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Rabbi to Aubrey Oy Vey -- No Brilliance in Hate!

9/2/2009 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From the completely obvious file -- the comments Aubrey O'Day made about Hitler and Fidel Castro on "The Sean Hannity Show" Monday night immediately struck a chord with members of the Jewish community.

 Rabbi to Aubrey Oy Vey

TMZ spoke with Rabbi Chaim Cunin of Chabad House who gave us the following statement:

"When a woman like her uses public airwaves, with access to millions of wonderful citizens of America, and calls some of the most despicable, unspeakable hate mongers of history brilliant, then something is lacking with her intelligence.

This is a constant reminder of how careful we need to be when we talk about hate, because hatred is always present. We need to make sure we are careful and that hatred doesn't rear it's ugly head.

'I'd like for her to think about some older Holocaust survivor having that comment beamed into their home while they are enjoying the freedom that this beautiful country provides and having to listen to her disgusting comments."


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Hitler and others like him lacked common sense intelligence. That intelligence is more valuable than any other intelligence.

1841 days ago


1) Aubrey's statements were historically accurate.
2) She clearly stated severeal times that she did not condone Hitler's or Castro's actions.
3) Even though she is entitled to her opinion, she was a Poli Sci major who MET Castro, so this actually gives her opinion more merit.
4) The Rabbi needs to STFU! Why is it okay for Jews to get their panites in a bunch whenever Hitler or the Holocaust is brought up, but it's so wrong when Black people (myself included) bring up slavery? We are constantly told to get over, yet Jews NEVER get over it. Always a double standard when it comes to Jews and history. Can't let go, yet can't accept it while inflicting their opinions on everyone else. In no way am I telling another ethnic to let their feelings go, as I will not let MY feelings go, but it shows how some people still feel that THEIR ethnic history supercedes anothers.
5) Aubrey is entitled to her "informed" opinon and has the 1st Amdendment right to state that opinion wherever she pleases. It is NOT okay for a Rabbi to publically issue a statement about hate when Aubrey was not speaking about hate, she was speaking about the intelligence level of two men. The Rabbi is a jackass who, like many, is unable to separate personal opinion from historical fact. If I was Aubrey, I would seriously consider a defmation of character suit against TMZ AND THE RABBI.

1841 days ago


14. Enrique you are a huge ass, idiot, moron,obviously suffering from both a cranial-rectal inversion, and an anal-oral complex.
shuffler- a close second.
I'd say you both have the IQ of say, an Aubrey O'Day.

Posted at 2:07AM on Sep 2nd 2009 by I See You

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I totally agree (14.)...may I add she is an idiot!

1841 days ago


that Rabbi needs to stfu its not that serious and what she said completely made sense...get over it!

1841 days ago


This girl is really stupid. She must not realize Hollywood is run by our local Jewish community. Career is over. Who is she anyway?

1841 days ago


There's a fine line between genius & madness. I'd say that covers it all.

1841 days ago


I had never heard of this woman before seeing the story on TMZ TV today, but I have to say that TMZ's treatment of her is completely unfair and unethical.

First off, saying someone is "brilliant" makes no assumptions about their moral character. Any psychologist will tell you that, statistically, psychopaths tend to have above average intelligence. Ted Bundy had an IQ of 124. The Unabomber tested at 167 in 5th grade and was widely considered by his university colleagues to be "brilliant". So clearly calling someone "brilliant" does not mean you respect or condone them on a moral level. Assertions to the contrary are disingenuous, reactive, close-minded, and downright stupid.

Second, TMZ has made Miss O'Day out to be some kind of an idiot because she said this. She gave a brutally honest and intelligent, if unpopular, answer to a direct question. Furthermore, her rebuttal to the criticism was cogent, clear, and generally well-reasoned. Read her website for the full response, not just the clip TMZ pulled out in their hatchet job to make her look stupid.

Finally, as to Rabbi Cunin, he may represent Chabad House, but he does not represent the entire Jewish community. Having been involved in various anti-racist/anti-fascist movements and actions over the years, there are always some narcissistic, grandstanding jerks who want to attack some high-profile person over alleged bigotry just to get their name in the papers. I suspect Rabbi Cunin is one of them. Either that or he did not bother to watch the whole video and read Miss O'Day's entire rebuttal, and so was misinformed/ignorant of the issue. Or perhaps he's just closed-minded, reactionary and stupid, letting his emotions cloud his reason. In any case, his opinion on this issue is worthless in my opinion.

TMZ should be completely ashamed of this unwarranted character assassination. Not only is it unfair and unethical to Miss O'Day, it is socially irresponsible. When people are unfairly accused of bigotry over comments like this, it trivializes real bigotry. Anybody at TMZ read the Boy Who Cried Wolf?

1841 days ago


I guess in our world it is better to lie. She was correct in their brilliance. That doesn't mean they were good people. This rabbi is an idiot. If anyone anywhere got the idea that she was endorsing what they did, they are simpletons and stupid.

Just because they were bad people who did evil things doesn't mean they weren't brilliant. And saying they were brilliant doesn't in any way lessen the evil they spewed.

But god.. are people so simple that they have to lie to feel better? People, stop being stupid.

1841 days ago


The words that came out of her mouth were verbal diarrhea.


1841 days ago

Brians Wife    

Yes, Hitler and Castro = horriable people. BUT face the facts people, both when speaking publically captured the attention of their audience. They were able to influence millions upon millions of people, yes that is smarts right there. Even in my Intro to Holocaust studies class, he was credited as being a brillant man... in a COLLEGE TEXT BOOK! Lay off her, if this is not what you want to hear, then skip to the next story, or change your channel.

1841 days ago


As a Jewish woman I would be remiss not to comment on this story. It is an absolute given that our leaders, good and bad, have spectacular charisma and vast abilities when it comes to getting people to follow their leadership, twisted though it may occasionally be. On a greater scale, we have the presidents and prime ministers, with all of those who voted for them. We see this in the public's adoration of celebrities, ans the fellowship they feel with unions, cliques and yes, evil villains. Saying someone was smart or charismatic or brilliant does not mean endorsement, and to take this young lady to task is not appropriate....

1841 days ago


Where is your poll TMZ?
Shouldn't there be a poll.

1841 days ago

Robert Pissedoff    

Why are the freaking Jews still afraid of Hitler? They control everything, get over it....Just as many Christians and others died under Hitler stop screwing with history.

1841 days ago


She is 100% correct- they were both genius'- I hate hate what they did and that is what she said also- she doesn't condone what they did to people, perhaps you don't know what that means??
How else could they control all those people- by being stupid? I believe Hitler was most likely one of the most awful people to ever live but he was intelligent. As is the leader of China who orders babies to be killed everyday- am I a racist too? NO I think not and I know NOT! Leave her alone and listen to what she said instead of going off on a tangent!

1841 days ago


all these Hollywood idiots thing communism is cool when they don't realize they wouldn't be able to become rich being a whore like Aubrey under a communist government like Cuba.....Hollywood embarrasses itself once again

1841 days ago
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