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Obama Vacation Tip Not All That

8/30/2009 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama is usually quite the gracious tipper, but stories of him dropping dollars in Martha's Vineyard are a tad exaggerated.

Barack Obama

It sounded like a good economic indicator when it was reported today that the Prez tipped the clerk at a general store $15 on $5 of ice cream and candy. But according to the clerk we spoke to, Barack took his change with him: "What tip? He didn't leave a tip. We don't have a tip jar, he took his change."

However, at the second store he visited, Barack did let the clerk keep the change -- a whopping $1.99.

Every penny counts.


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I've never tipped a clerk or cashier nor has anyone I know. Is this something expected from the elite?

1816 days ago



1816 days ago


who gives a rats ass

1816 days ago


He should keep his change and buy his little girl a hair brush. Woof!

1816 days ago


You don't tip store cashiers!!!!! So what is the big deal??? Get it together TMZ.

1816 days ago


Who cares about whether he tipped a cashier or not. For the 3rd grade teacher....that was quite a poor analogy about the parallell elections. in our society, that's just the way it can you even trust anyone's promises even if they did explain how the promises would be granted. It is up to the voters to decide whether they trust the candidate and if they are willing to wait out the process and leave the timeline as realistic as possible. That's exactly how Ted kennedy handled his political base, and others should follow suit. All these minute observations that everyone makes of Obama on a regular basis...where were the observant people during the last eight years???? I do agree with the poster about Obama not fully acknowledging MJ's death. I personally have a problem with that. It seems that he was not at all hesitant about making remarks pertaining to Gates. Like MJ, Ted kennedy made mistakes and had flaws, but one can not erase the impact that both of these men had on making this a better world by treating people with "help" and "respect". MJ's family started out poor and Kennnedy was born to wealth' yet they both believed in the same thing....simply helping the less fortunate. RIP to both of these great human beings....Ted and Michael.

1816 days ago


10. Obama is the only president in the world who din not order o mourn day for Michael's funeral. The whole world is

Why should our President honor a drug addict? What kind of message would that send to his girls, and the Nation as a whole?

Granted, MJ was a talented performer, but his life is not one that should deserve a special honor. Leave that to his musician friends.

1816 days ago

Veronica Cassis    

I like too much OBAMA

Veronica from Chile

1816 days ago


Lisa Lampenelli The comedian says, If you buy a Canoe, Paint it Black, because it will never tip lol

1816 days ago


Kelli: I agree! I actually feel it's inappropriate for any world leader to acknowledge this. He wasn't a fellow world leader, he was terrible with money (always being sued for non-payment, shopaholic), and he was a drug addict.

The only community that showed appropriate mourning was the entertainment industry.

MJ had nothing to do with politics so the Prez isn't obligated to say ANYTHING publicly.

Prez Obama didn't say anything about Farrah Fawcett either. Why? She was an ACTRESS. He won't say anything about me if I die either. Why? I'm a NOBODY. LOL

1816 days ago


MJ was accused of molesting children. Of course president Obama grew up listening to MJ,but fox news and the rest of the right wing would have ate him alive if he had been anymore complimentary.

1816 days ago

That Guy :)    

How much cash tipping to George Bush do while on one of his countless vacations?

Would have been awesome though if he had given stock tips like "buy Halliburton or Exxon."

1816 days ago


I agree with #62 . But President Obama sure had alot of nice things to say about Ted Kennedy who actually killed a woman.

1816 days ago


I dont see why Obama needs to kiss MJ's butt. You guys dont make any sense! He would have been given HELL if he praised Jackson... whether you MJ lovers want to believe it or not, MJ was accused of being a child molester and a drug addict. That is certainly not the kind of person that the president needs to get caught up with. MJ did nothing as far as politics are concerned. Its completely moronic on your part to think that he should have publicly mourned his death and praised his life.

1816 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

His wife is so fat, I'm glad to see that she was kept out of the grocery store. Just think of the global warming created in the production of all the food she eats and the waste her enormous body creates. Shame on her!

1816 days ago
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