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Jon Gosselin -- Minus Kate, Plus His Mother

8/30/2009 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Puppies and babies are chick magnets -- moms are not.

Jon Gosselin -- Launch photos

But Jon Gosselin hasn't been single for awhile, so we'll forgive him the faux pas he pulled yesterday at Wet Republic at MGM Grand Hotel. But there was still a bevy of beauties coming in and out of John's cabana.

Although that was probably more the cameras than it was Jon's game.


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She's Dumb    


1823 days ago


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1822 days ago


People who keep wondering if Jon and the kids have Down's syndrome must have never known anybody with Down's, and also must have never known anybody of Asian heritage. Jon is half Korean, his kids are 1/4 Korean. His kids don't look "strange" or "retarded", they just look part Korean.

Down's' syndrome (also called Down syndrome) is due to a spontaneous slight error in cell division soon after conception usually involving getting an extra copy of the 21st chromosome (so there are 3 total rather than 2 of that chromosome, hence the technical name Trisomy 21 for the syndrome). Some bad things happen when we have 47 chromosomes instead of the usual 46, unfortunately. It occurs in all people around the world, although various versions of it result in different degrees of disability (so some people with it can be relatively high functioning, while others are low-functioning and many are in the middle with moderate retardation).

Since the error is spontaneous among people with the normal 46 chromosomes, it is typically not "passed on" genetically unless one of the parents has certain very rare genetic anomalies to increase risk of the error (showing no symptoms themselves) or actually has Down's syndrome (but conception by people with Down's is quite rare, males are usually infertile). I knew one family whose first child had a severe form of Down's - they were advised to not worry about having another child with Downs, it was a rare event and was very unlikely to strike twice. They went on to have a passel of kids (probably close to 8!) and their oldest was the only one with the syndrome. Today it's recognized that a lot can be done very early to help kids with Down's to maximize achievement of their potential, but it does require a lot more work than with non-Down's kids.

There is a certain common "look" to people with the syndrome, and one of these common features involves a "upward slant" of the eyes due to an epicanthal fold that is also common among various Asian groups such as Koreans. There are many other features that have no resemblance to anything Asian, and Jon plus 8 don't show any of them... Honestly, if everybody with Down's had blue eyes, some folks would be thinking everybody with blue eyes had Down's!

1820 days ago
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