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Cops Reviewing Tape of Francis/Nicole Fight

9/2/2009 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the moment of truth in the whole Joe Francis vs. Jayde Nicole and Brody Jenner fiasco -- we're told cops now have security camera footage showing what really went down inside a Hollywood club last week.

Joe Francis and Jayde Nicole

Law enforcement sources tell us the L.A. County Sheriff's Department is currently reviewing the footage from Guys and Dolls, the place where the Battle Royale occurred early Friday morning.

Here are both sides of the story: Jayde says Joe pulled her hair, threw her down, punched her in the face and then kicked her. Joe admits that he pulled Jayde's hair -- after she threw a drink on him -- but that he never laid a finger on her otherwise.

Both claim the security footage backs up their story.


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lost in lalaland    

It will be interesting to see which of them is lying through their teeth. Their stories are SO different.

1786 days ago


ALL i CAN say IS karma is a bytch.....Joe Francis is a douch bag,,,,brody jenner is one too a bloody douch bag and jade just a skanky whore....who cares

1786 days ago

doc murry    

this might be off topic but why does that work at home mom make more money than I do..she keeps getting raises..that sucks

1786 days ago


This is not an EXCLUSIVE story. TMZ slaps the "exclusive/breaking news" banner on just about anything. This was reported on other sites days ago, TMZ. C'mon. You must think we have an "exclusive" internet browser that limits us to only TMZ.

1786 days ago


Try fighting Bum Bum, you filthy maggot! Get in the ring, you pansy!

1786 days ago


I would do the same, if somebody throw a drink at me. To teach all bitches a lesson, don't disrespect men. Good job JOE!!!!

1786 days ago

ROB W    

Finally a story about other people than Ryan Jenkins & Jasmine Fiore. At least this one has two survivors, and "hair pulling"; will the madness ever end? And ya I'm being sarcastic. Best of luck to the idiot's in this story...

1786 days ago


I dont care for either one, but hey with all the de nutting of males on tv, media, movies and shows, by the "we are better than men, women" I love this. I think if a woman wants to be treated as a man awsome knock her teeth down her throat when she smarts off, or hits you, break her freaking arm, oh oh but then your being a bully a bad guy, but a girl can do no damn wrong, enough of that crap women want to be treated equal as men but will never see men as equal to them, i say beat the hell out of them when they want step in those shoes.

1786 days ago


I can't believe I'm writing this, but I hope the tapes exonerate Francis. The stupid girl NEVER should have thrown her drink on him, she had no valid reason to do so.

TMZ, can you pleeeeease find out what "Jayde Nicole"s real name is?

1786 days ago


I am a female and I feel like if you physically assault someone - male or female - you better be ready for the result of your actions. If you can dish it out, you better be able to take it. You can't go around throwing drinks in people's faces, especially for something as stupid as "he is hitting on someone". Mind your own business! It makes me think she has a thing for Joe :)

1786 days ago


I kind of hope Joe is in the clear on this, that plastic chick should never have thrown a drink on him, maybe she didn't deserve a smack in return[if he did], but to do that to someone and expect nothing to happen to you in return is delusional

1786 days ago


Please just catipult this looser into outer space and be done with him. I am surprised someone has not taken care of this looser.

1786 days ago

Truth Hurts    

Sounds a lot like Chris Brown and Rihanna, but nobody is crucifying Joe Francis...a grown azz man! Hypocrites! All I see is she's such a B**tch...Why does that mean she deserves to be punched and dragged around.

1786 days ago


Black Beauty, "Jayde Nicole" threw her drink on Joe Francis simply because he was hitting on some girl and "Jayde Nicole" was unhappy about it. You think that's OK? I don't.

The surveillance tapes will settle the matter. We don't even need to see the tapes, if the police don't charge Francis with anything then we'll know he didn't hit "Jayde Nicole".

(Damn I hate that fake ass name, "Jayde Nicole" !! TMZ, really, this is serious, please find out what her real name is.)

1786 days ago


30. Sounds a lot like Chris Brown and Rihanna, but nobody is crucifying Joe Francis...a grown azz man! Hypocrites! All I see is she's such a B**tch...Why does that mean she deserves to be punched and dragged around.

Posted at 6:19PM on Sep 2nd 2009 by Black Beauty

Seriously? You would really equate the two? Wow. Anything to get the black man off, no offense.

Big differences, big obvious differences. One small one being the degree to which Rihanna was beaten up, but maybe you didn't notice
that her face was beaten to a pulp.

Next, Chris Brown threatened to KILL RIHANNA, KILL HER!!!!


Most importantly here, Rihanne CALLED 911!

If noone had complained about Rihanna being beaten to a pulp, would that have been better?

1786 days ago
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