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Jayde Nicole -- That's My Story...

8/31/2009 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brody Jenner's girlfriend Jayde Nicole is sticking by her side of what went down last week when she and Joe Francis got into an altercation at a Hollywood club -- saying she was "beaten in the face and body" and there are witnesses to prove it.

Jayde's rep just released this statement:

"On Friday August 28 at approximately 1:20 A.M., Jayde Nicole was the victim of a violent assault when she was attacked from behind, thrown down to the ground by her hair, and beaten in the face and body in front of multiple witnesses by a person identified as Joe Francis.

Jayde immediately reported the assault to the police and is continuing to cooperate fully in the ongoing police investigation of Mr. Francis. Because of the ongoing criminal investigation of Mr. Francis, it will be inappropriate to comment further at this time out of respect for the law enforcement process.

Photographs and hospital records of Jayde's injuries and video footage of the attack clearly corroborate the crimes committed by Francis, and it is the hope of those who love and care about Jayde, that Mr. Francis will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."


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Nice editing skills TMZ.

1849 days ago

What's UP??    

Are you kidding me?? This out of control freak, Jayde needs to be prosicuted!! Psycho Bit**!! She needed to get bitch slapped... Unbelievable!! I am a female, and I'm sick and tired of watching her BS all the time..

1849 days ago


I hope Jayde is feeling better...
And Joe needs to be put back in Jail!!!!! ASAP
No man should ever hit a woman...

1849 days ago


Jayde just needs to go away! DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. She always looks for a fight and provoke people like some she-bully that is gonna start crap with the wrong person one day!

1849 days ago


Girls need to learn that they can't be violent towards men. Hello...we are not physical equals.

Cute girls like jayde think that they are special and can throw drinks on people and get away with it...they just don't realize that men are only nice to them because they are cute, not because they are special.

To someone like Joe, who is around beautiful girls doing whatever he wants them to...he's not impressed by cute girls and he acts like most men do when they aren't interested in f-ing a girl...jayde should learn not to attack people...esp stronger ones.

1849 days ago


I'm not crazy about this wretch either, but there is no denying Joe IS a douchecanoe.

1849 days ago


Let's see the video. I still think the chick is lying.

1849 days ago

Mary Sapp    

By any chance could alcohol have played a role in the altercation???

1849 days ago


Someone in the crowd probably punched her for looking like Joan Rivers at 22 years old.

1849 days ago


Who is this girl and why does she have a rep?

1849 days ago


FYI Jayde: Previous court cases have already established that throwing a drink on someone IS ASSAULT. You can try to play the innocent victim all you want, but facts are facts and you already admitted to assaulting him first.
Now take your Joan Rivers looking mug and your drama and get lost.

1849 days ago

no more rednecks    

That's what she gets for not minding her own business and throwing a drink in someone's face. She thinks she's better than everyone and now she realizes she's not. Haha, you got what you deserve!

1849 days ago


You people make me sick! Whether you like Jayde or you don't, whether you agree with her pouring water on a man for harrasing another woman or not; NO WOMAN EVER DESERVES TO BE BEATEN! Joe is a slimeball who has been hurting women for years! I think all of his defenders need to set up a date with Joe and a woman they care for dearly! And as for #3, you should give Joe a call, you seem his type. I cannot wait for these tapes because they WILL prove that Joe has added beating women to his repetoire. His future jailhouse girlfiends will be the ones who teach him the lessons he needs to learn!

1849 days ago

Chris G.    

Cute girls like Jayde? Are you kidding? She really does look like a young Joan Rivers. How many plastic surgeries has this young girl had? Her eyes, nose, and lips look like they've been under the knife at least once.

1849 days ago


time for joe francis to go buy his blue sweater. chris brown can advise you where to purchase one.

1849 days ago
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