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O'Day Continues to Hail Hitler ... as Brilliant

9/1/2009 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an attempt to clear up the "Hitler and Castro are Brilliant" controversy -- Aubrey O'Day just issued the following statement to TMZ:

Aubrey O'Day

"Murderers and dictators generally are some of the smartest people out there - they just use their brain power for evil purposes.

I don't condone any of their evil behavior, but I was asked about their intellectual firepower... and in my opinion you can't have a low IQ and wreck [sic] that much havoc on the world.

What Hitler succeeded in doing, was deplorable... And I hope we never see such an abusive use of power again."

As for O'Day's claim that she met Castro in the past, Aubrey told us:

"I was a college student on a program called Semester at Sea, through that program chosen political science students attended a half day seminar of Fidel Castro and his thoughts on basically everything except Cuba's relationship with the US, lol. It was very interesting."


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Hey ....she sounds 100% right to me...shows a little more sophistication than all the readers who can't look past Hitler's evilness. Evil and brilliance certainly can reside in the same person--the combination is all the more dangerous as evidenced by all of Hitler's wrongdoings.

1885 days ago


She is a prime example that you indeed can have a low IQ and wreck havoc on society.

1885 days ago


Aubrey although I have never cared for her, in this moment and in this instance I STRONGLY AGREE WITH HER STATEMENTS. Charisma can lead to both good and evil. All world leaders are charismatic individuals with intelligence who garnered support for their causes as a result of their brilliance and charisma. Sue her for speaking the truth, they teach this ish to us in college and universities both of which I have been a part of ... the girl finally talks some sense and people are blowing the ish out of proportion.

Condoning something's actions and praising or admiring them for their skills is two different things.

1885 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Bet she had help with that statement and it's still illiterate. Fools are so amusing when they're self-absorbed.

1885 days ago


KRAZY KOOKY sat on a wall.
KRAZY KOOKY had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put KOOKY together again!

Posted at 3:43PM on Sep 1st 2009 by KRAZY KOOKY KLOWN




1885 days ago


The sad truth is that she is quite correct.

Most of you can not take control of your own children.
Any man that can take control of an entire country by his sheer will, is a person that can not be much of an idiot..
No, any person that can accomplished this for good or bad, must have a touch of genius.

Aubrey may come off as just another useless blond whore, which this entire country seems to be besieged by form coast to coast..

However, the more and more I read about some of her comments.
I become more and more convinced that she has a very high I.Q.
But she is also a capitalist, an (American.)
And nothing brings in the bucks like playing a whore in America.
Especially if you are a young white woman, and have all the distinguishing body parts to go along with the charade.

I am afraid that Aubrey is smarter than most.
It is a shame she had to get involved with the entertainment industry......ARTOFWAR

1885 days ago


Aubrey is NOT the person we should be concerned with. Google DIANE WATSON, VAN JONES, AND MARK LLOYD if you really want to be concerned about our country.

1885 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

She's a Certified Idiot

1885 days ago


I agree w/YOUAREIDIOTS09, ARTOFWAR & Katie...

1885 days ago


There is no controversy. She made a simple and correct observation.

1885 days ago

Chris G.    

"That's why their states failed badly."

Um, Cuba is far from a failure. The island has managed to survive for 50 years despite the best efforts of the US and its allies to destroy it economically. It's the little nation that could. And Cuba could not have survived without Castro's passion and commitment to his ideology.

1885 days ago


I am no great fan of Aubrey.
However, I know a brain when I meet, or hear one.
Great minds think alike.

The truth is that Aubrey could speak on most, if not all issues, intellectually and correctly.
They may not always be the most popular opinions, yet they will probably be correct in logic.

More correct in logic than most of the elected morons that most of you, the majority have put into power on Capital Hill.

She has a mind that is intrinsic.
Meaning born with.
And most people find it too intimidating including Mr. P.Diddy.

Many people are too cowardly to go against the majority, because they are too busy trying to be liked, instead of tyring to be right.

Go on Aubrey with your bad self.
I am an extremely influential and wealthy man.
If you ever get into real trouble.
I will know you may need some real help.

Expect a phone call from certain people.
They will provide you with all, and any resources that will minimize what ever it is the situation.

Don't worry they will all have your best interest at heart.
They all work for me in one capacity or another.
I am the Great Puppeteer, and anything can be fixed....... ARTOFWAR

1885 days ago


Will Smith caught flack a few years ago for saying the same thing about Hitler. Neither Aubrey or Will were condoning anything Hitler did. He was pure evil, but the evil often have a high intellect.

1885 days ago


She can't even form a complete, well structured sentence, and she's espousing the intelligence of Hitler and Castro? Give me a break!

1885 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Is Oliver Stone or Sean Penn (and other Hollywood types) supporters of Dictatorships or Fasicsm ? The FARC is known as a Fascist group (a Farc supporter is Hugo Chavez). The Farc kidnap, Murder, Rape, & drug deal in the name of a Political Marxist Ideal.
This is Millionaire Oliver Stone’s comment (see below) “Farc is fighting back as best it can and grabbing hostages is the fashion in which they can finance themselves and try to achieve their goals, which are difficult. They’re a peasant army; I see them as a Zapata-like army. I think they are heroic to fight for what they believe in and die for it, as was Castro in the hills of Cuba.” Oliver Stone Said .
Hugo Chavez Background:Hugo Chavez has Nationalized the Media and Natural Resources (Ex: State Run Media, State Run Oil ,Etc.), Dictator Chavez has many laws against political disagreement and Jails or eliminates political opposition (note recent killing of activist), Chavez has a Violent & Oppresive National Police Force, Close Ally of Iran,Libya,etc. , Chavez said ‘Jews own all the world’s wealth’ in 2006, In 2007 Chavez stated that Catholics are ‘Liars and Perverts’ because catholics leaders did not support chavez’s reforms, Rapid increase in Chavez military, Chavez Claims he owns parts of Colombia and others countries, Hugo Chavez’s group called ‘Chavistas’ dress in red and have been increasing violence, Chavez Admiration for Socialist and 'Nazi' collaborator in Argentina, Chavez’s changed the time zone & Flag , Chavez considered a fascist even by other socialists , Etc. Hugo Chavez did say there will be a never ending war with the USA , after he massed his troops on the Colombian border (because of an event that happen in another country). Chavez has Hugo Chavez has always been a Violent Criminal and it ,really, is a shame that some people in the enternainment field meet with him (especially when the people in Venezuela are senticed to prison if they say bad things about Chavez). What is even more alarming is the close friend, business & military ally Socialist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Chavez (who supports the Sudan goverment and calls the accusation of genocide a ‘Lie’ and denies the holocaust) , does seem to bother any of the stars (& media) that visited Chavez. Hugo Chavez , also, Defends and is friends with 'Al Bashir of Darfur' . Al Bashir was convicted of Genocide in Darfur.
Oliver Stone is doing (and completed) a Propaganda piece for his friend ,Hugo Chavez. "I'm rooting for this Bolivarian movement" Oliver Stone says . The so called Bolivarian movement is the Hugo Chavez movement (the "Chavistas"). Is siding with South American 1st Fascist leader (Hugo Chavez) ,a Oliver Stone Publicity Stunt or Does he agree with Chavez's Hate & Terror.

1885 days ago
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