. Expecting to tip a person at an ice-cream parlor is up to the individual and it's the President's option if he'd like to tip or not, just like everyone else.

1846 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

I am an American.. I have worked all my life and pay taxes ... Why can't I have health insurance??!? ... Why don't you care? ... I pay my taxes and I care about you?

1846 days ago

J Morris    

Hey Libs Your idol doesn't tip? Blacks never tip its true ask a waiter Typical libs They're always are for the little guy until it means splitting with their own cash

1846 days ago


Most liberals are TERRIBLE tippers. That is a proven FACT. Most of the politicians on the democrat side donate less than 1% to charity.
They want OTHER people to give THEIR money, not their own.

1846 days ago

Dalia Voltex    

Whoa so many dimwitted people here!

1846 days ago


so what's the BIG friggin deal if the Pres did not leave a huge tip???

give me a break!

1846 days ago

john araya    

obama is a joke! carrying on the bush agenda... oh yeah thats change.

1846 days ago


Thanks TMZ for once again allowing the hate mongers to have a forum.


Oh yeah he was a good Ole Boy so nothing wrong with that.
Bush was on vacation when hurricane Katrina hit.
I wish these loud mouths would have been more vocal 4000 soldier lives back ago.

1846 days ago


Typical democrat cheap with their own money.

1846 days ago
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