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Obama Vacation Tip Not All That

8/30/2009 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama is usually quite the gracious tipper, but stories of him dropping dollars in Martha's Vineyard are a tad exaggerated.

Barack Obama

It sounded like a good economic indicator when it was reported today that the Prez tipped the clerk at a general store $15 on $5 of ice cream and candy. But according to the clerk we spoke to, Barack took his change with him: "What tip? He didn't leave a tip. We don't have a tip jar, he took his change."

However, at the second store he visited, Barack did let the clerk keep the change -- a whopping $1.99.

Every penny counts.


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102. If Obama would have tipped generously they would criticize him for being out of touch. If he doesn't tip well then they label him cheap. The guy can't win. Pass universal health care, like every other industrial country in west, and Obama will go down as one of the greatest Presidents ever. If he doesn't, his presidency will be a failure.


Have you even studied what the "healthcare" bill is about? Obviously not. You are a great example of dumbing down America. Hopefully, you aren't old enough to vote.

In the event you are old enough to vote - then educate yourself! It's people like you that will hand our country over to marxists.

1880 days ago


Some of you people sound like you are eating sour grapes. Let me send over some whine and cheese. I didn't know if you go to a store to buy something you had to leave a tip. I don't think any of you whinner would be doing that either. If I went to a Basken Robins ice cream place I would go up to the counter and order and pay for my ice cream. I would expect my change back like all of you. Funny had this been Bush you probably wouldn't say a thing. But its Obama and you aren't happy until you critize him. Obama has a great attitude always smiling and just keeps on movin.

1880 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

You would think with over 350 million Americans, we could have come up with better candidates for President. Egotistical Obama, Shrillery Hillary, and an Old Man. We should have elected the Old Man. At least we know that the Old Man is a Hero and a True American. When Obama strutted around overseas and kept apologizing for America, I knew we had a traitor President. I think we should change the rules. To be President you must be at least 55 years old and have served in a United States Armed Service. Obama is a Coward and shouldn't have been elected.

1880 days ago



1880 days ago


Why would anyone tip a clerk at the checkout? That makes no sense. Many clerks are not ALLOWED to accept tips; not part of the etiquette protocol. Silly story on TMZ's part. I guess they could find little else to make a story.

1880 days ago


And number 10: Surely you do not suggest a national day of mourning for him. As much as I loved him and miss him for no particular reason, I would not expect the President to make a huge brouhaha over it. Where do these comments originate in some minds?

1880 days ago


REALLY 105 ? REALLY ? the old man a true hero and true American ? yeah ok , i'll give u that , but Obama a traitor ? wtf are you drinking ? Bush INVADED IRAQ supposedly to find weapons of mass distruction , and didnt find any ! BUT kept the war going and changed the name of the war to operation iraqi freedom so his fat cat friends from texas like exxon and haliburton can keep making money ! u are an idiot if u couldnt see through that b.s ! YOUNG MEN ARE DYING STILL AND PAYING FOR BUSHES LIES ! BUSH is the real traitor , he has ruined the integrity of this country and drove it broke for selfish reasons ! and if u think u can do a better job and want to be a hero , why dont u go to your local recruiting office and volunteer to fight the mess that BUSH left behind you ignorant ass !

1880 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Obama swaggers around like a Supreme Dictator. I can't watch him on TV anymore. I have never worried about our country because I've always thought and had faith that our leaders would always have our best interest at heart and protect us. Obama doesn't. He, like many black people, is a Racist. It's almost like he is trying to start a war with white people. Oh, yeah, read your dumb Health Bill, Obama. You don't even know what's in it. I have friends in England and Canada and they hate socialized medicine. They say we will really be sorry if it is passed.
Is that snuff or chewing tobacco behind Michelle's lower lip? Just curious.

1880 days ago


99. Butt ugly kidsm fugly wife and druggie father... typical blacks....


Posted at 9:27PM on Aug 30th 2009 by Rob


Have you completely lost your mind, or were you born with half a brain?
God help you - you are wandering in the land of the clueless and ignorant. I hope you live nowhere near Boston!

Read more:

1880 days ago


#107...GOOD POST!!!

1880 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#107 You are an Idiot and so is Obama !!! Or, maybe you are Obama.

1880 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Sorry, I meant #106. 106 is the Ignorant Ass

1880 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Jimmy Carter is happy that he won't be called the "Worse President in America's History'. Obama took that title over in just 8 months.

1880 days ago


Seriously who cares! HE should not be taking vacations! He should be fired!!!! The country is going down hill and all he does is spend spend spend and hang out with his rich celebrity friends. What a joke!!!!!

1880 days ago


Tipping is a non issue. What is most important is how hurt the children of parents who have lost their jobs, homes, insurance, bank accounts etc. feel when they see pictures of the Obama girls enjoying their vacations at the Grand Canyons and Martha's Vineyard. These children barely have food on their tables. How insensitive of Mr and Mrs Obama to flaunt their joy when millions are so worried if they even HAVE a future. Most of us work all year and are entitled to two weeks vacation. Not Obama! He has been on the job for only eight months and WOW, off they go, vacationing! Aside from all the doubts about Obama, this vacation thing has struck like a load of bricks. Go figure!!!

1880 days ago
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