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Rabbi to Aubrey Oy Vey -- No Brilliance in Hate!

9/2/2009 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From the completely obvious file -- the comments Aubrey O'Day made about Hitler and Fidel Castro on "The Sean Hannity Show" Monday night immediately struck a chord with members of the Jewish community.

 Rabbi to Aubrey Oy Vey

TMZ spoke with Rabbi Chaim Cunin of Chabad House who gave us the following statement:

"When a woman like her uses public airwaves, with access to millions of wonderful citizens of America, and calls some of the most despicable, unspeakable hate mongers of history brilliant, then something is lacking with her intelligence.

This is a constant reminder of how careful we need to be when we talk about hate, because hatred is always present. We need to make sure we are careful and that hatred doesn't rear it's ugly head.

'I'd like for her to think about some older Holocaust survivor having that comment beamed into their home while they are enjoying the freedom that this beautiful country provides and having to listen to her disgusting comments."


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huge jackman    

hey aubrey show charlie murphy ya tittays eh eh eh

1846 days ago


I think people need to understand context and really calm down. What I'm certain of is people do understand context, but are too busy wanting to be heard.

1846 days ago


Was the statement for O'Day and Fox (Beck, Hannity, etc)???

1846 days ago


What an idiot. Doing the types of things Hitler and Castro have done doesn't mean that they are any more intelligent than the average person- it just means that they were good at what they do. They are good at getting people to follow them, which is incredibly unfortunate.

Calling them intelligent suggests that there was some logic in what they did, since intelligent people do not do things that are senseless and illogical.

Killing millions of people is the most senseless and illogical act possible in my opinion. Thus I believe they were both extremely misguided idiots, but they were damned good at getting people to follow them and do what they asked. I guess a word for that is "charismatic", but no matter, Hitler already got what he deserved and Castro isn't long for this world.

1846 days ago


Aubrey isn't too bright, but so are the people angry at her comments. Hitler WAS a smart guy. An evil and insane guy, but clearly not stupid. He used his intelligence for evil, that's all.

1846 days ago


Wow! A bleach blonde seeking fame made a controversial comment! I, for one, am completely shocked...has she yet announced her acting debut to promote a crappy straight-to-DVD movie? That, for sure, will be unexpected and take North America off guard...

1846 days ago

mrez golucky    


1846 days ago


She should sue the ass off of this Rabbi. The Rabbi falsely labelled her a hate-monger and an anti-semite when all that she said was that Hitler was very smart. It is generally accepted by historians that Hitler had an I.Q. in the 141-150 range which would put him into genius territory.

1846 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

It's funny when Hollywood shows mock that all Catholic priests have sex with boys. LOL

1846 days ago

Larry Hagman    

Enrique you are a huge ass, idiot, moron,obviously suffering from both a cranial-rectal inversion, and an anal-oral complex.
shuffler- a close second.
I'd say you both have the IQ of say, an Aubrey O'Day.

1846 days ago


Lilith, by logic you are referring to ethics--Hitler's logic of eugenics, while highly unethical, was sound in his skewed perception of logic. Because our individual logic and our logic as a culture are determined by our individual and shared values, one cannot determine a mind's brilliance by basing it on the logic of another set of standards. It would be like trying to measure randrops with a Richter scale.

Hitler's ethics were completely flawed by the standards of most, but ethics are not a determiner of intelligence. Think about the level of manipulation someone like Charles Manson has to have to control a group of normal people. Multiply those people by hundreds of thousands, and you begin to understand the kind of intelligence Hitler required.

1846 days ago

Mark B    

I didn't watch the show, but if the worst she said was that Hitler and Castro had brilliant minds, I have no problem with that statement. While Hitler was a mega-mass murderer, his country developed the jet airplane before WWII started and came darn close to conquering the entire world. He was far from being stupid. As for Castro, he has lead his country for decades. That has to take some decent smarts. Nice guys, no. Horrible men, yes. Brilliant, on some level, probably.

1846 days ago


Typical Jews...they don't listen but love to shoot their mouths off.

Yes, Hitler WAS highly intelligent. Show me one person who was mentally retarded or of average intelligence that was able to convince an entire country of anything (other than Bush). Back off people, Hitler was intelligent, insanely mad, but definitely intelligent. I agree, she should sue the Rabi

1846 days ago


Who cares about what this lady says????? And, if America is a free country, why shouldn't this idiot make her comments???? Even saying stupid things, she has the right to say it.
Actually, we shouldn't take some much care about this person, because I think she just said that to have more midia and public attention. And you are giving her exactly what she wants to have.

1846 days ago

Cat MacKinnon    

it seems like everyone is taking her comment completely out of context. Castro, Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, Kim Jong Ill...they are/were "brilliant". but in this case, "brilliant" equates to "extremely intelligent and manipulative" rather than "a good guy that gave a lot to the world." she chose the wrong words to get her point across, but it strikes me as pretty obvious that she wasn't glorifying the guys. people need to keep in mind that there is often a huge difference between saying something literally, and saying something figuratively, especially when it comes to words like "brilliant".

and with all due respect to the Rabbi, he said "I'd like for her to think about some older Holocaust survivor having that comment beamed into their home while they are enjoying the freedom that this beautiful country provides and having to listen to her disgusting comments." well, she's also got the freedom to say whatever she wants, even if she does have the intelligence of a bag of hammers and chooses the wrong words to make her point. people are going to say things other people don't like, and whether other people like it or not, it's their right to make a complete ass of themselves. besides, celebrities should be the last people any of us take literally!!!

1846 days ago
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