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Bono Removes His Shades, Shirt Too

9/2/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While vacationing in St. Barts on Wednesday, Bono did the unthinkable and took off ... his shades!!!!


With his eyes and moobs exposed, the 49-year-old is almost unrecognizable.


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I am not saying this to be mean, but it appears he has two areolas on one of his breasts in this photo or maybe it's a boil or sore.

1875 days ago

jim goosh    

I hate this fat, lard pasty white big mouth, who was disrespctful to a sitting US President. He's so over and yet so full of himself

1875 days ago


The thing that is so attractive about Bono isn't his body, it's his mind. Moobs or no moobs, he's still the hottest man on the planet.

1875 days ago


Whats with TMZ showing old men with man boobs? I'm just sayin ...

1875 days ago


He looks like my grandpa.

1875 days ago

who dat    

My eyes...My Eyes. Christ, would you get a bra on that please.

1875 days ago


Leave Bono alone. He's done more good in this world than most anyone else on the damn planet.

1875 days ago


I still haven't found what I'm looking for... as proposed by George on Seinfeld "The Bro." And, oh yeah, respect for other countries' elected officials.

1875 days ago


I'd ride his sweet ass all the way into town!! That man will always look good to me!

1875 days ago

Black Power    

This talented man could care less what you people think of him. I'm sure a lot of you haters are overweight and ugly and your only way to feel better about yourselves is to bash someone else.

1875 days ago


What's all this BS about looking "good for his age"? That has nothing to do with life. I'm 42, 150lbs, 6 pack, run every day, no excuse! The man can afford a home gym and private trainer x 1000.

1875 days ago


OINK OINK..Get a BRA buster..Also -dont forget to buy a GIRDLE

1875 days ago


This is why Bono is sexy:

Bono has won a Nobel peace honor for his humanitarian efforts. The activist U2 frontman was given the annual Man of Peace award in Paris on Friday for his crusades to conquer African debt, poverty and disease.

"This is a very big award for me, because let's be honest this is as close as I am going to get -- as close as a rock star is ever going to get to the Nobel Peace Prize," Bono told attendees.

"I am an over-awarded, over-rewarded rock star," Bono continued. "You are the people who do the real work," he said to the audience, which included Nobel Peace Prize winners F.W. de Klerk of South Africa, Lech Walesa of Poland and Northern Ireland's John Hume. "So I am very, very pleased to be in such esteemed company."

Bono was selected for his global campaigns to persuade wealthy countries to lighten Africa's debt burden, fighting poverty, publicizing fair trade and raising money for the prevention and treatment of HIV-AIDS and malaria.

"We decided to nominate a man who has given a lot and will continue to give a great deal to the struggle for human rights, to the fight against poverty, with his music and with his words," said Walter Veltroni (pictured, right), Italy's left-wing leader and the event's co-host. "He has put pressure on the world's governments to reach the UN's Millennium Goals. To give him the prize, is to say that fight will carry on."

1875 days ago


he is fat.. dude stop eating...

1875 days ago


Hey TMZ-Most of the staff I see on your TV show are fat f'ing clowns.
They probably would suck a dead cows utters for a story !

1875 days ago
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