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Jackson Burial Goes to Court

9/1/2009 11:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonTMZ has learned Katherine Jackson has filed legal papers asking the judge in the Jackson probate case to have the estate pay for the burial.

Informed sources tell us lawyers for the estate will neither support nor oppose the motion -- but rather they will leave it to the judge.

A hearing is set for tomorrow at 9:30 AM PST.

The burial is set for Thursday.

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I have heard the burial is set for Friday at Dusk that true?

1841 days ago


Excuse me why is this news and why is it so many are arguing against Mrs. Jackson. Everyone is suppose to prepared for their funeral and burial when they die, your families shouldn't have to pay for it and neither should your children. Leave them alone please, do you want tax payers money to go towards it or what????

Just as much as Michael's family owe him, he owes them as well for his upbringing, that love, support and discipline started some place call HOME. Give it a rest everyone and stop criticizing what is normal except in a public space (people's lives).

Michael should pay for his funeral boo everyone from one of M.J.'s seriously loveable fan.

1841 days ago


i thought it might be delayed by fire or something, but not this.
i hope they find the money for it soon. i hope you are at peace michael wherever you are

love you and miss you

1841 days ago

Insanity 7.2 Censored By TMZ    

25. 23. Insanity Says:

Look Who Just Walked In The Place....
Read more:

You are scaring me now lol


Insanity Didn't mean to be a goul..

1841 days ago


I love MJ very much , but I am familiar with burial arrangements . The cost of teh burial and services usually comes out of teh life insurance or the estate . This is standard .

1841 days ago

Insanity 7.2 Censored By TMZ    

ICG Says:

Check T you in??

1841 days ago



The family can not pool their money together to bury MJ!!!!

1841 days ago


It's not unusual for people to pay for their own funerals and burial through estate planning... having said that... WTF? R U SERIOUS? It's not that he's paying, it's the price!!! They keep announcing a burial that fans aren't welcome to attend (Why announce, jackasses?) and then they are "forced" to pay for the security surrounding an internment that you and I could get for a fraction of the price because we don't expect 10,000 people to show!! And he's dead, does it matter who he's next to and what's on the walls of the masoleum? Jesus, my family will cremate me and keep all their damn money

1841 days ago


My family used my grandmother's money to pay for her funeral. It's not a big deal. When I die, I want my family to use my money for my funeral and burial as well. I don't want them to have another burden on their shoulders after I die and try to foot the bill - it can get really expensive.

I don't see why everyone has a problem with MICHAEL JACKSON'S estate paying for MICHAEL JACKSON'S burial/funeral. Why should his broke mother foot the bill? Everyone knows MJ was supporting her financially all these years..

1841 days ago


Good Evening Room.

1841 days ago

emily this family broken? i mean, I bet janet's got money to pay for his burial..are they trying to dealy it AGAIN??

1841 days ago


For God's sakes!! Just bury the freak!! He has to be smelling up the morgue by now!!!

1841 days ago


I don't agree with you #35. Michael was suppose to be buried on August 29th his birthday and the JACKSON's changed it because they weren't ready...Michael's been dead for 2 months, I KNOW for a fact Michael was READY to be buried. The State NOW wants to charge the Jackson $50,000 dollars more to have the burial because of contract issues with security. I feel like why in the hell should the state pay for the Jackson's not being ready to bury Michael when they already had ONE big memorial which they DIDN'T have to pay for anything? Why does Michael have to pay for his OWN burial? Katherine Jackson Hits the courts up every 5 days and the ESTATE has to pay the lawyers, I think between ALL of that family, brothers, sisters, nephews, cousins, THEY CAN PUT UP $50,000 bucks and bury michael themselves.

1841 days ago


It is normal for funeral expenses to be taken out of the estate. Funeral expenses are considered part of a descedent's final expenses (along with a final hospital bill usually). Besides which, technically his mother will be paying for it as she inherits 40% of his estate.

1841 days ago


Wow, lots of Jackson family haters on here. It is absolutely standard and customary that funeral costs are borne by the deceased's estate. This is not news. But if you want to turn something ordinary into a cudgel to beat this family with, I guess the funeral is as good as anything else.

1841 days ago
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