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Reality Vet -- Fiore Death Makes Reality TV 'Scary'

8/31/2009 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Road Rules" star Mark Long has either been on or hosted just about every reality show on MTV -- so when he says Ryan Jenkins has made reality television "scary," we tend to believe him.

Mark Long

Long actually hosted the premiere party for "Megan Wants a Millionaire," the VH1 show Jenkins was a contestant on. He didn't meet Jenkins, but he says Megan Hauserman told him she never suspected Jenkins was capable of something so horrific.

Jenkins was wanted in connection with the murder of his wife, Jasmine Fiore. He hung himself on August 23.


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1880 days ago


Who is this Jerk to say that He does not care of Jenkins' family ?

That's ignorant !

1880 days ago


THis guy needs to grow up and get a real job!

1880 days ago


Never seen this guy or heard of him. (Translation ... couldn't care less what he says) What else ya got, TMZ?

1880 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Ryan Jenkins now hangs out with Wacko Jacko.

1880 days ago


The article said "He hung himself on August 23". It is always "hanged" when talking about a person with a noose around the neck. Dictionary dot com says; "to suspend (oneself) by the neck until dead: He hanged himself from a beam in the attic. "

1880 days ago

Sad sad    

Jayson hey clean your ears he said he even feels bad for his family.

1880 days ago

Hugh Jass    

agree with rhode/#7
"Hanged" is when one is suspended by the neck until dead, "hung" is for a side of beef to let it tenderize for up to a week or for silly braggarts about their penis size. (But who cares? The typical vaginal depth is only about 5 inches. So, why would anyone want to brag about having to have coitus from across the room, that's hardly intimacy!)

1880 days ago


Oh, please! Don't turn this into something it's not! There is absolutely no conspiracy and/or correlation between Reality TV and murderers. I guarantee people are more likely to murder someone than they are to feel compelled to be cast onto a reality show. Just because some douchebag that low and behold subjected himself to reality tv and also just-so-happened to off someone now we're all wanting to point fingers on how this could have happened and how eerie it is that this airhead damsel from Reality TV could have potentially been in danger because of this man. Some people become corrupt, that's just how it goes, regardless of whether they're put on some asinine show on TV, and regardless of whether people "suspect" it or not.

1880 days ago


look at the dumb blonde bimbo smiling away next to him. a tragedy happens and she is there smiling like yet another dumb airheaded reality star wannabe. he seems cool he was on back when i used to watch mtv...whatever!

1880 days ago

Linda Mott    

People make the assumption that if someone is on a tv show, movie or in politics that they can be trusted. All it mean is that they have some fame attached to them. You really must think of them as familiar strangers.

1880 days ago


It's not the t.v. show that should be scary. It's the people who come on the show. This guys was as screwed up as a soup sandwich. Beating women and thinking that that makes him God's gift. He would have done that to a woman, t.v. show or not.

1880 days ago


First off, WHO CARES what this guy thinks?

Secondly, all he did was state the obvious. This bodes poorly for reality TV? Gee, ya THINK!?

TMZ, you can do better than this! With all of the other leads related to this story that need following up on (her 2004 conviction for soliciting sex? WHERE ARE THE HOWARD STERN TAPES/ADS? "April Vaughn?" Ryan assaulting strangers on MacLeod Trail!!? and Daddy's money protecting him! Why was Ryan suddenly yanked out of high school his senior year and then sent to an expensive private school?!), why post this waste of space? I want my two minutes back!!

1880 days ago


VH1 should be sued for not dong backround checks and accessory to murder. They are complete idiots for not creating a safe enviornment.

1880 days ago


I feel bad for Ryan's family too, they lost a son/brother/..

1880 days ago
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