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Jackson Burial Goes to Court

9/1/2009 11:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonTMZ has learned Katherine Jackson has filed legal papers asking the judge in the Jackson probate case to have the estate pay for the burial.

Informed sources tell us lawyers for the estate will neither support nor oppose the motion -- but rather they will leave it to the judge.

A hearing is set for tomorrow at 9:30 AM PST.

The burial is set for Thursday.

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what a cheap biotch.

1876 days ago


There is only one Insanity and you sure are Insanity !! LOLOL

85. Insanity Says Hey T:

Some one had the audacity to claim Insanity was intellectual! This is preposterous! The nerve Insanity is Insanity....

Posted at 11:40PM on Sep 1st 2009 by Insanity Cyber Gansta 7.2

1876 days ago


hey Insanity let's grab some shovels and let's just go bury him ourselves... ..... It hurts my heart to know he's just sitting there .

1876 days ago


93. MJ bailed Havenhurst out of bankruptcy, Katherine has already received an advance from the estate but now we have to hit MJ's estate up for the burial expenses. Hmmmmm........Nice.

Posted at 11:48PM on Sep 1st 2009 by janalal4

Read more:

Havenhurst belonged to MJ (see TMZ's breakdown of MJ's assets) and Katherine took on the added expense of MJ's children (most trusts do include a monthly or yearly stipend for living expenses) and once again, burial expenses ARE A PART OF THE DESCEDENT'S ESTATE. She is merely going to court because any expenses have to be approved by a judge.

1876 days ago

Mary Sapp    

Well of course the estate pays for the funeral. Family only gets stuck with the bill when the decedent left no insurance and/or sufficient funds to cover the cost. Some of you seem so surprised by this. Who did you think pays for funeral expenses and all that it entails when a family member dies? The government??

1876 days ago


66. Perhaps they announced his burial because in the comment section of EVERY SINGLE MJ ARTICLE FOR THE LAST TWO MONTHS THERE ARE SEVERAL COMMENTS ASKING WHEN IS THE BURIAL??? Just maybe they announced it so commenters would finally SHUT UP. In reality it is NOBODY'S business when and where he will be buried. They didn't have to say ANYTHING. As I see it, the family is damned if you do, damned if you don't. If they didn't announce it, fans would complain, now that they have announced it, fans are complaining. Everyone should just shut up and allow them to bury the man however they, HIS FAMILY, chooses to.

Posted at 11:20PM on Sep 1st 2009 by AMAZED

BULLCRAP!!! Why announce the burial at all if the fans aren't allowed to pay there respects in the first place? Why not have a private burial, then announce it? Its not they are paying OR HAVE paid anything in the first place anyways. Why not keep the first date that was planned in the first place instead of changing dates because they WERE NOT READY. Michael SURE WAS READY TO BE BURIED. Maybe its because the News channels will try and get a closeup, or a helicopter will fly over the burial site? They are OBVIOUSLY doing this for publicity. To keep Michaels name in everybody's mouth. Please save the sobb stores about they JACKSONS can do whatever they with his burial. I think they should be stopped, they have been doing whatever they want since michaels been gone.

1876 days ago

Gotham Gossips    

Did the estate also pay for the french manicure and hairstyle Katherine got to attend Michael's memorial?

1876 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Anyone on here from Texas DIXIE AND I have a bone 4ya

1876 days ago


To # 92 Posted at 11:48PM on Sep 1st 2009 by susan =
"The burial costs always come out of an estate"

Really ? where is that mandate written ?

It's not that they have to go to court to get permission to take from the estate anyway, most are informed of that necessity.
It's that MJ pays for his own burial that has touched a nerve,
Why try to spin this as if your more enlightned then everyone here.

1876 days ago


Everyday is a sad day and I was wondering all this time What has taken so long with the burial? so, now we just about find out what was going on? I wonder how they sleep at night

so sad...Love you Michael.RIP

1876 days ago


I feel pretty sorry for that make-up artist. After over two months, that body is not in good condition. Anna Nicole could not even have an open coffin waking, which is what was wanted, after 3 weeks because of the decomposition that was already setting in. During the court case, the coroner was constantly being questioned about the condition, as time went on during the hearings. After 3 weeks, it was no longer possible.

73. Michael Jackson in a Concrete Wrapped Coffin. See more on:

Posted at 11:27PM on Sep 1st 2009 by Alex

Read more:

1876 days ago


Hey Jacksons.... I have a great money making idea for you. Burn him, put the ashes in the smallest of vials on a cheap chain and sell them for a few hundred bucks. Money grubbing Skanks

1876 days ago


Why wouldn't the estate pay for the burial? That is normally how it is done. This family has been through enough!! Michael would not want people bashing his mother which many times he said she was perfection. Please show some respect! Sorry, I don't see where this is wrong.

1876 days ago


Wow, you guys. Its $50,000 coming out of a 200-something-million dollar estate that is growing every day and will continue to grow every day. It is not unusual for the estate to pay since funerals and burials are very expensive.

People are saying Janet should foot the bill. Why? Because she was the only other successful Jackson? Thats ridiculous. How about you guys pick up the bill? I'm sure MJ had enough fans that if you all gave a penny you'd be able to pay for it.

The $50,000 will be easily replaced by albums, t-shirts, the memorial concert, unreleased MJ songs, memorabilia, etc. Keep buying MJ merchandise and you can help pay for the funeral instead of b*tching.

It is not a big deal when you're dealing with an estate that is worth so much. James Brown's estate paid for his funeral and burial, and I believe Elvis' did as well. It is not uncommon so stop trying to find ways to think the Jackson family is insane and think horribly about them.

Think about it - there is enough money in the estate to pay for it and for the estate to be completely fine. If the estate would suffer, obviously they wouldn't take any money from it and they would find other ways to deal with this situation. But since the money is there and will keep coming, why not use it?

1876 days ago


81. "In the normal course of events many men and women are born with various remarkable qualities and talents; but occasionally, in a way that transcends nature, a single person is marvellously endowed by heaven with beauty, grace and talent in such abundance that he leaves other men far behind, all his actions seem inspired, and indeed everything he does clearly comes from God rather than from human art... he was a man of regal spirit and tremendous breadth of mind; and his name became so famous that not only was he esteemed during his lifetime but his reputation endured and became even greater after his death."

Posted at 11:38PM on Sep 1st 2009 by aussiefan

Oh, I like that.

1876 days ago
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